Mary Magdalene said in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene that forgetfulness is only temporary. Now is the time of remembering!

She has come to shepherd this new era of awakening the Divine feminine that has been dormant in us and in the world. All we have to do is look at the world and look within ourselves to see this imbalance. When we activate the Divine Feminine Code that is already within us, it becomes balanced with the sacred masculine, and wholeness is the result. Our wholeness is the natural extension of remembering who we are as Divine beings having a human journey. Many of us have incarnated to be a part of this time of great awakening on the planet. Join me for a 1-Day Retreat to realize our Divine potential through activations, meditations, laughter and community.

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When I was in France making a spiritual pilgrimage to walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, I was activated, meaning, the Divine Feminine Codes were awakened within me.

I was given the directive to share these with others. These codes are also in you. When we wake them up, we live from truth, wisdom, peace and love, and the world benefits from our light more and more. It is a great act of service to awaken these feminine codes. Together, we will do this with the help of Mary Magdalene, Teresa of Avila, Anna, Mother Mary and many other Ascended Masters who have come to support us in this awakening. If you are called, please join us for this necessary and joyous ignition of our light.

Activating The Divine Feminine Code
Saturday, March 17th, 10am to 4pm
For Women & Men

Space is Limited

Other Live Events with Jenai & Friends This Spring:

“This is a magical retreat not to be missed.” -Eileen

 The Sedona Retreat

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May 5th-8th, 2018

“Wow, mind blowing retreat! I can hardly contain the energy within. I want to sing out with every fiber of my being, feeling my voice could reach the mountaintops. I feel Rich, Deep and Inspired into a flow of energy that can’t keep me still. I’m connecting so deeply to God’s love that is flowing through all those I know and that love is being powerfully reflected back to me. I AM Alive, Awakened, In Spirit. Thank you for being a powerful vessel of God’s love. It is you that has shown us what is possible and so our LIGHT is ignited!!!”

– Faith

“Wow. Just wow. OK, I can elaborate beyond wow…I am deeply transformed by the experience of this retreat. The divine energy held by Jenai, Amrito, and all, created such a safe and inviting container to dive into Spirit. I was amazed at how vibrant and clear many of my meditations were. This retreat revealed to me who I truly am at a deeper level than I’ve ever witnessed before. It has catalyzed changes in how I perceive reality such that my whole life is going to a higher level, a higher octave of being.”

Is fear stopping you from actualizing your gifts, purpose, joy and Divine light?
In the video below, I talk about how fear in the world is affecting fear within us and what to do about it.

If you want to transcend fear and live the life you were meant to live, join me for 8-weeks of group coaching starting this Wednesday.
This will be an intimate group so you can receive personalized support, guidance and healing energy from Jenai and two Certified Spirit Coach® Assistants. Also, new Transmissions for Awakening will be given every week. The time is now to activate your light within! Learn more here.

Note: This course is a prerequisite for Spirit Coach® Training (Fall 2018) and The Sedona Retreat (May 2018).
This is the only time this prerequisite will be offered before these Trainings & Retreats.

Carve out the space in your life to do the one thing that makes everything else happen – ignite your light.

“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”

Begins This Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, helping me to see my true light, & helping me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”

Reverence is the word that comes to mind when I think of entering the room with the Relics of the Saints in Arizona.
As we walked into The Shrine of Holy Wisdom where I held the Relic Retreat, tears flowed immediately as there was a deep recognition of the power, presence and grace that permeated the room. It was undeniable; regardless of our individual spiritual beliefs, there was a palpable energy that took each person’s breath away. A deep recognition emerged that we were with a group of mystics who had followed the path to Divine embodiment, and we had a sense that this is possible for us too.

With such tender compassion in the room, it was easy to open to the possibilities that existed for our own awakening. The tenderness in our hearts allowed for an opening, a crack in the hard shell we all build around our hearts, so that more light could enter. When we allowed this crack to open, so much of the pain of the past poured out, and this is what made room for a tremendous amount of light to take up residence. For one participant, a long-standing issue of pain in her back mysteriously vanished after doing the exercise of releasing her heartache. This was one of the miracles we received, but perhaps the greatest miracle of all was this: in the presence of these Saints (Mary Magdalene, Saint Anna, Saint Clare of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Padre Pio…), who were able to be the light of God in service under much more difficult conditions than those we face, we knew that we too could overcome our own difficulties and live from a place of love and service.

