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PeaceTo make the most of our gift of life, we must answer two great questions:

1. How do I live at peace with myself?

2. How do I live in harmony with the people around me?

The first question is a prerequisite to the second. If we can live at peace with ourselves, we create peace and harmony in our relationships with others. This is where being in integrity with our Self is everything. The lack of peace comes from a lack of integrity within our selves. As we get back into integrity, we have peace. This has to be a conscious and constant practice, to ask ourselves if each choice we are about to make, is aligned with our highest Self; this is integrity. If we are able to practice this, we live a life of freedom, peace and joy.

PlantSeedsSometimes we just have to plant seeds and watch the miracle of co-creation. There is a part of creation that is absolutely out of our control. When we throw seeds on the ground some will grow and some won’t. We are not in charge of that growth. In fact, we are often looking at the beautiful flowers as little miracles that appear out of nowhere. This is a very prudent and uplifting attitude to understand that the growth is God. We may try to enhance the growing process with all kinds of aids; yet, certain things grow and others do not. When we get attached to what it looks like we often feel disappointed. Instead, we can see things as the miracles they are by simply planting the seeds and allowing the Divine to do the rest. Our garden will flourish and we will always live in the possibility of miracles.


AllowingAcceptance is not defeat. When we can’t accept what is, we operate from a place of denial. This denial causes resistance and keeps us stuck in old patterns of behavior that do not serve us. Acceptance is the step before allowing. When we accept, we acknowledge the truth and the truth sets us free: free from denial, free from resistance, free from the old patterns that do not serve. When we are set free by the truth, we can then move into allowing. Allowing our selves not to be defined by our past is allowing abundance to flow forth.

LittleChapelAs I stepped into the little chapel, the power of the energy that was present made my knees buckle. This feeling was not unfamiliar to me, but I have only felt it in certain sacred places and spaces where the Divine is present. It certainly was in The Little Chapel in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Sara O’Meara is her name. She is a true healer who harnesses a power beyond what most people can fathom. For thirty-plus years, she has called on her gift to heal people with what she calls, “Holy Spirit.”

Being a medium myself, I can see and feel this energy she speaks of and uses in the service of the Divine. It is present even before anyone enters the room. Yet, when Sara calls upon it to heal, it seems to envelop those people who are being offered a healing. I say “offered” because I noticed that healing is a participatory process. Some people would allow the healing in and could instantly heal, where others were more resistant to this healing light. This is not a judgment, but rather an observation I have seen in myself and in others. I am learning that we must be participants in our own healing. There is a power that exists that Sara taps into which can instantly heal a spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional issue—yet often, it is a process, for various reasons. One such reason is that we are so stuck in the past, to what has been, that we can’t step into the present where the healing exists.

As one gentleman stood to receive a healing of his left foot, I noticed he would not take that first step as Sara requested after she told him he was healed. He could not have the healing in that moment, as he was certain he could not walk on his foot. This made sense to me as I, too, have experienced this resistance to letting go of my experience of what has been to choose a new experience of what can be.

Inside The Chapel

Inside The Little Chapel

I also observed other people, some of whom I know personally, completely and fully stepping into the present moment and embracing this light. They were able to shed long-standing physical issues in a moment where others began a slower, more gradual, healing process. My father had received a healing from Sara a year earlier. He had been walking with a cane because of severe pain in his hips. The way he described his experience of his own healing was the pain just evaporated as Sara told him he was healed. After this occurrence, he forgot about his pain and his cane and had no trouble walking, and even hiking and biking.

The wonderful part of all of this experience is that we can heal. We can choose to allow in what we need, and it is there for us. This is the reason I travel throughout the world to learn from great healers like Sara.

Stay tuned to hear about my journey to John of God; I am going to see him later this month.

For more information about Sara O’Meara, go to http://ourlittlechapel.blogspot.com/

Lay Your Burdens DownThe gift you can give to yourself is one of lightness. There is no need to carry the burdens of others. In fact, when you do this, you do not serve them or yourself. When you carry their weight they then do not know or get to experience the beauty and strength they carry within them. Allowing others to be where they are even when they are in a place of hardship can serve them because they then learn to find their inner strength. There is nothing more satisfying than this. When we do all the caretaking for another it robs others of their search for their own inner gifts.

When we let go of the burdens of others, we become light. And this lightness of being reflects to all we encounter and in turn, raises the vibrations of those around us.

Sometimes we carry the burdens of others because of the acknowledgement we receive. Acknowledge yourself and the acknowledgement from others is no longer necessary.

Practice This Meditation

1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your heart. Imagine you are breathing in love and on the exhale, breathing out the burdens you are carrying.

2. Visualize a golden ball and imagine filling it with the people, places or situations that feel burdensome to you. See this ball floating up into very bright golden light. You are sending the burdens you carry to a healing realm to receive what is needed.

