HorseToWaterYou can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. So often in life we believe if we change others, we will change a situation that isn’t working for us, whether it is a co-worker or a spouse. The truth is we can’t change anyone but we can lead them to water. What does this mean? It means we must be the leader by doing the things we know to do and being the person we need to be. We must drink the water so to speak. By modeling this behavior those around us just may get thirsty and follow or lead. We can never change another but when we change, when we make a commitment to being the best we can be, we inspire others around us to do the same. The result is always a positive one, no matter what the “horse” decides. Let yourself drink and be nourished, know that it will ultimately serve you and others.


oxygen-maskSometimes we can’t move forward in our lives because we are pulling everyone else along. It seems like we just can’t get any momentum but the truth is we haven’t learned to say “no” so we can make room for the real yeses in our lives. We are so busy trying to please, appease and accommodate others that we do not know how to take the next steps that we need to on our path. If you don’t secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others, you will at some point run out of oxygen. Take the time to reflect on yourself and your needs, spend some time, even a little, focused on you. You will see how this in the long run benefits all those you come into contact with. By walking your path, you encourage others to do the same.

In this one-minute meditation video, you will be transported to the Casa in Brazil where John of God performs miracle healings everyday. You can connect to this healing energy as you watch this short video. Jenai Lane guides you through a simple morning meditation. Take a minute out of your day to open to the possibility of miracles occurring in your life.

Clear Your MindIt’s time to clear out the clutter of the mind. We take the time to clean our closet or organize the garage. The results of which are a feeling of spaciousness, organization and joy. Yet, we do not take the time to clean out the mind. It is filled with not only useless data but also thoughts that are hurtful and ultimately, limit our choices. Letting go of all the “stuff” in the mind has a freeing effect. It also creates majesty where it is meant to be. Meaning the peace that comes from a clear mind is what is needed to be the king of your own kingdom. Most of us are slaves to our minds ruled forever in ways that do not serve us. Take off the chains by releasing your thoughts, and be free.

Here is a tool to clear your mind in one minute or less:

1. Imagine a small golden ball of healing light, about the size of a quarter, in the center of your head. You can visualize this or just simply feel the healing light in your head expanding.

2. Let the golden light slowly grow until it fills your entire skull, with the intention of pushing out all of your thoughts.

3. Imagine the light glowing brightly and expanding slightly beyond your physical head, keeping your focus on the golden light for one minute or more.

You can use this tool anywhere. It takes one minute or less and can help you begin the process of exiting your mind. The next time you are aware you are no longer the master of your own mind, take a moment to use this tool.

Repeat this process as needed. You will be amazed at the peace that comes from a still mind, not to mention other profound benefits.

Letting GoWhat you push away will push back. If you really want to let go of something that doesn’t serve you, you have to become neutral to it. When you do not have resentment, anger, dismay towards whatever it is you wish were not the case, you no longer create the energy that creates whatever it is you don’t want to experience. Life is much like a magnet; it will attract to you what you don’t want and what you do want, equally. Put your focus into what you do want and take your focus off of what you don’t want. The results are more of what you want. Mother Teresa demonstrated this when she said, “If you invite me to a war protest I won’t come but invite me to a peace rally and I’ll be there.”

Success isSometimes we are so busy climbing the ladder of success that we don’t even realize how high we have climbed. We are overly focused on where we are going that we miss the view entirely. This is ironic given the reason we began climbing the ladder of success in the first place was to enjoy the view. We have become so busy climbing that our focus is out ahead of us on the next wrung of the ladder rather than being where we are. After all, success means nothing, if we do not enjoy it. Take the time to celebrate all your successes and be present in the now with them. This will not only give you what you are seeking but it will create the energy present to experience even more successes in your life.

A Quick Tip for Celebrating Your Success Today

Create a list of small successes you noticed during your day. For example: How did you serve others? What did you accomplish? Who were you being? These are all great questions that will inspire you to notice how successful you already are. Remember, what you focus on, expands.

By Natalie Doel

Natalie & Her Son

One of the goals of Spirit Coaching is to facilitate the experience of joy and freedom on the path of spiritual growth. It feels so good to touch that place on a coaching call, to watch fear and doubt dissolve like salt in the clear water of truth.  In that moment, we know ourselves as limitless creators and recognize that there is nothing we cannot be, do, or have: we are completely at choice.  But what do we do when we wake up the next morning and we’re right back in the dumps again?  In my years as a practitioner and facilitator of the 40+ tools that make up the Spirit Coach® Method, one tool has proven to be especially helpful at those moments when we are deep in reaction and feel powerless to return to choice.  It is called Emotional Body Training, its simplicity belies its transformative power. It consists of focusing awareness on each of the five senses (smell, taste, touch, sound, sight) in succession, first slowly, then faster until we are able to determine which sense is hardest for us to focus on – this is our ‘weakest’ sense.  Once we have identified our weakest sense (in my case, smell), we have a fast, effective way to pull ourselves out of reaction and return to our center: just by bringing all our awareness to that sense.