These Saints, not unlike us, began humbly on their paths, committed to their union with the Divine and most importantly, devoted to the path of Love. As Teresa of Avila said so eloquently, “If you want to make progress on the path and ascend to the places you have longed for, the important thing is not to think much but to love much, and so to do whatever best awakens you to love.”

This is what is needed now as we embark upon a time of great change. For Love calls us to serve the greater good not for our own gain and not from a place of fear, but rather by rising up in our devotion to Love. This becomes an act of service, and even the small acts matter, especially now. Therese of Lisieux says it this way: “May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.”

We can learn so much from these mystics who, despite the power structures that tried to contain them and keep them quiet, rose up and shared their wisdom and great Love with the world. There is nothing that can repress our light but our own selves. When like the saints we understand that we are holy, we will no longer hide our light, and we will give the gifts we have been given to serve the world.

St. Joan Elizabeth Bichier des Ages, who lived during the time of the French Revolution and was unknown to me before this retreat, began to speak to me telepathically. I heard very clearly, and in rhyme no less, these words of wisdom:

“Change comes

And this will always be
Yet there is an eternal Presence
That showers upon thee
Grab thy spark and set it free
For this is what exists in you and me.”

2018 is the time to acknowledge the Divine within and “set thy spark free.”

Join me for a Relic Retreats in Arizona, February 17th-19th. We will also be visiting miracle healer, Sara O’Meara to receive our own miracles.

“November (The Saints Retreat) pretty much changed my life! And thanks to Jenai and all of you, I will never be the same after our Retreat!” -Christine H.

“This was an experience of empowerment & initiation. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!” -Kassandra O.

“Before the Retreat I had the feeling that maybe I wouldn’t receive any guidance or be able to connect. But something shifted in terms of my trust in their continual presence and availability to speak with me. I feel like they’re right there.” -Rebecca C.

“The Retreat was one giant miracle filled with innumerable miraculous moments.” -Dawn B.

If you would like to come play with me and others in the field of miracle consciousness, you can join any of these upcoming Online Courses and Retreats.

I especially love the New Year because there is an energetic collective group agreement for new beginnings. We can leave the past behind and step into who we truly came here to be. To support you in this process, I created a 2-minute video from Lake Tahoe with one of my favorite New Year’s rituals. Also, scroll down for how I begin each year on a high note with another New Year’s ritual that will raise your vibration, too.

New Year’s Ritual #1: Blank Slate

May the light of your spirit, 
lead you to deep peace & fulfillment
in 2018 awakening the Divine within!

New Year’s Ritual #2: Catapult 2018 Into Higher Levels of Consciousness By Reframing 2017

Try this journaling exercise called, My Boundless Blessings of 2017:
How have you grown spiritually, what did you learn, who did you serve, who were you kind to, who were you being, how did you stretch your limits, what inspired you… What were the inner transformations that led to the outer manifestations. In other words, look at 2017 from the perspective of the glass half-full and realize this is how you will co-create a more fulfilling and aligned 2018. Make your list and check it twice. You will feel inspired by all you experienced. This will in turn open you up to even more wonderful experiences in 2018. Set the stage by acknowledging yourself and watch your world blossom.

You can also make this exercise an art project, where you include a collage of photos, actual and symbolic, representing your 2017 journey of transformation. Also, feel free to add color, prose, poetry and, even song, to evoke your discoveries of spirit.

You will find no matter what your mind thinks about 2017, your spirit will find the beauty, grace, transformations and blessings that will uplift you to a higher state of consciousness in which to receive the abundant blessings of 2018.

