Meditation1. Start meditating. If you haven’t already started meditating, this is a good time to start. You won’t receive any of the benefits unless you actually do it. While meditating will bring many benefits into your life, I’d like to share a few that are quite inspiring. One of my favorite studies, published by the International Journal of Neuroscience, showed that people who have practiced a short daily meditation for a five-year period are biologically 12 to 15 years younger than their actual legal age. Numerous studies conducted over the course of the last 30 years have shown that meditation aids our health and well-being in countless ways. Dr. Benson, a Harvard Medical School pioneer in this research, showed that meditation leads to a significant increase in relaxation and, thus, provides numerous health benefits; for example, it slows the heart rate, decreases the respiratory rate, increases blood flow, lowers oxygen consumption, lowers blood pressure, and decreases levels of blood lactate (which is linked to anxiety). Meditation also affects our neurophysiology in extremely favorable ways. Some of the early scientific studies on brain wave patterns (EEG) suggest that a person who meditates cultivates the qualities of being focused, calm, and creative.

2. Use active meditations that employ visualization. Most meditation techniques involve passive meditation. They ask us to clear our minds and be totally still, which can be almost impossible for many of us. Because we are unable to achieve the desired state, we feel like we failed and meditation doesn’t work for us. Active meditation uses different techniques that are easier to follow and produce the same great benefits. Here is a link to an active meditation technique:

3. Write down all your fears and worries about life before you begin meditating. Then, burn or shred the paper you wrote them on. It’s a great way to get rid of your negative thoughts and feelings before you sit down and become still and quiet. Once those thoughts and feelings are removed, they won’t keep disturbing your peace.

4. Meditate the first thing in the morning. There are multiple reasons to follow this tip. First, the way in which we start our day sets the precedent for the rest of the day. It’s also true that once our day gets going, we will be less likely to stop what we’re doing and meditate. By making meditating a priority in your morning regimen, you will bring more presence, clarity, and focus to everything you do that day.

5. Create an altar. Find a few sacred objects that make your heart sing and spirit soar when you look at them. Place them on a table near where you meditate. These items and the positive energy you associate with them become an anchor to remind you of why you are doing your practice.

6. Meditate daily. There is one thing I know for sure, and that’s when you have a consistent daily meditation practice, your life will transform. If you are an occasional meditator, make it a daily practice and notice how differently you feel. Note, though, that the total effect happens over a period of time, so don’t give up after just one week.

7. Get out of bed. Don’t meditate in bed. You will either fall back asleep, or it will take too long to get connected in a way that brings you deep awareness and peace. Find a comfortable, upright chair to do your meditation practice in.

8. Begin your meditation with thoughts of gratitude or a particular prayer that resonates for you. This raises your vibration and puts you in a positive, joyous state that opens you up to receive even more of what you need.

9. Release your thoughts. If you can’t quiet your mind, visualize a small gold ball of light (about the size of a quarter) in the center of your head. Imagine the ball of light is slowing expanding, pushing all of your thoughts out. Repeat this process until you feel clear and peaceful.

10. Last, but not least, silence all electronic devices and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. I literally have a little sign that says, “In Session.” Everyone in my family knows not to disturb me when it is hanging on my door. This is my time … and because I feel peaceful and happy when I am done, my family approves.

SpiritCoachingOften we hope for things but never really put “our all” into achieving them. We can wish upon a star or we can listen to our spirit and take aligned action to make things happen. Manifestation comes when we allow ourselves to be guided by spirit and to follow spirit’s direction. It never comes easy unless we are willing to listen and act; hoping will not change things. Look within for your vision and see it clearly, hold it strongly and then act accordingly. This is your prescription for intentional creation. Live this and watch your vision be made manifest.

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INSTANTLY CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL  What if you could instantly change the way that you feel? By using the following Spirit Coach® Tool, you are going to find out how to do this so you can feel your best whenever you choose.

1. Think of a time when you were feeling great. What I mean by this is you were feeling connected to something greater than yourself. Imagine that experience; it can be absolutely anytime, even way in your past.

2. Now, feel the feelings you had in that moment, really sink into them. Spend at least two minutes with these positive feelings.

3. Allow a color to come to you, directly from your spirit that represents this high vibrational state that you are remembering. Do not judge the color, just know what it is and trust what you get.

4. Visualize this color within you and surrounding you now, five feet in all directions, 360 degrees, filling your Spirit Bubble. You are immersed in a bubble of this color. Become aware of how it feels to you. If you feel great, this is a color that allows you to feel your best by vibrating at a higher frequency. If it doesn’t feel right, go back and do the process again.

