Claim LoveSometimes there are people in our lives, although few and far between, who hold for us an image of who we really are. They see us as whole, as completely lovable and acceptable – even when we cannot see ourselves this way. They hold this truth until we can hold it for ourselves. These are those rare and special individuals who want the best for us. When we lose a person like this, it often feels like it is a loss of self. This, however, is because we are still letting them hold for us our own lovability and acceptability. We can best honor them by claiming this for ourselves. Knowing full well, this is the gift they have given us – to show us who we are. We can thank them by being it. Know that love transcends time and space; this means it also transcends the body. We will always be connected through the vehicle of love. The more we claim the love in ourselves, the more connected we are to those we love.

LoveYourselfLove is the answer that you seek, love is the question that you ask. In this world we are learning to love, to see ourselves through the eyes of love. When you ask yourself, how can I come more from love? You begin a process of self-discovery. It is in this discovery that you will find your Self. All beliefs that limit, constrict or forget love, are false beliefs, as it is our nature to be love. Take this time to understand you do a disservice to the world when you do not love your Self.

Spread love today. Enjoy this one-minute video where we begin to answer the question, “What is love?” Connect to your spirit, where your inner truth and wisdom lives, and ask yourself, what is love?…. As we continue asking this life-altering question, we become more unconditionally loving with our selves and each other.

OccupyLoveThere comes a point when our heart is just too big to hide. Maybe we have spent years hiding our love from the world because it feels too vulnerable or it is not accepted in our “circles”. Regardless of why we have been hiding our heart, now, it can no longer be kept hidden. It is literally, like a bursting forth of energy that we have to let out – to give love freely without concern for what others may think. To be forthcoming with praise, gratitude and blessing toward those we love and those we have yet to meet. This is the way we were meant to live. We know we reach this point when we can’t stop the love from pouring forth from our true being. Let it out, don’t be afraid; it will only grow and strengthen beyond your wildest imagination.

In this one-minute meditation, you will cultivate your strength by releasing your self-doubt and claiming your inner wisdom. Take just one minute out of your day to thrive, right now.

Journaling1. Get a piece of paper and a pen before you begin this process.

2.  Start with five minutes of Centering, Clearing, and Connecting. You can receive a free guided five-minute meditation on how to do this process at This is the single best way to access your spirit’s vision.

3. Then, as part of your meditation, imagine you are going to your highest and best life, five years in your future. Yes, time travel. Imagine getting into a golden elevator and going up. As you move to higher and higher floors, you feel less attached to your current reality. You will know when you arrive at five years in your future as the doors will open.

4. Look around. What does it feel like, what are you doing, who are you with? Do not judge what you see, just take it in. Spend a few minutes there.

5. When you return back to the present time, take your pen and paper and write down everything you experienced. Write it as if you are in present time, i.e., your vision is happening right now. Write down in words, in a stream of consciousness, what you observed in your vision. Journaling is a way to access your spirit—that is, to go beyond the mind. It can uncover hidden insights about your vision. Journaling is a way to express your spirit without being concerned with the result.

6. Let your writing flow as the words come forth; never edit yourself or worry about spelling or grammar. Journaling is a place of freedom; there are no rules. Let whatever is on the surface come forth, and eventually a deeper understanding about your self and your vision will emerge.


AllowingWhen we allow things to unfold in their natural time and pacing, we can relax and receive. Often, resistance is created when we are attached to an outcome, even when we do not know what that outcome is. We just want something different. Letting go of what we want, often allows what we need to emerge. These are the things, people, situations and myriad of possibilities that are aligned for us. Alignment can only be found when we allow. Allow your life to unfold at the pace that it needs to be. This means allowing our wounds to heal, allowing forgiveness to emerge, and allowing love to flow. When we allow, we open to the ever-present love that is never absent and it begins to flow seamlessly. Relinquish control; it is the only thing that separates you from love.


Vision Retreat Canada

Jenai facilitating a Vision Retreat in Canada

When I was in my early twenties, I noticed that my best ideas came to me in two very unusual places: in the shower and when I was sleeping. In fact, I was in the shower when suddenly I looked down and saw the ball chain on the tub stopper and knew I needed to go to the hardware store and design a line of jewelry. This silly vision that I somehow acted upon became a million-dollar company. My vision continued to reveal itself in my dreams, where I would wake up and know the specifications of a product I was to design, some of which became award-winning patented products. I would sleep with a pad next to my bed because I never knew when a new idea might come.

