Amy Galanti
Master Certified Spirit Coach ®

Amy Galanti is a Master Certified Spirit Coach and is a teacher level graduate at the nonprofit Foundation for Spiritual Development (FSD).  She also holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from JFK University with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology, and is currently in the process of becoming licensed as a marriage and family therapist as of 2015.  She has been a student and practitioner of multiple healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, energy therapy, and astrology, since 1998.

As a coach, Amy loves to facilitate her clients in creating more joyful and fulfilling lives through the simple but powerful tools offered in the Spirit Coach Method.  The most fulfilling moment for her is when a client begins to leave old patterns behind, thereby discovering a new sense of freedom to be his or her true self in the world.  Amy’s experience coaching others and being coached herself has taught her that when this happens, anything is possible.

In addition to the above qualifications, Amy brings to her coaching work a deep understanding of the healing process at the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.  Confronted by health challenges at a young age, she learned that all types of dis-ease begin on the subtle energetic or spiritual level, progressing to emotional and physical manifestations if they are not addressed there.  Her personal experience of the techniques for growth and healing taught in the Spirit Coach Method and at FSD is that they allowed her to release energetic blocks and patterns that had not responded to other approaches, giving her a newfound sense of freedom and connection to the Divine within.  She is passionate about sharing these tools with others, because she knows they work.

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“Amy’s gentle and compassionate guidance allowed me to confront some areas of my life I had been hiding. Her clarity, intuition, and simple tools helped me to gain trust in my own abilities. Thanks to Amy, I feel confident in following my inner voice, leading to a more fulfilling life.”

~ Katja G., Client

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