There is a love deep within you that is untouchable by anything external. It is like an ever-present well that continuously nourishes and replenishes you. In this place, you are whole and healed. Knowing that nothing outside of you can ever touch this place within. It is your sanctuary. Dwell in it. Develop your relationship with your Self for all other creations depend upon this.

Use this meditation below to fill your Self up:

  1. Visualize a beautiful rose quartz crystal cavern deep beneath the earth.
  2. Imaging this beautiful pink, white energy is flowing up out of the earth and into your feet.
  3. Watch the light as it flows into your legs and travels through every part of your body, filling you with this Divine energy, all the way up to your head.
  4. Allow yourself to feel the deep nurturance, love and revitalizing energy as it enters every cell.
  5. Call on this healing earth energy whenever you need it; allowing it to remind you of your natural state of love and wholeness.


Imagine what would happen if that constant nagging voice that says, “I should get more work done, I should clean the office, I should take that new client, I should…” went away. At the very least, it would create a lot more empty space in our heads. Perhaps, it is exactly the space that is needed to be more inventive, to create a new from a blank slate like an artist who approaches his clean white canvas on which to create his masterpiece. I think most of us have become so accustomed to the voices in our head that tell us what we should do that we have forgotten that we get to choose.

The shoulds are like a software program that just keeps running, eventually we forget why we were running them in the first place; they simply runs us. Even when a should may have initially been put in place for a positive result, it eventually can become a hindrance, instead of a help. For example, if you decided you wanted a new job and you “should” give work 120% on this new job but a year has gone by and you are still giving 120%, your should program is still running you, and as a result, you are caught in a lifestyle that is exhausting and unsustainable.

The first step in winning the battle of the “shoulds” is awareness. If we are not aware of the programs that run us, how can we stop them? It is similar to when we first learned to drive and we had to pay attention to every detail: our foot on the gas pedal, both hands on the wheel, our attention focused on the road ahead of us. Now, when we drive it is as if we are on autopilot; we no longer have to think about how to drive the vehicle, in fact, we often eat breakfast, talk on the phone and browse the newspaper, all while driving. The problem with this is if we stop paying attention, eventually we have an accident. An accident is a hard way to get a wake up call. What if we started paying attention like our life depends on it, because it does. If we just start paying attention to our life we begin to realize, we have a choice.

Life happens and at a certain point, we forget that we chose it. Every moment of every day, we choose. If we are running our life based on shoulds, it never feels like a choice. What if we replaced every I should with I choose. The first thing that happens when we do this is we now have a discernment tool. We can immediately tell by replacing I should with I choose if something is in alignment for us or not, that is, if the reason we are doing something is for someone else or if it is in our highest and best interest. Creating this type of discernment in your life will lead to more time, more energy and the ability to make better choices.

Another interesting thing that happens when you replace I should with I choose is you immediately become empowered. I should is disempowering, it drains us, takes our energy away where I choose takes the power back, you are owning it, taking responsibility for your choice and bringing 100% of your energy to it. It is the difference between someone telling you to do something and you choosing to do something, even if the person telling you to do it is yourself.

Once you begin to liberate yourself from I should, you begin to experience a new kind of freedom. A freedom to choose your life and this, after all, is what life is about.

Think of a time you were inspired, maybe you were dancing, writing, drawing or developing a new business venture. The ideas just flowed from you so effortlessly, it was as if you could just lay back and enjoy the creation you were participating in. You felt a deep resonance, your essence filling up with the knowing that this is exactly what you were supposed to be doing at this moment. We have all had this experience but how do we create a life filled with moments like this. This is being Spirit led.

There is a part of us, outside the mind that is free to imagine and realize our greatest vision.  We know it, when we are connected to it. I often would ask myself where the wisdom was coming from, when I would say the exact right thing at the moment I needed to say it or when that deep inner knowing led me to an unbelievable opportunity. This is our spirit shining through. Everyone is spirit, however, not everyone is spirit led. This has nothing do with religion and everything to do with God. When we access our spirit, we access the Divine in us. This is the place we want to live from. It is where everything we have been searching for is.

