Through the course of any given day, we accumulate negative thoughts and feelings: fear, guilt, shame, blame, self-criticism, anger, regret… We all do, even when we pretend we don’t. What happens over time is this negativity builds if we do not find a constructive way to release it. In fact, we carry it around with us during our day, drawing in experiences that reflect the energy that is within us. It is always in our best interest to release these negative thoughts and feelings; otherwise, we will just have more thoughts and feeling that are similar. We all know how we feel, can change the course of our day and, cumulatively, it changes the course of our life. When we let go of all of the negativity, we feel lighter and brighter holding a new clarity, making much better choices and drawing in more aligned experiences. Here is how I used this transformational tool successfully many years ago:

I was fuming about a client who was really taking advantage of me. This was a number of years ago when I working as an independent business consultant. It seemed I had gotten myself into a situation where I was not being compensated for all the work I was doing. Not only that, but my client was taking credit for everything that I was creating for her.

This anger consumed me even long after I stopped working with this person. I would find myself thinking about how I built a multi-million dollar company for this person and didn’t have anything to show for it. It was so insidious it would just creep in at the oddest moments: when I was brushing me teeth or driving in my car or pitching a new client. It was this lingering animosity that kept my attention focused on the past. I finally decided to do something about it.

I took a piece a paper, drew a line vertically down the center and wrote on one side of the line, everything my past client had done to me and how I felt about it. It wasn’t pretty. There was ranting and raving, even a few curse words thrown in. Then in the left hand column, I wrote down, “my name, her name and Creator”. This was everyone that needed to know about this situation so I could let it go. I then took that piece of paper and I asked Creator to transform all the negative energy on it, to love and light. And I burned it. Boy, did it feel good. I noticed right away a big weight had been lifted. So over the course of the next week, I did this a few more times.

As I was writing the list for the third time, I started to observe that this situation had happened before in my life. In fact, memories flooded in of the times when I gave everything away just because I wanted to be liked. It seemed to have been a pattern that I was just now recognizing. This all came out on the paper. I realized I had not been clear with my client. I did not set any boundaries with her. I was the one that let her take advantage of me. This process helped me become aware of and take responsibility for my part in the situation.

The last couple of times I made my list, I wrote on the backside of my paper, “I forgive myself. I forgive my client. Thank you, Creator for transforming this negative energy to love and light.” And you know what? I really did. I just let go of it. It no longer plagued my thoughts. I was completely neutral to my old client. As you can imagine this was such a relief.

A few weeks later, something else miraculous happened. My old client called me out of the blue; I hadn’t heard from her in over a year. She preceded to tell me how much she appreciated the work I had done for her and really acknowledged my contribution to helping her build her, now, very successful company. This was enough proof for me to recognize that when we truly let go and forgive, we no longer block what it is we were wanting in the first place. I never had this situation happen again in my life. I actually broke the pattern! All because I used this transformational tool called The Let Go & Know List. Now, I am going to show you how to use it but first let me explain.

The Let Go & Know List is a way of releasing negative energy. It has a dual purpose; the first is to let any and all negativity go. The second purpose is to become aware of the negative energy that we carry around with us that we may be unconscious about but it is still affecting us. Even experiences that have happened in the past can still affect us in the present. Many times we carry negative energy from years past and do not know it is affecting us and how to let it go. This process addresses the big “stuff” and the small daily “stuff”. This tool allows for a co-creation to happen even when we can’t let go of the guilt, shame, anger, resentment, judgment… ourselves, we can give it over to spirit. This allows us to no longer be triggered by similar situations. For example, we may become enraged when people cut us off in traffic. As we release this energy constructively, using The Let Go & Know List, we no longer feel so angry when this happens to us. In fact, over time, it happens less and less. This is because once we are able to let go of any negativity associated with this; we will no longer attract others who draw out this negativity in us.

How-to Use The Let Go & Know List


1.     The first thing you do is to get a sheet of paper. Draw a vertical line down the center of the page creating two columns.

2.      Label the first column, What Am I Letting Go Of and the second column, Who Needs to Know (this means to list whoever is involved in the situation).

3.     Let everything you are thinking and feeling come out as you answer the question, What Am I Letting Go Of and write it down in the first column. Do not edit. It is important to include absolutely anything that comes up: fear, doubt, anxiety, situations from the past, regrets, what you aren’t liking about yourself… It is important to release whatever negativity is there. You want to allow yourself to get to the point where you are taking responsibility for anything you may have done now or in the past. When we do this, it frees us from holding on to the situation any longer and creating similar experiences in the future.

4.     In the second column, Who Needs to Know, you write down anyone who is involved in the situation. Definitely you need to be on this side and any other parties that may have been involved.

5.     After you have completed the list, you fold it in half and write the following on it (you can also create your own): I forgive myself. I forgive X. Thank you Creator for transforming ALL negativity to love and light. Say this out loud or silently to yourself. Your intention is to release this energy.

