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How To Receive What You Are Asking ForAsk and you shall receive. This is something we have heard again and again but what does it really mean? Often when we ask for something, we do receive it but we either miss it or push it away because it does not look like the way we thought it should. We have an idea about the way we want something and how that something should look. When what we receive doesn’t match this, we negate or feel like what we asked for is not being provided for. But what if it is? What if, when we ask for courage, we are given a situation to be courageous? Or when we ask for abundance, we are asked to find abundance in something that appears finite? When we open to the miracle of asking, we must also open to the miracle of what comes. It may not look like or feel like what we thought but it may lead us to where we want to go and grow by stretching us out of our comfort zone. As we open more fully to embracing the unknown, we can know so much more by allowing life to give us what we need, when we need it. Our mind, thinks, it has all the answers but it does not. Ask, and you shall receive exactly what you need. Now open up and see yourself and your life in a new way, there you will find the miracle.


Alignment is the Key to Being on TargetWhat is it that allows us to repeatedly hit our target? It is not some random bulls eye but a consistent hitting of our target again and again. This accuracy comes from a place in us that contains the strength, courage and discernment needed to hit our target. If we ourselves are out of alignment so will the arrow be. Recognizing that our alignment within is key to our success without. If we are slightly out of alignment within, the arrow will miss the bulls eye not by a little but often by a lot. So what is alignment and how can we have more of it? Alignment comes when we are centered within ourselves, connected to our spirit and grounded in present time. As we move through the world from this position everything else falls into line because we are lined up first. Take the time to focus on your alignment and what you intend, will be.

Life is a SchoolMany of us have forgotten that challenge is what makes us great. Without challenge there is no learning. Life is a schoolhouse; the way we learn is through challenge. No one is exempt. Use the following questions to turn any challenge into success. Let life’s challenges make you better not bitter.

1.  What really matters to me in life?

2. What am I grateful for, right now?

3. What are my lessons and how will they help me grow?

4.  How does what I am going through contribute to the lives of others?

5. Am I inviting and allowing others to support me? If not, how can I?

6. Who am I willing to be? What am I willing to do to achieve my dreams?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge.”     -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Centering YourselfWhen you find yourself spinning round and round, it is your mind that is on overdrive. This may or may not be replicated in the body but nonetheless you are spinning out of control. This is not a judgment but rather a way to understand how the mind can just simply exhaust us by taking us in circles of thoughts that lead to more thoughts and lead to more thoughts. When we recognize this pattern, we can just stop it—by finding our center, not the center of our mind but being centered in spirit. This is ultimately a place of no thought. When you touch this center point, thoughts begin to dissipate leaving you with a peace that comes from being still inside. From this still point comes the wisdom that you seek. It is not arrived at logically, mentally or physically but must be found energetically. This is the way.

To be centered in your self is to be completely present. This means you bring 100 percent of your energy here, in the now, which is the most powerful place to be. Without the right tool, this can almost seem impossible to achieve. You may be present for one moment, and then the next moment you are thinking about that meeting you have to attend later today. When you are thinking about the future or thinking about the past, you are not in the present. The result is, your energy is dispersed. Whatever you are doing in the moment takes more time, energy, and focus because you are not centered. This tool has been revolutionary for many of my clients. The results they get from being present are not only key for more clarity, focus, and attention, but without it, they were literally missing large portions of their lives.

Centering: Four Steps to Find Your Center

1. Imagine what the center of the earth looks like to you. It could look like a solid ball of rock, a crystal, or anything that you imagine to be a strong anchor for you.

2. Next, visualize and/or feel a strong, sturdy tree trunk with a beam of white light in the center. Let this beautiful tree trunk encompass your entire rib cage, front-to-back and side-to-side.

3. See this tree going all the way down through your physical body, through the floor, and through all the layers of the earth.

4. Let the roots of the tree wrap around the center of the earth, what you imagine to be your anchor, several times, connecting you to the healing energy of the planet.

Continue visualizing and/or feeling this tree connecting you, rooting you, and grounding you until you have the sensation of being grounded and rooted in present-time.

How To Choose WiselyChoices are what make life interesting. Yet, they can be a source of much discomfort. When we feel we need to choose, we often don’t, because we do not want to lose something. This requires us to realize that even when we do not choose, we have chosen. Allow yourself the freedom, free from pressures of the mind to choose what is aligned for you. There is a Divine timing to all choices. When we are in synch with our spirit, we will also be in synch with Divine timing. We can listen and follow what is true from that deepest part of ourselves. This requires exiting the mind and listening to that small subtle voice within. When we do, our choices are the best choices for us. And this leads to our highest and best life experience.

AbundanceIf you were flooded with abundance, like money falling from the sky, what would you do? So often we say to ourselves “if only, I had more money, I would…” Time and time again we believe it is money that keeps us from doing what we love. The truth is money is often not the issue at all, nothing can stop us from what we love to do – even money. Money is just energy. When we pursue what we love, what follows is energy and energy begets energy. If you could do anything, what would it be? Don’t let money be an excuse, really allow yourself to imagine doing what you love. Then, go out and do it – even if it is for 5 minutes a day. Start small and what will eventually happen is you will build a life that is all about what you love. This is abundance.