Many of us are familiar with the importance of the mind, body and Spirit connection. Yet most of us lead our lives from our mind and not from our Spirit. When we lead from the mind, we can’t create balance because we are not connected to our spirit, which brings us into alignment with Source. Without this connection, there is always a feeling that something is missing in our lives; no matter how much we achieve, have or do, there is still a feeling of being disconnected. The flow of Source energy is not reaching us. When we flip the triangle, Source flows to us and through us making co-creation possible.

mind body spirit triangle

When we lead with the Spirit, we are in alignment with our highest self and from this place the mind and body also become aligned. Source energy is able to flow as we express our true self in the world. We realize we are a co-creator, choosing to be and do what is in alignment for us, knowing we came to live the life we intended. There is nothing more fulfilling than this. This is the paradigm shift that is emerging individually and globally.

My whole life, people have been getting my name wrong. At face value this may seem like no big deal. However, when I was a child I would cringe every time, my new teacher would do role call because I knew my name would be mispronounced. In fact, it was the cause of much grief especially when I did not have the courage to correct people. Why would it bother me so much when I just let someone call me what they wanted to? Well, it wasn’t my name. This somehow put me out of integrity with myself. It had nothing to do with another getting my name wrong; this was an honest mistake. It had to do with me not saying anything and correcting them. The feeling I had when I did this was not a good one. We have all had this feeling for a number of reasons. It is an incongruence between what we know to be our truth and our ability to express it. For me it was my name, among other things. For you, it may be the times when you don’t value yourself enough to speak up, ask a question or share your contribution. It may be the times when you don’t share your dreams with another or even say them out loud to yourself.


I knew I conquered my fear of being “Jenai”, when I was a guest on The Rosie O’Donnell Show. We were taping live in front of thirty million people as if that in of itself wasn’t enough to terrify me. Rosie came out on stage and introduced me. She called me, “Jan-nay”. There was that initial moment of being uncomfortable I had resonated with my entire life but something in me had changed. I couldn’t even let someone like Rosie O’Donnell get my name wrong.


“Rosie,” I said, strong and steady, “my name is Jenai.” I have to say she looked shocked, not expecting me to say that. Of course, it was not part of the script and we were live, on-air. She made a joke about her mistake, recovering gracefully and asked me where my name came from. I told her my parents were hippies. This became another source of humor and the whole exchange added another dimension to the show. This happened because I was willing to speak my truth.


It was a great lesson for me to be who I am and make no apologies for it. Given that who we are is evolving as we get to know our true self in deeper and deeper ways, we can only practice expressing our truth, as we know it in this moment. This is an excellent practice. It allows us to draw towards us the people, places and opportunities that resonate with our truth. This creates an aligned and fulfilling life experience.

Are you Spirit Led?

Give yourself one point for each yes, o points for each no & ½ a point for each maybe

1.     Do you practice quieting your mind?

2.     Do you acknowledge you are more than your physical mind & body?

3.     Do you recognize the benefit of living beyond what your mind tells you?

4.     Do you consciously use your intuition?

5.     Do you see yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience?

6.     Do you acknowledge your higher self or God or Creator?

7.     Do you ask your higher self or God or Creator for help?

8.     Do you listen to the answers?

9.     Do you trust the answers enough to act on them?




Give yourself one point for each yes, o points for each no, ½ point for each maybe

0-2 points = Definitely not Spirit Led but still a spirit even if you do not know it yet

3-5 points = Awakening to becoming Spirit Led

6-8 points = Practicing living a Spirit Led life

9 points = A conscious co-creator living a Spirit Led life

I use to schedule myself into fifteen-minute increments. Have you ever run to the bathroom at the absolute last second just because you were so busy? Well, this is how my life was. I was running a growing company with fifteen employees and one hundred sales reps nationwide. We were listed in Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top fastest growing companies in America. I was twenty-six and on my way to being burned out by thirty. The road paved with success was proving to be less fulfilling than I had imagined. So, one day when I decide to do something completely out of the norm, it changed my life forever.

I told my staff I would be gone for the next two hours. I had no idea where or what I was going to be doing in those 2 hours which at the time seemed completely crazy. There was always something to be doing and never enough time to do it in. I thought at the time that this compulsion pulling me out of the office was strange but for some odd reason I followed it.