Life happens, and you can make the best of it by choosing the color of your Spirit Bubble; this allows you to vibrate at your best. This changes the world around you almost instantly. You can also use this tool by placing a bubble of colored light around your home and your car just by visualizing it. This tool will not only enhance your daily experiences, but is a very handy to use in any stressful situation to clear the energy of stress and replace it with how you want to feel. You do this by simply changing the color of your Spirit Bubble, and you automatically change your personal vibration.

Don’t leave your house without your Spirit Bubble. It allows you to resonate at a higher vibration, to feel better and attract in experiences that are also of a higher vibration. Life just keeps getting better and better the more you use this transformational tool.

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BeYouNow you see me, now you don’t. It’s a game kids play – hide and seek. Yet as adults we play this game all the time. How often do we hide ourselves from others, from the world and even from ourselves? We just don’t show up as we really are. We do this for a myriad of reasons: not trusting, not feeling good enough, wanting to be perfect… and the list goes on. If we wait for all these things to change, we will never really stop hiding. It’s time to let our light shine, to show up as we authentically are, without apology and without fear of the consequences. What actually happens when we do this is nothing short of miraculous. Go ahead, be you.

AbundanceIf you had $10, would you spend it to make $20? Sometimes we hold on to our resources for dear life. Yet, this stops the flow of creating more of what is aligned for us. We have to give, to receive. Whether it is money or love or time. We must give freely, and what is aligned for us will also be received. There is no sense in hoarding for a rainy day when it’s raining today. Allow yourself to shift out of old limiting beliefs that limit your ability to expand; give and then, receive.

Pink Clouds at John of GodThere is a sweetness in your heart that expands and contracts with every breath. Expansion comes when we let go and allow; contraction comes when we control and shut down. The heart is both a vehicle for contraction and expansion. It can take us to new heights and to new lows. When the heart is guided by spirit it can soar into its natural expansive state of joy. When, however, it is guided by ego, it guards, it limits and it loves based on false hope. Let your heart soar by letting spirit lead.

intention_paintingMany of us create New Year’s resolutions or goals but I set intentions for the year. I have found that many a goal or resolution has gone unmet because I did not take the time to set my intentions first. At the beginning of every year, I sit down, get centered, clear and connected and receive my intentions for the year. Why is this important? Intentions are what directs our thoughts and actions so if I am not clear on what these are, I will not be clear in my thought and actions and thus, the results I get will not be the ones I want.

How do you set your intentions? The first step is your intentions must not come from your mind, but rather, your spirit. The highest, wisest part of you that knows why you are here and what you truly want to accomplish this year. One of the tools I use to get out of my mind is meditation. Your goal is to move out of your mind so you can access your most aligned intentions for 2014.

The next step is to receive your intention symbolically. That’s right, you will receive a symbol not a word or a phrase but an image. This allows you to bypass your mental framework by accessing your spirit’s description of your intention through the symbol you are being shown. Once you see the symbol, only then, do you ask your spirit what it means. For example, last year, I saw a bright golden sun. When I felt into this symbol, my heart began to feel warm and glowing. When I began to translate my symbol into words, the words that came out were, “My intention is to radiate love from my heart, glowing from within”. This is how you receive your intentions for 2014; you see a symbol and then, you translate that symbol into words.

I find most people have between three and eight intentions for the year. Let your intuition, the voice of your spirit, be your guide as to how many intentions you have. Then, receive your symbols, translate them into words and you have your intentions for the year. I also recommend finding images that match your intentions, writing them out and placing them somewhere you can see them every day.

What happens when we take the time to set our intentions is our thoughts, words and actions, result in exactly what we are meant to experience this year. This is how we live an inspired (in + spirit) and fulfilling year.

Six Simple Steps To Set Your Intentions for 2014

1. Meditate. Practice The Three C’s: Centered, Clear & Connected. You can receive a guided five-minute meditation for free at Use this guided meditation or do your own meditation; this is the single best way to access your spirit’s intentions. The goal is to get out of your mind and connect to your spirit before you begin this process.

2. Imagine a white screen in front of you. On that screen see, know or hear a number appear between three and eight. This is the number of intentions you have for 2014.

3. On the blank, white screen see a symbol appear. This represents your first intention for 2014. Observe the image. What does it feel like? What are the words that come to you? Write these down. Repeat this process for the number of intentions you have for the year.

4. Write your Intention Statement for each symbol. Start with the phrase, “My intention is to be…” then, finish the statement with the words that resonate for you. For example, if you saw a symbol of a dark circle being enveloped by the light, your Intention Statement might be: “My Intention is to be the light, always coming from the light in all my words, deeds and actions.”

5. Next, find images that match the symbols you received for each Intention. The images do not need to be the exact symbols you saw but must evoke the feelings you felt from the symbol you saw. Then, add your Intention Statement next to each image.