Five Steps To More Abundance

1. FaithFocus All Intention Toward Higher-self

Let go of the problem, back up and back out of it. Shift your perspective. This is a prerequisite to any solution.

2. Alignment with Creator

Align yourself with Creator by being grounded in present time, aligning your chakras and radiating the color of Source energy.

3. Co-Creation

Let go of your agenda as it is too small and limiting. Recognize that when you set your intention to co-create the results will be so much better than you could have planned.

4. Aligned Action

Listen to your next aligned step, not all the steps you think you need to create the results you want, but rather, the step that your spirit knows you must take to co-create what is better than you can imagine at this point.

5. Trust

Trust that it can be this easy.

Abundance is the absence of any internal limits so you can have any experience you choose.

Enjoy this one-minute healing invocation from John of God. Take a moment to tap into the infinite power of healing presence that is available for you. Countless miracles have been known to take place by John of God and the loving healing entities who work with him. These miracles are not limited by time and space. Tune in with an open heart and mind and healing can happen.

Release Your Stress Now With These Quick TechniquesSometimes we just want to move on with our life and get things done so we end up pushing down any bad feelings that we don’t want to get in our way. But pushing down is not pushing out. When we just bury the things we do not like whether it is about others or ourselves, we keep it, almost as if we are saving it for later. Maybe we believe we will deal with it at some point in the future but if we don’t, we end up carrying this with us everywhere we go. The energy of negativity is always present even if it is not in our conscious awareness. Wouldn’t it be so much better just to get rid of it? What is the point of carrying around this negative energy? If we stop and take the time to push it out of our body, mind and spirit, we no longer have to contend with it. This takes awareness and the ability to slow down enough to release what isn’t serving us in the moment. In the long run, you end up feeling better and living better. Isn’t it worth it?

Practice These Quick Techniques (1-2 minutes) to Release Stress

1. Breathe in peace. Hold it. Breathe out any negative energy. Repeat this at least 3 times.

2. Imagine all the negativity light up in your body, mind, and spirit as the color red. Wash all the red out with a gold waterfall of healing light.

3. Give all your stressors to the sun; visualize the healing rays of the sun burning away all your stress.

Journal on your results to the above practices. This reinforces their effectiveness in your mind by building evidence that you can easily release your stress.


Make Everyday Your Favorite Day of The WeekIf you can’t have it now, when will you have it? So often in life we wait until this or that happens before we can relax and enjoy. Is it Friday afternoon, yet? The feeling state we experience on Friday afternoons is something that we choose to experience. We believe it is because it is the end of the work week and we can relax, but actually, we are the ones choosing how we feel. We can feel this way, whenever we choose to. We don’t actually have to wait for external situations to present themselves for us to feel good. We can feel good because we choose to. Let go of looking outside of yourself for permission to feel good and instead, feel good now. Not only will you feel better but you will live better and what ever you create, will be better.

Make Everyday Your Favorite Day of The Week

Close your eyes and imagine it is your favorite day of the week. Now really feel what it feels like. Do you feel peaceful, free, relaxed? Once you do, see what color comes to you that represents this feeling state. Then, visualize wrapping this color around you like a blanket. This is the energy or vibration state that makes you feel good. Use this on any day of the week to consciously choose how you want to feel.

3 Practices To Let Go Of The Weight of The WorldYou don’t have to carry the weight of the world with you everywhere you go. Sometimes you just need to put it all down. Often we believe it is our responsibility to carry it all: our families, our businesses and our burdens but what if it isn’t? What if it is just slowing us down and creating a weight that doesn’t allow us to really fly? Laying our burdens down doesn’t mean we are giving up or abdicating responsibility, it means we can give the weight of the world to God where it belongs. We certainly don’t have all the answers nor do we need to. When we give what we are carrying back to Creator, where it belongs, our creations begin to flow. Notice how much more freedom you feel when you let go of the weight of the world and let Creator lead. Not only do you feel better but the results are better than you could have imagined.

3 Practices To Let Go Of The Weight of The World

1. Visualize putting everything that feels heavy (the good, the bad, the ugly) on an altar to God. See it turning into white light. This is symbolic of you giving it to God to hold where the answers can come to you. Then, it becomes part of a co-creation.

2. Visualize cutting cords to people, places and things that you feel you are pulling along. Imagine that you cut these cords with love freeing you from carrying these burdens. This will make it so much easier to come up with creative solutions to any problem.

3. Make a Co-Creation To-Do List. To create your list, you make two columns – the first is labeled “Creator” and the second is labeled “Me”. Everything that you need to do, want to do and don’t want to do, from picking up the dry-cleaning to writing that book, goes on the “Creator” side. Yes, you are giving it all to Creator. On the “Me” side, you write all the things you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are going to complete that day – and nothing more. Guess what, you get to check it off at the end of each day and go to sleep feeling complete, accomplished and good about yourself. Isn’t that a nice change of pace? The “Creator” side eventually begins to get done, sometimes miraculously and other times, practically (by slowly moving one thing at a time to the “Me” side). Never underestimate the power of co-creation (which is ultimately reinforced by this practice). – See more at: http://www.spiritcoachtraining.com/spirit-coach-tools-to-transform-your-life/create-with-ease-using-co-creation/#sthash.srCWeT60.dpuf


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