I got in my car and began driving. I had no idea where I was going. This was even more ridiculous to me. My mind thought, why am I wasting my time. However, there was some other part of me that was all of a sudden separate from the mind that said, keep driving. So I did.

I listened to this small subtle voice which seemed to be me but I hadn’t heard it for a very long time. It kept saying, drive this way, keep going. I would stop on occasion and ask, “are we here yet?” Like a child on a long car trip anxious to get where they were going. This has been symptomatic of my life – always wanting to get where I was going. Then when I got there I was not completely satisfied, so off again I would go to the next place.

I was driving in a neighborhood in San Francisco that I was completely unfamiliar with. On the corner there was a Starbucks. I heard, “pull over”. You can imagine my relief. Starbucks was, in fact, a place I could very much relate to and feel comfortable in. In fact, it kept me going through my eighty-hour work weeks, day after day.

As I went in to the Starbucks, I ordered my usual Grande Soy Latte and sat down in a chair with a view of the street outside, enjoying some familiarity in this strange experiment I seemed to be participating in. After several minutes passed by, I noticed a homeless man walking across the street towards the Starbucks. As I studied him, I realized I knew him. He was a man from the neighborhood I currently lived in, however, I hadn’t seen him in at least two years. He looked very much the same. In very elegant, preppy tattered clothing as if he came out of a J Crew catalogue and never changed his clothes again.

I was so elated to see him because I thought he had died. He was a fixture in my neighborhood for many years. I would often buy him coffee and he would smile and mutter incoherently. There was something about him I could relate to, something that attracted me to him. He had something I wanted which seemed absurd considering he lived on the street and was mostly incomprehensible.

With out hesitating, I jump up out of my seat and run out of the Starbucks to greet him. “Remember me, remember me!”, I say.  “You used to live in my neighborhood. I am so happy to see you are OK, how are you?”

Before I could finish, he turns and looks at me with a clarity and certainty so powerful, it as if a wind came a blew right into my face and said, “wake up, child.” Needless-to-say, I was paying attention. Staring deep into my eyes with a power beyond the physical, he said, “You want to help people but you do not know how.” And he walked away.

It hit me like a ton of bricks right in my heart. There was a resonance there that was so deep. It made me stop in my tracks and I could hardly breathe in.

This was the beginning of my path to being spirit led instead. It changed my life forever.

  1. You don’t know who you are, unless you do it
  2. If you can’t spend time with yourself, why would anyone else want to
  3. Learning how to BE, instead of just doing, gives you the ability to have more by doing less
  4. Never having to seek answers outside of your Self
  5. Connecting to creator allows you to become a co-creator (now, whose powerful?)
  6. Clarity & a greater ability to discern what is truth
  7. Listening to your intuition (the voice of your spirit) to make more aligned, fulfilling choices
  8. Cultivating compassion & love for yourself & others
  9. Experiencing an innate joy that is not dependent on anything external
  10. Seeing yourself as spirit having a human journey (being in the world but not of it); you become a Creator instead of a Reactor


There are literally millions of reasons but what I want to know is, what are yours? Comment below and let me know, why you do it.

Where we begin on the visionary path is by choosing love. What is it that you love? The thing you would do just for the sake of doing it. For me, it was always teaching others. When I was six years old I would pretend with my neighborhood friends that I was the teacher and they were my students. This came absolutely naturally to me, no one told me to play this way. What we love is what we play. We did this, when as a child, and if we are lucky, we are still doing it now. Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” He was not taking about ego gratification but that deep love that is within us. No one can tell us what it is; we just know it. It is that deep resonance that comes from our spirit.

The tool I am going to show you allows you to explore what makes your heart sing. If your heart is the window, your spirit is the door. Your heart can lead you to your spirit, and your spirit will lead you to your vision.

Transformational Tool: The Top Ten Things That Make My Heart Sing?

It is important to be Centered, Clear & Connected. I recommend practicing the five-minute mediation before doing this exercise. It will allow the door to your spirit to open, you will receive more information this way.

For example:

1.     Reading a really good book

2.   Writing poetry

3.    Watching the sunrise (I love new beginnings)


Top Ten Things that make My Heart Sing

Fill out the list below












Now that you have your list, I recommend after your morning meditation without looking at your list, use your intuition to see what number lights up and do that item today. This is a great way to integrate what you love into your daily life. Making time for what we love will lead us to our greatest vision.