3. Then, ask to see the big picture. Receive any wisdom you may need to know about why others may need to have the experience they are having. Know that all experiences are about learning.

4. Lastly, visualize a golden light pouring over you, filling you with what you may need to be a healing presence for others.

UnseenRealmsDon’t neglect what you can’t see. There is a huge untapped resource of Divine inspiration, joy, love, creative genius…and the list goes on in the unseen realms. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Your potential is only limited by your inability to recognize you are so much more than you “think”. When we open up to the world beyond the limits of our minds, we begin to see the infinite resources available to us. Take the time to believe in this innate part of you that is connected to something larger. Whatever you call this Divine input is irrelevant. It is just important that you call on it regularly.

1. Ask. Ask for it. If we do not ask, we will not receive. Practice asking early in the morning or before you go to bed at night, then, listen for the nudges of spirit and move in that direction.

2. Pray. Pray to a higher power. This opens you up to that force which makes the planets spin. Prayer is consciously opening your mind to receive this Divine inspiration.

3. Meditate. Meditation brings us out of the limited mind and into our spirits. This is where our greatness dwells. Meditate consistently and you will open up your intuition, the voice of spirit.

4. Journal. Allow Divine inspiration to flow through you and onto your paper. Open up to receive the words you most need to hear. This type of journaling is not written with your mind, but rather you must be out of your mind to receive this.

5. Breathe. Focus on your breath. Tune into the life force that breathes you. Connect to this something larger through the vehicle of your breath.

Natalie & Her SonAs parents on a spiritual path, integrity with ourselves often becomes an issue; strong social programs insist that we sacrifice ourselves for our loved ones. However, when we finally make the decision to put ourselves at the center of our lives, our loved ones learn that they are also worthy of receiving everything they want and need. When we consciously intend to open more and more to the infinite support of Source, they learn that we’re never alone during our time on Earth; help is always there, if we just ask. Opening to this support from Creator lifts a heavy burden from both parent and child, leaving far more room to co-create a joyful relationship. What a relief!

The following are some of the tools I’ve found most effective in my journey of conscious parenting:

1.  Ask, ask, ask. Make a practice of asking for divine guidance and support, both for yourself and with your children. Understanding that divine help is literally there for the asking has been vital to my ability to take some extremely challenging steps in the past few years and emerge with my sanity intact. I come from a fiercely independent Puritan lineage, so it was a major breakthrough for me to realize that I could ask God for help and actually receive healing and guidance in return. Similarly, while my relationship with my guides is still an area of growth, it’s one I’m committed to; I ask for guidance for myself each morning as a way to co-create my day, and I pray with my son before bed to set a high-vibrational space for both of us during dreamtime. I also remind my son that he has “angels” who are there to help him, so he knows he doesn’t have to feel that he’s alone in life. I know that my commitment to asking in this way for myself will help my son maintain his own connection as he grows older.

2.  Use intention to create the highest and best experience for you and your family. Ask most parents what their greatest desire is for their children, and they’ll say, “I want them to be happy.” When we ask ourselves what “happiness” means to us, the answer often emerges in the form of qualities such as peace, joy, and fulfillment. When we work with intention, we are working at the level of energy to align our experience with the qualities that represent our highest and best good. It’s a great practice to write down an intention each morning after meditation; it brings who you’re being into alignment with your spirit’s intentions and relieves you from the need to control how it happens. Whew!

3.  Cultivate presence. For many families, “quality time” is an elusive goal that gets lost in the chaos of a busy life. What is the missing ingredient that marks the difference between so-called “quality” time and the kind of rushing around that leaves us feeling disconnected? It’s one of the simplest tools we use in Spirit Coaching, but it can also be one of the most difficult to master: presence, or grounding. In Spirit Coaching, grounding is one of the first tools we teach, because we recognize that without grounding, the other 45+ tools in the workbook are much less effective. It’s emphasized with every meditation and exercise, because coaches know from their own experience that it takes constant practice before grounding starts to feel easy and natural. What a payoff, though – after practicing this tool consistently for over 7 years, I can honestly say that most of the time I spend with my son feels like quality time, simply because I am so much more present.

My journey of being Spirit Led Instead has led to a much more joyful experience, not only of being a parent, but of being alive. I look back now on my decision to undertake coaching myself as a turning point, not only in my own life, but in my lineage through my healing relationship with my son. Although the path of conscious parenting may feel like a slog sometimes, the view is always worth it.


Natalie Doel is a Master Certified Spirit Coach® and parent who brings warmth, humor, and a deep commitment to her own growth in service of her clients’ empowerment. For more information about Natalie, go to http://www.spiritcoachtraining.com/natalie-doel/

Our homes are our sacred space, but sometimes they just don’t feel that way. Making our homes feel good can happen with the right intention and the right tools. Here are some suggestions for blessing your house and turning it into your own healing sanctuary.

