Spiritual Practice: The Path To Our Authentic Self

Michelangelo had it right. Creation is not something we can go out and find; it is something we already have within us. When we access this place, our beauty and Divinity are revealed to the world and the world is a better place because of it.

Transforming Fear To Love
There is no other way through our fears but to face them. We can spend a lifetime avoiding them and not walk through our fears and what are we left with is the prison that we have built. Fear limits what we can create in the world. It is a Visionaries worst enemy.

We Are Perfectly Imperfect
Every single one of us is perfectly imperfect. Once we embrace this belief, we find that in our differences is our greatness. This is where our unique Vision lives. What are you hiding from the world? Once we allow our imperfections to emerge and we become our authentic selves then we can truly be the Visionaries that we are meant to be.

Freedom to Choose
Once you begin to liberate yourself from I should, you begin to experience a new kind of freedom. A freedom to choose your life and this, after all, is what life is about.

Miracles Exist: My Journey To John of God
I do not know for certain that my experience at the Casa de Dom Inácio helped me to open my heart and increase my awareness of what is possible in this world. I do know that to be in a place where there is no doubt that God exists is inspiring beyond words. I know my trip to Abadiânia, Brazil has made me a better healer, teacher and coach. I know as the entiries continue to work on me and through me, I am eternally grateful to know, with the deep resonance of my soul, that miracles exist.