Something different happens when we are spirit-led. Many years ago, I was sitting in a café, working on my vision. I had a great product but didn’t know how to distribute it. My spirit led me to this particular café in San Francisco where I was just hanging out. This seemed very unproductive but I was trusting the nudges of spirit. All of a sudden, I looked up and a woman is crossing the street in front of me. She is carrying a giant fixture full of jewelry. I heard that small subtle voice say,go up and talk to her. It seemed so random but I followed it anyway. I ran across the street and asked her, “What are you doing with all that jewelry?” She answered, “I distribute it”. I told her that I was a product designer and the rest is history. She became my VP of Sales selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of my product designs.

Life, however, happens and we often don’t make the time to listen to that small subtle voice of spirit that can lead us to our greatest life experience. This is why we need to apply tools to make sure it is woven into the very fabric of our everyday life. One of my favorite tools to make this happen everyday is The Co-Creator To-Do List. Most of us have our daily to-do list, whether it is in our head or we write it down. This is a similar list but the intention behind it is very different.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. One of the great things about being spirit-led is you become a co-creator. Co-creation does things for you even quicker and better than you could ever imagine. All those to-do’s floating around in your head, not to mention your vision that you need to make more time for, you put on The Co-Creator To-Do List. This is a way that you and Creator can work together to make it all happen. Yes, you and Creator can work together. Now that is a powerful team. You will take your Co-Creator To-Do List and discern which items on the list you absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, will do today. This means only what you will do, not what you plan to do or think you can do. It may only be one or two things and this is ok. You place those things on the “Me” side and everything else, including your vision, goes on the “Creator” side. Your intention is that Creator will help you do the rest. This exercise requires discernment, trust and faith. If you are feeling overwhelmed or just want to increase your capacity to co-create, this is the tool to use.

How-to Create The Co-Creator To-Do List

To create your list, you make two columns – the first is labeled “Creator” and the second is labeled “Me”. Everything that you need to do, want to do and don’t want to do, from picking up the dry-cleaning to writing that book, goes on the “Creator” side. Yes, you are giving it all to Creator. On the “Me” side, you write all the things you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are going to complete that day – and nothing more. Guess what, you get to check it off at the end of each day and go to sleep feeling complete, accomplished and good about yourself. Isn’t that a nice change of pace? The “Creator” side eventually begins to get done, sometimes miraculously and other times, practically (by slowly moving one thing at a time to the “Me” side). Never underestimate the power of co-creation (which is ultimately reinforced by this practice). Recently I put anelliptical machine on my “Creator” side and a week later someone at a party asked if I knew anyone who wanted a free elliptical machine. Thanks, Creator. Now I have time to work-out (I get to cross something else off my list!)


As we use The Co-Creator To-Do List on a daily basis we find we begin to have time for the things that really matter to us. Our vision no longer takes a back seat because our spirit is driving the car.

Through the course of any given day, we accumulate negative thoughts and feelings: fear, guilt, shame, blame, self-criticism, anger, regret… We all do, even when we pretend we don’t. What happens over time is this negativity builds if we do not find a constructive way to release it. In fact, we carry it around with us during our day, drawing in experiences that reflect the energy that is within us. It is always in our best interest to release these negative thoughts and feelings; otherwise, we will just have more thoughts and feeling that are similar. We all know how we feel, can change the course of our day and, cumulatively, it changes the course of our life. When we let go of all of the negativity, we feel lighter and brighter holding a new clarity, making much better choices and drawing in more aligned experiences. Here is how I used this transformational tool successfully many years ago:

I was fuming about a client who was really taking advantage of me. This was a number of years ago when I working as an independent business consultant. It seemed I had gotten myself into a situation where I was not being compensated for all the work I was doing. Not only that, but my client was taking credit for everything that I was creating for her.

This anger consumed me even long after I stopped working with this person. I would find myself thinking about how I built a multi-million dollar company for this person and didn’t have anything to show for it. It was so insidious it would just creep in at the oddest moments: when I was brushing me teeth or driving in my car or pitching a new client. It was this lingering animosity that kept my attention focused on the past. I finally decided to do something about it.

