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BreatheInLoveTake your hands right now and place them on your heart. Now, breathe into your hands and heart. Feel the depth of your breath. Notice how your chest expands and contracts. Think of someone you love unconditionally, perhaps a child or a pet. Focus your feeling of love into your breath. Feel it filling your chest with love. And repeat several times. As you practice this you return to your natural state of love that is you. This is who you are and who you want to be. When life gets stressful take a moment to connect in this way. You will always have a better day when you are willing to stop and breathe in love.

HumilityFeeling good about our selves is critical. It can make the difference between achieving a dream and not. There is, however, a way we can gloat or become so self-assured from an ego perspective that we move away from our service in the world. Many a leader, actor, politician and even spiritual teacher has fallen from grace because they, too, have become “full of themselves”. That is to say, they have lost the ability to be humble and have let the ego run the show. As we progress in our ability to serve others, we must also progress in our ability to become humble. Humble does not mean we stop revering our Self – we just stop revering the ego and understand it is our spirit that we revere. This allows us to revere the spirit in others and everyone is equal from this stance. It is from here our greatness is born and we can serve in our highest capacity.

namaste1The “Namaste” we greet each other with in yoga is an acknowledgement of presence. It literally translates into the Divine in me greets the Divine in you. This presence is what makes us centered and balanced. Without this connection to the Divine in us we are aimlessly trying to find our center through the external world. When we learn to hold this state of equilibrium, it also brings our world into balance. Claim this part of you. Hold it and when you lose it, bring yourself back. This is the way through life that brings the most, peace, ease and grace. As you bring more presence to the world, the world gives you more aligned experiences.

truthNot being able to express our selves can become a habit. We all have our reasons why we swallow our words, say things we don’t mean and hide our truth. But ultimately this pattern doesn’t serve us. It keeps us locked into a cycle of broken relationships or missed opportunities or not truly giving the gifts we came here to give. Learning to express our selves takes practice. For most of us it doesn’t come easy because we have learned behaviors that over time make it difficult. But like anything else, we can unlearn these patterns that don’t serve us. We can start by examining how we feel about things. Journaling our thoughts and feeling gives voice to our deepest truths. Once we write them down, it becomes so much easier to express our selves out loud. Taking the time to really listen to our selves and then to say what truth needs to be said, gives us the voice to heal relationships, contribute to conversations and to give the gifts that only we can give.

Just BreatheWhat does it mean to just be? It is bringing all your attention into the present moment where you can allow yourself to let go of all the things that drive you into action and just breathe. Being is akin to our breath. Most of us take 28,800 breaths per day and aren’t aware of any of them. Thankfully, there is a power greater than us that is breathing us, otherwise, we would be in big trouble. When we learn how to be, we can breathe deeply and consciously again. The fruits of this are many. Our health benefits greatly from this practice and our mind benefits greatly from this practice. Learning to be, gives us clarity. This clarity is created by a stillness inside of us. There is no other way to gain this stillness except by learning to be. This leads to creativity, genius and our authentic selves. When we learn to be, we also learn how to be the person we came here to be. Now, I can’t think of a better benefit than this.

Dwell In PeaceNo matter what is going on in your external world, you have dominion over your internal world. How do we shift from chaos to peace? Close your eyes and imagine the most peaceful place you can think of. Begin to visualize the beauty of this place. Feel the feeling you associate with this place. Let those feelings become qualities within you. Stillness, peace, love, allowing, joy, truth… This is who you are. Taking the time to come back to our true selves is what shifts any obstacle before us. Let yourself dwell in peace and you will dwell in possibilities.

Top 1% For Coaching in USI wanted to thank my community on Linkedin for making Spirit Coaching the top 1% most endorsed in the Unites States for Coaching.

When I started coaching many years ago, I did not know that the method that I was developing would be so powerful in helping people transform themselves and their lives. I feel extremely blessed to do this work in the world. Today, there are forty-seven amazing individuals who have been training for many years before becoming a Certified Spirit Coach®. These talented coaches are bringing the Spirit Coach® Method to more people than I could ever reach alone. I am so grateful for their commitment to serving others in a profound, sustainable and lasting way.

If you feel called to this path of awakening, contact us and we will give you a referral to the most aligned Spirit Coach® for you. Thank you. It is truly our pleasure to serve.


HealYourHeartHealing the heart takes time, patience and awareness. Like all things, the heart, too, can heal. Most of us would rather bury our pain and move on, but this is not healing. When we do this, the hurts of the past will be revisited again and again in the future. When we truly heal, we do not revisit the pain of the past but rather retain the lesson to better live in the present. Relinquish your pain and let the healing process begin; you will find great solace in knowing you can, and will, heal your heart. And it too, will love again even deeper than you could possibly imagine. For sometimes the heart breaks apart to allow love to enter into places it never thought was possible.

I See YOURead this Valentine carefully and know with the deep resonance of your heart and spirit who you really are. Happy Valentine’s Day! Be the love you came here to be.

StepIntoLoveEach moment of conscious awareness has love in it and our presence is what connects us to that love. Walking through the world connected to this love results in seeing the beauty in all things and in all people. It gives us the opportunity to be and know the Spirit in all. Many of us have had moments of this awakening experience. One must not fear losing it but recognize that we can always bring ourselves back to this presence by practicing being conscious. When we do, the love flows, and we remain in the flow of love. Love never leaves us, we just, sometimes, leave love.

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