Sending Healing & Love Your Way,


Life is a series of checks and balances, if we let it be. We will always have more to check off on our list, and we may even feel good in the moment we check it off but this feeling is fleeting. The real question is, what feeds our heart and soul? At the end of the day, what brings us joy? Did you go there today, and dwell here, even if only for a few minutes? Life can become very rigid when we let our minds lead. However, when we bring our open-hearted selves back into the equation we begin to allow love and joy to permeate our lives. Not the idea of love and joy which the mind may tell us we have but the actual experience of love and joy. This has to happen with the heart, the head can only intellectualize what this means. Let go of the mind for as many moments as you can throughout your day, and let the
heart lead. Notice how you feel more love and joy pouring forth from your being.


Since I can remember, I have had a dream of sitting in a room surrounded by people who knew that they were God incarnate. For years I have sat with the ascended masters in this way but not until recently had I experienced a group of people (eleven to be exact) all conscious of the fact that they were divinity in form. I understood in this moment that it is possible for all of us, and this is the movement we are making in the planetary awakening that we are all a part of.

You may wonder how I ended up in such a room. It is somewhat of a mystery to me, too. This is what happens when you let go of thinking you are the doer and let God lead. Earlier this year, I got on my knees and prayed for direction. The next morning, I got out of bed and printed on a piece of paper were the words, “Divine Feminine.” Shortly thereafter, I received seven transmissions to activate the wholeness within. This became the basis of my new teachings, which include transmissions.

Many months later I received a call from a friend and awakened spiritual teacher who had also received this directive to give transmissions, which was quite different from her previous offerings. Apparently, she had been in touch with other awakened teachers who also were spontaneously giving transmissions as an accelerated pathway to awakening. This was happening very organically – some had been consciously giving transmissions for some time, and others had only begun to recently. We all gathered in Sedona to share our particular gifts, and this created a wholeness like no other. It was as if the pieces of the puzzle came together as all eleven of us were guided by the Presence within. On an individual level, this encounter further transformed me and for this I will be forever grateful (more to come on this later).

It was clear to all of us that we were being used by God to create something new, something not yet manifested on this plane that was energetically unfolding through us, and will continue to unfold through those we serve. There was an understanding about a few things that I took away from this gathering, and I believe it may benefit you to share this here.


First, the old hierarchical models of spirituality have to change. Everyone is God in form, and we need a much more egalitarian model where we can evolve without the need to give our power away to any teacher, guru, system, religion, etc.

Second, Love is the force in the universe that is the most powerful and the most lacking in today’s experience. Not love as an emotion but Love as God, the Love that is inherent but not fully manifest. Without this Love, separation remains our dominant experience. With this Love however, we find our own wholeness and unity consciousness, raising us to God-realization.

Third, although transmissions have been happening in spiritual circles for thousands of years, there is a new frequency calling us to rise to the unique occasion presented by this day and age. Of course, we are transmitting all the time, and no one can give us what we already have. But the power and quality of these most recent transmissions helps us awaken to the truth of who we are. That is all. It is very ordinary, yet also extra-ordinary because we can move into our natural state much more quickly than was possible before. This has to do with our evolution speeding up so that we can continue to evolve on this planet for a long time to come.

I recently came across this quote from Adyashanti: “The greatest gift that any of us has is our state of consciousness. We are all transmitting our state of consciousness whether we want to or not.” If our greatest gift is our level of consciousness (and I believe it is), then working to raise it is a worthwhile endeavor. There are many ways to do this. The key is to trust what resonates for you. Within you is a deep inner knowing that, much like a tuning fork, resonates when you experience truth. Always move toward this, whether it is a teacher, a spiritual path, a meditation practice or a transmission.

Here are some ways you can begin to receive transmissions now:


Spirit Led Live Gatherings In-Person San Rafael, CA (I will be giving Christ Consciousness Transmissions at the gatherings)

The Divine Feminine Transmission Online Course (Begins June 2018)

Gina Lake & Nirmala Online Christ Consciousness Transmissions Sundays at 11am PST

The Spirit-Led Retreat in Sedona, AZ Nourish your spirit in healing vortexes, & awaken with special guest, Gina Lake (May 5th – 8th, 2018)

Please stay tuned for more ways to participate in transmissions.