6.     The last step is you burn it or shred it. Complete this process in one sitting, do not leave this laying around the house for someone to find. This process is for you and you only.

Feel free to repeat this process whenever you feel the need to rid yourself of negative energies. This is great to do on a daily basis because over time you have very little build up. Those reoccurring thoughts and feelings no longer plague your mind. You will find that once you practice this tool consistently, you are able to easily return to your spirit’s natural state of clarity, peace and neutrality.



We have a choice in every moment to see the glass half full or half empty; it is always our choice. When we exercise our right to be grateful, all that we cherish emerges true and unblemished, and all that does not serve us, fades away. Gratitude gives us a way of being in the world that is fundamentally positive, and this is the momentum that leads us to actualizing our vision in the world. Did you ever meet a visionary who was not grateful? Visionaries are inherently grateful, as they know their vision is part of a co-creation with spirit and without this connection, spirit-led vision is not possible.

As a coach, one of the most common predicaments I run into is people having a hard time appreciating themselves. No matter how much “success” they have had, there is still some part of them that believes they are not good enough. One of the keys to transforming this is practicing gratitude towards self. I developed this tool to assist my clients in not only learning to feel better about themselves, but to begin to embrace self-love.

How to Do a Gratitude List with a Twist:


1. Take a medium-sized journal and title it “Gratitude Journal.”

2. Then fill an entire page every day with kind, compassionate, loving, and, most important, truthful words about all the things you love and appreciate in your life. You may need to start with the basics, depending on how you feel. There is always something to appreciate. I always appreciate that I can walk, knowing there are others who can’t.

3. Then work your way up to what you love and appreciate about yourself. Your gratitude can begin with the small stuff and build to the bigger stuff—you.  However, if you feel like jumping right into the big stuff, then go ahead. Over time, you will find that you become so much more appreciate of everything. This, in turn, creates a backlash effect where others begin to appreciate you. Since the world is a mirror, we change it by changing ourselves. Eventually, we will be able to focus on loving and appreciating ourselves, both on the list and off. This will help us to embody more fully who we are as spirit.

For example:

What I am grateful for…

I am grateful for the air I am breathing, I am grateful for my legs that carry me places, I am grateful for the trees and the sound of the birds, I am grateful for the home I live in & the garden outside my window blossoming with fresh vegetables waiting to be picked, I am grateful for my family, their health and well-being, I am grateful for my puppy who makes me smile no matter what mood I am in, I am grateful for listening to my inner guidance, I am grateful for being spirit led, I am grateful for the wisdom that flows through me, I am grateful for my kind heart, I am grateful for taking the time to work on myself…

Your Gratitude List may begin with all the reasons why you are grateful, like your family, your job, the clean air, or the food on your table, but it needs to end with what you love and appreciate about you. The reason you want to direct it at yourself is because as you do, you begin to value yourself more and more. This will eventually lead to self-love, and there is nothing you cannot be, do, and have when you love yourself. This is not ego love I’m talking about. It is recognizing that your spirit is love. All the love that you have been seeking externally can be found in your connection to your spirit.

Laying the groundwork for a New Year is much like cleaning a window. As you wipe away the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the year, you can clearly see a new vision of what is possible for your life. This process really requires only two steps. The first is letting go of the old; in essence, cleaning up any messes in your life. This may include cleaning out the office or apologizing to a friend. These are the things that drain your energy. You don’t want to bring these “drains” into the New Year. Take some time to clean them up. Now you have room for your new vision. This is your second step – to sit down and quiet the mind, and allow the possibilities to emerge about what you woul

d like to create in 2012. Let your spirit lead you there. What you find may surprise you. This is a good thing, as you know it not mind-based. Recognize that by taking the time to do this you will be creating something new, different and more aligned with your authentic self. This will feed you on a heart and soul level. Someone once said, “You can live 99 years or you can live 1 year 99 times.” Break out of the old patterns and really live as if it is a NEW year.

Step One: Clean Up Energy Drains

Make a list of anything that is currently draining your energy. One-by-one you can check off each item on the list as you complete them. If you find you need to release anger, resentment, frustration, sadness… write it down on a piece of paper. Then, ask Creator to transform this negative energy to love as you burn the paper. Let yourself be free of anything that will drain you as you embark on your NEW Year.

Step Two: Create Your New Vision

Let yourself get Centered, Clear & Connected. You can use the free 5-minutes guided meditation at Then, let your spirit lead you to your vision for 2012. Create a list of what you receive. This may include symbols, words, ideas and qualities – write them all down. Make sure you include all areas of your life: spiritual, relationship, play, business, health, financial, service…the whole enchilada! You will be amazed when you look back on your year, and realize how much has come true. Writing down your vision is one of the keys to achieving it.

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