6. Write up your Intentions for 2014 and pair them with the beautiful images that you selected. Put this somewhere you can see it everyday. This will guide you to your highest and best 2014.

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Best Spiritual AdviceThe Best Spiritual Advice I Ever Received


As a spiritual author, coach, and seminar leader, people often ask me, “What is the best spiritual advice you ever received?” This article is an amalgamation of the top ten things I would share with someone who asks that question. Of course, timing is everything. Something is only relevant to you if you are ready to hear it and it is applicable to you at this stage of your particular spiritual journey. That said, we all know that knowledge must always be measured against our own truth; our inner knowing will guide us as to whether something is relevant for us or not. So, let’s get started. Let your intuition be your guide as to which of the following ten items you need to hear now. Then, integrate that knowledge into your life; this, in turn, becomes wisdom – yours, because you experienced it. This leads us to the first item of the best spiritual advice I have ever received.

1. Spiritual growth is not an intellectual exercise. We can’t think our way to enlightenment. Words don’t transform us, but experience does. No matter how many spiritual books we read, seminars we take, or spiritual teachers we frequent, we will not transform unless we apply the spiritual principles, tools, and teaching in our own life. There is no magic pill or spontaneous enlightenment; we must do the work. That said, we can start wherever we are by choosing one spiritual practice to focus on each day. That is why it is called a practice; we have to practice it. Allow yourself to be transformed today.

2. Be present for your life. The gift is in the present. Most of us are so fixated on the future that we miss the moment. Everything you want is here, in the now. It’s not in the future. If you don’t learn to be present now, when you get to where you want to be at some point in the future, you won’t be able to enjoy it because you will not be present for it. Trust me, I did this. Learning to be present will transform your life; there is so much happening in the now that if you stop and pay attention, you will find yourself.

3. A spiritual practice will transform your life. If you haven’t figured out that a consistent daily spiritual practice brings more peace, joy, abundance, and most-important, Spirit into your life, you are missing a key spiritual principle. When I made a commitment to a daily meditation practice, one year later, my life was completely transformed. I began living my purpose, met my life partner, and touched an inner joy that could not be disturbed by anything external. How we transform is from the inside out, not the outside in. A spiritual practice transforms you and supports you through the ups and downs of life.

4. If you can’t find God, you moved. God isn’t somewhere else; it is in you. You don’t need to search and seek for God. You just need to be quiet and still and go within. What you will find is that God dwells within you. It is from here that you will find your way home.

5. Life is a schoolroom; we are here to learn. There are no mistakes, only lessons. When we recognize the learning in a mistake and take responsibility for it, we will not make it again. There is nothing to feel “bad” or guilty about, but rather to understand that we were doing the best we could at the time. The point is to learn from our mistakes so we do not make them again. We are here in this great classroom called life to learn, to grow, and to become who we were always meant to be.

6. Forgiveness will set you free. Forgiveness is the great elixir of all time. In every spiritual tradition, it is taught as one of the most transformative powers of change and healing. Forgiveness is a vibrational frequency that allows us to shift out of patterns of shame, guilt, hatred, and anger. It even gives us pause to love better and, ultimately, live better. To practice forgiveness, we must begin to allow the possibility of letting go of what does not serve us. Letting go is the key. In Hebrew, the word “forgiveness” means to literally drop it—to drop whatever burdens we are carrying sets us free. Just simply contemplate the possibility of forgiving yourself; this is a step toward your freedom.

7. Your beliefs will prove you right. Most people understand a belief as a fact, but a belief is a perception. It is nothing more than a concept that we decide is truth, and this is what ultimately directs our life. When we are unconscious about our beliefs, we don’t even realize we are choosing to see the world through a particular perception. In other words, if you want to change your experiences, then change your beliefs. What we believe determines what is possible.

8. Be out of your mind. Forget what has been told to you for millennia, that the mind knows, for it does not. It is merely a tool to direct the spirit’s guidance – yet, it was never meant to be the director. Confusion comes from putting too much emphasis on mind and not enough on Divine mind or spirit. When we leave the physical form, we realize this nature of reality. If we can grasp this understanding in the body, we can actualize what has been given to us. This means your path is one of listening to your spirit, deflecting the opinions of the mind, and then using it to carry out the actions condoned by Spirit. It is simple, and, at the same time, difficult to adhere to. The mind is filled with distractions, and the world mirrors this. Calming and relaxing the grasp of the mind is the way through. Imagine the spirit is pulling you by a rope and there is really only one direction to go. Let it pull you, despite the outlandish and sometimes seemingly logical ideas of the mind – this is the path.