Here’s a clear outline of this tool and other tools in action that unfurled in my own life just this morning:

1. Woke up too late to practice before my young son woke up and needed me. Prayed to Creator to help me hold it together until I’m able to practice later. Took my son to preschool, praying and craving coffee and sugar. Went to the gas station and managed not to indulge either craving, while deflecting all kinds of negative energy being thrown at me in response to my own inner vortex of negativity.

2. Managed to fill up, go home, and plop down in my meditation chair. (Side note:  as Jenai points out in “10 Tips to Meditate Better”, I can’t tell you how helpful it is to always meditate in the same place.  I get so much relief and awareness just from sitting in that chair, no matter how reactive I am. It’s like the safety zone in the Capture the Flag game that is my life.

3. I watch myself look for distractions (oh, that book I’ve been meaning to read! I really should re-organize that shelf! Etc…) Breathe, and pick up paper and pen to do Let Go & Know List List (  Fill up a whole page with rantings, ask for Creator’s help in releasing it all, and shred it.

4. Rarely, after this step do I still feel too out of sorts to meditate.  Today was one of those days, so I wrote on my paper, “Dear Guidance, please help…”  Just in asking, my awareness immediately expanded, and I remembered Emotional Body Training.  Then I noticed the smell of last night’s broccoli still lingering (really??), and felt my grounding return and my space just settle.

5. After less than a minute of focusing on smell, guidance came through crystal-clear again: “Write a Gratitude List” ( I filled an entire page with things I’m grateful for about myself, and received some valuable insights into my current steps and well as a major boost in vibration.

6. Finally, this process was so effective that I was guided to write this article today instead of taking time for a longer meditation. May it serve your highest good as it did mine.

Being a coach and writer has taught me that sometimes, the best strategy for getting out of my own way is to ask how I can serve others. When I did so this morning, guidance responded that sharing my experience today would be an aligned way to enjoy myself while illuminating the path for others. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn that my highest service comes not from ‘being perfect’, but from deep self-care and integrity. Thank you for co-creating this experience with me!

HarmonyYou can only sweep things under the rug for so long before the rug doesn’t cover the dirt. Then, we end up feeling overwhelmed by the mess or just trip over the rug. Either way we have set our selves up to fail. There is a simpler solution. Stop pushing your emotions, feeling and thoughts down. They will only well up at some point and this is never a good feeling. When we allow the day-to-day stuff that isn’t so pleasant to be released in constructive ways, we don’t end up with a big pile at the end of the week or for that matter, the end of our lives. The key is to break this pattern even if we have had it a very long time. After all, maybe this pattern helped you survive but now, it isn’t allowing you to thrive so let it go. In fact, let it go every day and you will pave the way to a better, brighter life experience.

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TrustWhen we feel constricted and tight in our bodies the solution is stretching. Slowly, carefully and easily we can stretch into a more fluid and flexible body. This is also true for our mental, emotional selves. Often life can feel stagnant or constricted in some way and what is required is stretching on our part. Moving out of our comfort zones is how we can stretch beyond what we know. This may include taking a class or doing something unfamiliar or even “out of character”. These choices are what stretch us into new and wonderful experiences. All of a sudden, our lives no longer feel so monotonous. Go ahead really stretch yourself today.

Create a list of items that would stretch you out of your comfort zone.

For example:

1. Talk a watercolor class

2. Call a friend I haven’t talked to in years

3. Take an African dancing class

4. Plan a trip to somewhere new

5. Try a new recipe and invite over people who have never met before

6. Volunteer at a shelter

What you write on your list will be unique to you. Take a moment to get Centered, Clear and Connected by meditating. It is here you can access your spirit where you will find exactly what items are perfect for you. Here is a link to a 5-minute guided meditation Once you have created your list, then, pick one thing to do today. Notice how you feel more joy and freedom in your life. Keep it up and you will create a life well-lived.

Simplify Your LifeRemember when you choose to be clear and calm, you are. Simplicity is found when you create alignment in your life. This requires saying no many times so you have room for the real yeses. Life can be complicated or it can be simple, we get to choose. Creating your own simplicity principles to live by creates a life aligned with your Spirit where all your visions and dreams can easily manifest in Divine timing. Investigate what are those simple principles that you can adhere to, that will create the life you seek.

The Simplicity Principles

For example:

1. I believe it is possible to have my Vision (I think only thoughts of worthiness).

2. Be Patient – I let go of my timing and subscribe to Divine timing.

3. I will be authentic in all situations (especially with men).

Now, create your own simplicity principles. Start with three. Put these principles into practice and watch your life transform. It really is that simple.

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