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I woke up sobbing this morning. I am in Northern California and watching the suffering caused by the wildfires weighs heavy on my heart. One thing I know is that if I don’t allow the grief and sadness to flow through me, it will become a big energy drain. In this video, I show you […]

Pandemics, fires, injustice…and the list goes on. The collective energy of fear seems to be increasing at this time and this is why we need to create our own sense of safety. As an empath and a light-worker, we will automatically feel this collective fear, and often personalize it. This means we make it our […]

Are you experiencing grief around the pandemic? In this video, I give you a simple step you can take right now to ease your pain and take loving action. Do you feel yourself bursting into tears at times or even feel like you have a low-level depression? This is pretty normal as we watch our […]

This is hot off the press. I just downloaded this technique that assists you in self-soothing at a moment’s notice. Let’s face it, our nervous systems are in overdrive. We can’t help but be triggered by the fear, danger, and chaos in the outer world. This is why we need to learn to activate inner […]

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant? Watch this video to move into the deep nourishment of the High Spiritual Heart and learn how to access your inner truth to create flow toward what you love. When we contract our hearts, we cut ourselves off from inspiration, and thus, the flow of the Divine that lives […]

Did you know that peace is innate and can be activated regardless of what challenges you are facing? In fact, when I was falling off a thirty-foot cliff to what could have been my certain death, I was extremely peaceful. I tell you about it in this video. I also will give you the tools […]

When I have trouble focusing, I put on a short guided-meditation to bring myself back to the Love that resides within me. It never fails to work if I just allow myself to surrender to the words and the transmission behind the sound. Without any effort, I begin to radiate more love, compassion and peace. This […]

In this video, I share two simple things that changed my life that you can apply right now. I share with you my sacred question and my daily prayer. The two things in combination give me the clear guidance and direction that I need to navigate life to its fullest even during challenging times. I […]

Join me in this short video to learn how to soften around difficult emotions so we can return them to love and broaden our capacity to experience more joy. If you are noticing a rollercoaster of emotions happening within you, this is an opportunity to expand your high spiritual heart so you can transmute what […]

Do you need some spiritual strength right now? Here is a Free Resource Guide to reduce the fear and increase the love. Free Virtual Healing Hour: Free Online Course: Out of Your Mind Into Your Spirit, Tools To Transform Fear To Love + videos, meditations and more: Youtube Meditations & Talks: Stay Connected To Love In […]

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