9. The love you seek is your own. Learning to love yourself is the key to receiving the love you seek. Loving, nurturing, and compassionate are qualities that you possess and you can have for yourself. How would you feel if you gave yourself the same loving energy you share with those you love? This self-love is what will propel you into greener pastures, rather than our belief that external circumstances create our reality. They are only the after effect of our internal circumstances. Change your internal world with self-love and watch your external world blossom exponentially.

10. You are spirit having an in-body experience. Your spirit knows why you are here, what gifts you bring, and what you want to learn. Everything you could ever want can be had by connecting to this part of yourself that is infinite and beyond measure. As you align more and more with your spirit, your level of fulfillment, peace, and joy also rise. If you want from life what you came to get, being spirit-led is the way to get there. That said, once you connect to your spirit, you recognize that life is not about the destination, but the journey. Your spirit will lead you to your greatest contribution in this life.


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5 Steps to More Abundance In Your LifeIf you find that more money goes out than comes in, you may need to practice the Abundance Principles. These are five easy steps that will create more in-flow than out-flow of money in your life. Money is just energy, like everything else in the universe. The problem is we project so much onto it that it becomes weighted down and can’t flow. We experience this lack of flow as an energy drain, which results in not enough money. By practicing these simple steps, you not only can change your relationship to money, but use it as a tool to support you in your true service in the world.

1. Count Your Blessings. You have all heard the term, “Count your blessings,” but what does it really mean? One way to look at it is you are either focused on lack or on love. When we are focused on lack, there is never enough. What we need seems to be out of reach, no matter what it happens to be. We are always looking for the worst, the least, and this creates worry, stress, and fear. However, when we come from love, we recognize the infinite nature of the universe. We appreciate what we have and what we are given. We love what is in this very moment. We give love and receive love as if it is limitless, because it is. When we operate from love, there is no lack. Love then attracts more love. What is aligned for us comes to us with very little effort. Practicing coming from love is effortless because it is our natural internal state. When we practice this, we recognize so many blessings in our lives. Once we do, we just keep counting more and more blessings. One practice to help you count your blessings is to create an Abundance List. Fill a sheet of paper with all the reasons you are abundant. Start with the phrase, “I am abundant because…” Do it now; it feels so good.

2. Create Your Goals. What is money? Money is just an energy exchange for something else. You can’t just say I need more money; you need to know what is for. What is your goal? It’s not paying your bills; that is a task, not a goal. A goal is something that makes your heart sing when you think about it. Create a list of goals that inspire you. This will allow you to attract the money you need to achieve them and motivate you to take the aligned action steps toward your goals.

3. Give Before You Get. I always find when I am in service, my vibration naturally raises. When I am giving, I feel good. From this place, when I ask for what I need, it seems to come quite effortlessly. I always put my focus on giving first, and it always comes back to me tenfold. You can practice this by sending thoughts of healing to those you love and those in need. Do this daily before you ask the universe for what you want. You will find there is a reciprocal relationship between giving and receiving. Ask everyday how you can help others and many will be drawn to you.

4. Know Your Value. A Spiritual Asset is something we often don’t think about. We see our gifts as intangible, but what if they aren’t? By taking your spiritual gifts and giving them value, you start to understand how valuable you really are. Most of us take our gifts for granted. We believe if we can do something, so can anyone else; but no one has the gifts we have and delivers them in the way we do. Whether you have developed your intuition, have a compassionate heart, or can see another’s potential and help them cultivate it… you are in possession of some extremely valuable qualities. When we hold this knowingness in our energy field, we will attract the aligned people who we can serve and they will pay us for it. Create a list of your spiritual assets. Make the intangible, tangible.

5. Affirm Limitless Beliefs. One of my teachers once told me, “Your beliefs will prove you right.” What you believe will ultimately create what you experience. Examining your beliefs about abundance is key to shifting old patterns that leave you with less than what you want to experience in your life. Imagine if you could shift a limiting belief from, “I have to work hard to make money,” to “I make more money than I would ever need doing what I love.” I know it’s possible because I did it. You can, too. With the right tools and the right help, you can transform any pattern that isn’t serving you. You can begin by examining some of the limiting beliefs you are holding around money. Once you have identified which beliefs you would like to transform, you might work with a Certified Spirit Coach® to get the guidance and support you need to really change these deep-seeded patterns in your life. For more information, contact




Judgment is fear disguised as real. When we judge another, we are merely afraid of something. Judgment by itself serves no purpose. To condone another is not our place; each being has to walk their own path with God. Judgments are not rooted in truth. We cannot see the whole truth so who are we to judge. The question we can ask when judgment arises, is, what am I afraid of? When we can acknowledge and accept the feelings of fear we have within, not only does the fear dissipate, but so does the judgment, leaving us free and clear to enjoy life – free of judgment of self and others.

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