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Imagine what would happen if that constant nagging voice that says, “I should get more work done, I should clean the office, I should take that new client, I should…” went away. At the very least, it would create a lot more empty space in our heads. Perhaps, it is exactly the space that is […]

Think of a time you were inspired, maybe you were dancing, writing, drawing or developing a new business venture. The ideas just flowed from you so effortlessly, it was as if you could just lay back and enjoy the creation you were participating in. You felt a deep resonance, your essence filling up with the […]

My whole life, people have been getting my name wrong. At face value this may seem like no big deal. However, when I was a child I would cringe every time, my new teacher would do role call because I knew my name would be mispronounced. In fact, it was the cause of much grief […]

Are you Spirit Led? Give yourself one point for each yes, o points for each no & ½ a point for each maybe 1.     Do you practice quieting your mind? 2.     Do you acknowledge you are more than your physical mind & body? 3.     Do you recognize the benefit of living beyond what your mind […]

I use to schedule myself into fifteen-minute increments. Have you ever run to the bathroom at the absolute last second just because you were so busy? Well, this is how my life was. I was running a growing company with fifteen employees and one hundred sales reps nationwide. We were listed in Entrepreneur magazine as […]

You don’t know who you are, unless you do it If you can’t spend time with yourself, why would anyone else want to Learning how to BE, instead of just doing, gives you the ability to have more by doing less Never having to seek answers outside of your Self Connecting to creator allows you […]

Where we begin on the visionary path is by choosing love. What is it that you love? The thing you would do just for the sake of doing it. For me, it was always teaching others. When I was six years old I would pretend with my neighborhood friends that I was the teacher and […]

Something different happens when we are spirit-led. Many years ago, I was sitting in a café, working on my vision. I had a great product but didn’t know how to distribute it. My spirit led me to this particular café in San Francisco where I was just hanging out. This seemed very unproductive but I […]

Through the course of any given day, we accumulate negative thoughts and feelings: fear, guilt, shame, blame, self-criticism, anger, regret… We all do, even when we pretend we don’t. What happens over time is this negativity builds if we do not find a constructive way to release it. In fact, we carry it around with […]

We have a choice in every moment to see the glass half full or half empty; it is always our choice. When we exercise our right to be grateful, all that we cherish emerges true and unblemished, and all that does not serve us, fades away. Gratitude gives us a way of being in the […]

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