1. First take a few moments to center yourself. You can meditate or breathe deeply into your heart or even visualize yourself feeling your best. For a free guided meditation on how to get yourself Centered, Clear, and Connected go to http://www.spiritcoachtraining.com/5-minutes-to-freedom-and-fulfillment/.

2. Visualize the protection of a bubble of gold light around yourself before you begin.

3. Place something sacred to you (i.e. cornmeal, sage, flour, holy water, a crystal, etc.) at the four corners of your property with a blessing of the Creator. Use an X pattern when walking to the corners rather than a square around the perimeter. This will give any discordant energies a chance to leave, rather than get trapped. The blessing says the land is now in accordance with the Creator, and the effect is that any non-aligned energies must move up and out of that space. You can imagine sinking a column of Creator light in each corner of your home. Then place a column in the center of the house to act as a grounding cord. Imagine this grounding cord connecting to the center of the earth.

4. Go from room to room with some burning sage or incense or a Tibetan bowl or chime. Smudge or chime with the intention of bringing the house now in accordance with the Creator and moving out any non-aligned energies. Start from the least effected room and work your way to the most effected.

5. Imagine a guardian to protect your property, watch over it, and continually bless your home and its inhabitants (i.e., bring in an ally of the Creator: a guardian guide, an angel, a color, a symbol, etc.).

6. Set your Intentions for the house in the center, that is, the qualities you would like to be present in your home every day. For example, my Intention is for my home to be a loving, peaceful, harmonious sanctuary of healing and creativity. State your intention out loud. Tune into the color(s) that hold this healing vibration for your home. Imagine these beautiful colors filling your home. Any time you would like to reset your intention for your home, you can imagine these colors radiating throughout your home.

7. Speak out loud your house blessing or prayer.

Suggestion for a House Blessing Prayer or better yet, create your own:

Creator, we are thankful for all the love you share, which heals us and heals those who have gone before us.

Shine your divine light upon this home and those who dwell within its walls.

Allow it to be a place where friendship, joy, and generosity (or add your own to match your Intentions) can prosper.

May all those who enter here feel your loving presence and be at peace.

And so it is.

Vision BoardEvery year, I sit down and create a vision board for my year. Vision Boards contain images of all the things you would like to manifest this year. Instead of just randomly picking images that appeal to me out of various magazines, I do my Vision Board a little differently. My mind has all kinds of ideas about what my life should look like, but it really doesn’t know what will truly fulfill me on a heart and soul level. So when I am visioning, I let my spirit be my guide. It always leads me to my highest and best path. If you take a risk and are willing to get out of your mind, you will find it is there your greatest life experience awaits you. Here is how you create a Vision Board from spirit.

1. Get a stack of magazines, a whiteboard, a pair of scissors and some glue stick.

2. Then, get out of your mind. First take a few moments to center yourself. You can meditate, breathe deeply into your heart, or even visualize yourself feeling your best. For a free guided meditation on how to get yourself Centered, Clear, and Connected go to http://www.spiritcoachtraining.com/5-minutes-to-freedom-and-fulfillment/.

3. Layout your magazines and imagine which one is lighting up. This is the magazine your spirit is guiding you to pick up. Use your intuition, the voice of spirit, as it will guide you.

4. Before you open the magazine, close your eyes and see a page number appear. This is coming from your spirit’s guidance. Open the magazine to that page number.

5. Once you are on the correct page, see the image or words light up that you are supposed to cut out for your Vision Board. Even if you don’t yet understand what the image means to you or what the words convey about your future life, allow yourself to claim it. Over time, it will become clear to you. This is stretching you beyond your limits, and it will lead to a limitless life.

6. Repeat this process until you have enough images that you feel complete. Again, let your spirit guide you.

7. Glue them on your board, letting your intuition be your guide as to how to collage the images.

8. Hang your Vision Board somewhere you can see it. This brings awareness into your day-to-day experience about what you are creating.

I am always amazed at how accurate my spirit is about what I am creating in my life. This process will help you tune into what is most aligned for you and manifest it with ease and grace. Take the time to let your spirit lead you to your highest and best life experience.



waitJust because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes we have boundless energy so we do all sorts of things that maybe aren’t aligned for us. Then, we are exhausted and don’t know why. Energy begets energy. So when we choose the things that are aligned for us and do them more energy and alignment enters our lives. We feel good, healthy in body, mind and spirit. We also know when to let go, say no and open to the possibility that there is something else aligned for us and if we wait for it, it will show up. Stop all the doing and start being. You will find what is aligned will come towards you rather than you chasing it.

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