I took a piece a paper, drew a line vertically down the center and wrote on one side of the line, everything my past client had done to me and how I felt about it. It wasn’t pretty. There was ranting and raving, even a few curse words thrown in. Then in the left hand column, I wrote down, “my name, her name and Creator”. This was everyone that needed to know about this situation so I could let it go. I then took that piece of paper and I asked Creator to transform all the negative energy on it, to love and light. And I burned it. Boy, did it feel good. I noticed right away a big weight had been lifted. So over the course of the next week, I did this a few more times.

As I was writing the list for the third time, I started to observe that this situation had happened before in my life. In fact, memories flooded in of the times when I gave everything away just because I wanted to be liked. It seemed to have been a pattern that I was just now recognizing. This all came out on the paper. I realized I had not been clear with my client. I did not set any boundaries with her. I was the one that let her take advantage of me. This process helped me become aware of and take responsibility for my part in the situation.

The last couple of times I made my list, I wrote on the backside of my paper, “I forgive myself. I forgive my client. Thank you, Creator for transforming this negative energy to love and light.” And you know what? I really did. I just let go of it. It no longer plagued my thoughts. I was completely neutral to my old client. As you can imagine this was such a relief.

A few weeks later, something else miraculous happened. My old client called me out of the blue; I hadn’t heard from her in over a year. She preceded to tell me how much she appreciated the work I had done for her and really acknowledged my contribution to helping her build her, now, very successful company. This was enough proof for me to recognize that when we truly let go and forgive, we no longer block what it is we were wanting in the first place. I never had this situation happen again in my life. I actually broke the pattern! All because I used this transformational tool called The Let Go & Know List. Now, I am going to show you how to use it but first let me explain.

The Let Go & Know List is a way of releasing negative energy. It has a dual purpose; the first is to let any and all negativity go. The second purpose is to become aware of the negative energy that we carry around with us that we may be unconscious about but it is still affecting us. Even experiences that have happened in the past can still affect us in the present. Many times we carry negative energy from years past and do not know it is affecting us and how to let it go. This process addresses the big “stuff” and the small daily “stuff”. This tool allows for a co-creation to happen even when we can’t let go of the guilt, shame, anger, resentment, judgment… ourselves, we can give it over to spirit. This allows us to no longer be triggered by similar situations. For example, we may become enraged when people cut us off in traffic. As we release this energy constructively, using The Let Go & Know List, we no longer feel so angry when this happens to us. In fact, over time, it happens less and less. This is because once we are able to let go of any negativity associated with this; we will no longer attract others who draw out this negativity in us.

How-to Use The Let Go & Know List


1.     The first thing you do is to get a sheet of paper. Draw a vertical line down the center of the page creating two columns.

2.      Label the first column, What Am I Letting Go Of and the second column, Who Needs to Know (this means to list whoever is involved in the situation).

3.     Let everything you are thinking and feeling come out as you answer the question, What Am I Letting Go Of and write it down in the first column. Do not edit. It is important to include absolutely anything that comes up: fear, doubt, anxiety, situations from the past, regrets, what you aren’t liking about yourself… It is important to release whatever negativity is there. You want to allow yourself to get to the point where you are taking responsibility for anything you may have done now or in the past. When we do this, it frees us from holding on to the situation any longer and creating similar experiences in the future.

4.     In the second column, Who Needs to Know, you write down anyone who is involved in the situation. Definitely you need to be on this side and any other parties that may have been involved.

5.     After you have completed the list, you fold it in half and write the following on it (you can also create your own): I forgive myself. I forgive X. Thank you Creator for transforming ALL negativity to love and light. Say this out loud or silently to yourself. Your intention is to release this energy.

6.     The last step is you burn it or shred it. Complete this process in one sitting, do not leave this laying around the house for someone to find. This process is for you and you only.

Feel free to repeat this process whenever you feel the need to rid yourself of negative energies. This is great to do on a daily basis because over time you have very little build up. Those reoccurring thoughts and feelings no longer plague your mind. You will find that once you practice this tool consistently, you are able to easily return to your spirit’s natural state of clarity, peace and neutrality.



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