Over time, I started to become curious about where these ideas were coming from and why they happened at such seemingly bizarre times. How could I access this when I wanted to? The answer to this question came to me many years later, and it is one of the reasons I do the work I do today.

The answer is that the mind cannot give us our vision. Vision comes from our spirit. It appeared that the only two places in my life where my mind turned off was when I was sleeping or in the shower. This allowed the door to my spirit to open, where my vision began shining through. If all it takes for our vision to come through is getting our mind out of the way and connecting to our spirit, then this is where I want to be. I later learned that visionaries like Einstein understood this principle. As he put it, “The mind cannot solve the same problems it created.” To facilitate his light bulb moments (pun intended), Thomas Edison would go to sleep with a rock in his hand so he could be awakened with a new vision. He had over 1,000 patents.

Now, I don’t believe it is necessary to sleep with a rock in your hand to access your vision; it is only a question of being out of your mind, where you can access your spirit. Your vision is there.

 5 Tips for Being Out of Your Mind  and Accessing Your Vision

1.  Meditate. Practice The Three C’s: Centered, Clear, and Connected. You can receive a free guided five-minute meditation on how to do this process at This is the single best way to access your spirit’s vision.

2. Sleep with a pen and paper by your bed. When you wake up, don’t start thinking about your day right away—just let yourself be in that sweet spot between sleeping and waking – it is here where your vision lies. You can also ask a question before bed, such as: How can I contribute in this world?

3. Take “Be Time.” This is time for just being, with no agenda. This clears your minds and allows your creativity to flourish.

4. After meditating, ask yourself, “What do I need to know about my vision?” Journal whatever comes through. You will be amazed at the ideas and guidance you can receive just by asking.

5. Follow your bliss. Make a commitment to do one thing you love to do every day. When we do what we love, even in small, seemingly insignificant, ways, we are moving toward our vision.

TrustInevitably, we come to a place where we are asked to have faith. Sometimes, it is the only thing we have left to hang onto. We can no longer control or operate under the illusion that we, in fact, control anything, except our own choices. Faith requires great trust—trust in a power greater than ourselves—one that can and will be there for us in our time of need. Trusting Creator is inextricably linked with trusting ourselves—and by self, I am speaking of the higher self. The more we follow our higher self, our gut instincts, intuition, and knowing what is true for us, the more we then trust ourselves. In contrast, the more we follow the ego, the more we have to control, struggle, and prove to ourselves it will be okay. This, of course, will never be the case as there is always more to prove from this perspective. Operating from our higher self limits the ego’s hold on us and liberates us from this cycle of distrusting the universe. As we learn to trust ourselves, i.e., follow our inner guidance, we begin to trust Creator, as this is our link to co-creation. Building a relationship with our higher self is building a relationship with Creator—the result is trust.

Life experiences can make us untrusting; we must then relearn how to trust. The best way to relearn is through practice. Here are some practices to cultivate trust:

1. Be Present (Grounded). If we are not present, we are in the future or the past, experiencing why we can’t trust. To bring yourself to present-time, visualize a beautiful tree trunk wrapping around your ribcage and going deep down into the center of the earth. Let the roots of the tree wrap around the core of the earth three times. Breathe in the healing energy from the earth.

2. Set an intention to be connected to your higher self. This will stop the ego from running your life by consciously choosing who is in the driver’s seat.

3. Listen to your spirit’s guidance. When we listen to our spirit’s guidance, we are learning to trust ourselves and reinforcing that trust every time we follow our guidance.

4. Affirm your faith with a spiritual practice.

5. Give gratitude to your higher self, honor the Creator in you.

Heart CloudTo give your love, you don’t have to give your Self away. Often we confuse these two things. It is critical to understand the way we love can be filling or draining. Love is not equal, when it is measured through the small self. When we recognize how we give away our Self and believe this is love, we then begin to resent loving. But this is not love, as love does not require anything in return. Love is given from a place of wholeness and joy. When we understand this, we can be exactly who we came to be with no apologies, and give love from this place. And the irony is, when we do not need our love to be received, it is received more fully. Let love come from the highest part of you; you do not have to give up anything to give love. From this place, you will gain your Self, and love will overflow from your presence

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