Dwell In PeaceNo matter what is going on in your external world, you have dominion over your internal world. How do we shift from chaos to peace? Close your eyes and imagine the most peaceful place you can think of. Begin to visualize the beauty of this place. Feel the feeling you associate with this place. Let those feelings become qualities within you. Stillness, peace, love, allowing, joy, truth… This is who you are. Taking the time to come back to our true selves is what shifts any obstacle before us. Let yourself dwell in peace and you will dwell in possibilities.

Top 1% For Coaching in USI wanted to thank my community on Linkedin for making Spirit Coaching the top 1% most endorsed in the Unites States for Coaching.

When I started coaching many years ago, I did not know that the method that I was developing would be so powerful in helping people transform themselves and their lives. I feel extremely blessed to do this work in the world. Today, there are forty-seven amazing individuals who have been training for many years before becoming a Certified Spirit Coach®. These talented coaches are bringing the Spirit Coach® Method to more people than I could ever reach alone. I am so grateful for their commitment to serving others in a profound, sustainable and lasting way.

If you feel called to this path of awakening, contact us and we will give you a referral to the most aligned Spirit Coach® for you. Thank you. It is truly our pleasure to serve.


HealYourHeartHealing the heart takes time, patience and awareness. Like all things, the heart, too, can heal. Most of us would rather bury our pain and move on, but this is not healing. When we do this, the hurts of the past will be revisited again and again in the future. When we truly heal, we do not revisit the pain of the past but rather retain the lesson to better live in the present. Relinquish your pain and let the healing process begin; you will find great solace in knowing you can, and will, heal your heart. And it too, will love again even deeper than you could possibly imagine. For sometimes the heart breaks apart to allow love to enter into places it never thought was possible.

I See YOURead this Valentine carefully and know with the deep resonance of your heart and spirit who you really are. Happy Valentine’s Day! Be the love you came here to be.

StepIntoLoveEach moment of conscious awareness has love in it and our presence is what connects us to that love. Walking through the world connected to this love results in seeing the beauty in all things and in all people. It gives us the opportunity to be and know the Spirit in all. Many of us have had moments of this awakening experience. One must not fear losing it but recognize that we can always bring ourselves back to this presence by practicing being conscious. When we do, the love flows, and we remain in the flow of love. Love never leaves us, we just, sometimes, leave love.

Claim LoveSometimes there are people in our lives, although few and far between, who hold for us an image of who we really are. They see us as whole, as completely lovable and acceptable – even when we cannot see ourselves this way. They hold this truth until we can hold it for ourselves. These are those rare and special individuals who want the best for us. When we lose a person like this, it often feels like it is a loss of self. This, however, is because we are still letting them hold for us our own lovability and acceptability. We can best honor them by claiming this for ourselves. Knowing full well, this is the gift they have given us – to show us who we are. We can thank them by being it. Know that love transcends time and space; this means it also transcends the body. We will always be connected through the vehicle of love. The more we claim the love in ourselves, the more connected we are to those we love.

LoveYourselfLove is the answer that you seek, love is the question that you ask. In this world we are learning to love, to see ourselves through the eyes of love. When you ask yourself, how can I come more from love? You begin a process of self-discovery. It is in this discovery that you will find your Self. All beliefs that limit, constrict or forget love, are false beliefs, as it is our nature to be love. Take this time to understand you do a disservice to the world when you do not love your Self.

Spread love today. Enjoy this one-minute video where we begin to answer the question, “What is love?” Connect to your spirit, where your inner truth and wisdom lives, and ask yourself, what is love?…. As we continue asking this life-altering question, we become more unconditionally loving with our selves and each other.

OccupyLoveThere comes a point when our heart is just too big to hide. Maybe we have spent years hiding our love from the world because it feels too vulnerable or it is not accepted in our “circles”. Regardless of why we have been hiding our heart, now, it can no longer be kept hidden. It is literally, like a bursting forth of energy that we have to let out – to give love freely without concern for what others may think. To be forthcoming with praise, gratitude and blessing toward those we love and those we have yet to meet. This is the way we were meant to live. We know we reach this point when we can’t stop the love from pouring forth from our true being. Let it out, don’t be afraid; it will only grow and strengthen beyond your wildest imagination.

In this one-minute meditation, you will cultivate your strength by releasing your self-doubt and claiming your inner wisdom. Take just one minute out of your day to thrive, right now.

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