Many Blessing to Realize Your True Nature,


Your light is a beacon for others, but more importantly it is a beacon for your Self. There comes a point when one’s motivational alignment changes. Our motivation changes because we suddenly realize that non-alignment is not worth it anymore. Instead, we know with the deep resonance of our soul, that to live outside of the framework of our true self is to live a life that ultimately has no meaning, not to others but to ourselves. We come to value our true selves, more than we value the illusion of who we “think” we should be. This shift in awareness allows us to recognize the places we are incongruent. It isn’t about being perfect; it’s about noticing the truth of who we’re being in different situations. The incongruence is more jarring than any repercussions the universe responds with. Because we are in a loving universe, we get to set the parameters of the rules. When we change the rules (and it is us who changes them), we need to be aware of this so we can honor ourselves more readily. How have the rules changed for you? Where is alignment more important than the illusion? Answer these questions, repeatedly, and you will take off in your growth.

I recently saw spiritual luminaries Robert Thurman and Matthew Fox in conversation. It was absolutely electric! Both elders have made significant contributions in different spiritual traditions.  What is interesting, though, is that they have come to very similar understandings of God, the world, and our place in it. In this conversation Robert Thurman, who follows the Tibetan Buddhist path, and Matthew Fox, a Christian Creation Spiritualist, both pointed to the Divine Feminine as the missing piece that is needed to bring balance back to both our individual lives and the larger world.

What does this mean? To me, it means we have negated the feminine aspects of the Divine for too long, causing us to lose touch with vital qualities like compassion, vulnerability, transparency, humility and creativity to name a few. These dormant aspects of ourselves have always been within us, waiting for us to claim them. When we do, we step into our wholeness no matter what gender we are, and we begin to bring our world back into balance again one person at a time. Both Robert Thurman and Matthew Fox agree that the time to re-awaken the Divine feminine is now, and they are far from alone in this conviction.

As Matthew Fox said, paraphrasing a quote by Hildegard of Bingen, “The only real sin is drying up. You have to go out into the world and find what makes you juicy.” As we ignite the feminine within, our creativity comes alive and we can actualize our soul’s path from a place of love, traversing our challenges with courage and grace, spreading our wings and offering ourselves fully without apology.

The fact is, Spirit has been guiding me to create an online course to do just that for some time now. I humbly offer this course to both men and women who feel called to step into the wholeness of God within.

Come join me and other kindred spirits on the path to wholeness, as we experience together these Divine feminine frequencies that will bring healing to our own lives and the lives of others.

Join the FREE Call on October 25th at 5:30pm PST

You will also receive the recording

“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”

This course is different from my other courses because in this one, I want you to focus on receiving. I want you to focus less on doing and more on being, and you will be enveloped in transmissions during the calls and throughout the entire 8 weeks that support you in deepening your Divine embodiment. I want you to open up and allow yourself to marinate in the frequencies until your pores exude these brilliant Divine qualities that activate the wholeness within you.

“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, helping me to see my true light, & helping me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”

Today I am with Sara O’Meara, miracle healer and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, transmitting this healing light to you. I have a large group joining me on a spiritual pilgrimage to Sedona next week so the power of this transmission is magnified. Please take a moment to tap in.

You can close your eyes and simply say, “I receive what is in my highest alignment now.”
This practice of opening ourselves up and allowing in the infinite love and healing that is there for us is so important. Sometimes we forget how loved and supported we actually are. We also often forget that what we need is available to us right now. We just need to open to it.

Take a moment to open now. Just Breathe and allow.

If you would like to come play with me and others in the field of miracle consciousness, you can join any of these upcoming Online Courses and Live Gatherings. Here is the Fall & Winter Schedule:

Begins 11.1.17 for 8 weeks
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Save The Dates for Live Gatherings in San Rafael, CA:
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November 30th, 2017
December 7th, 2017 (Holiday Celebration)

Free Webinar on 10.25.17 at 5:30 PST and 8:30 EST
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THANK YOU for being the light that you are!

Watch this one-minute video transmission of healing energy from El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico, and allow yourself be wrapped in the loving arms of the Divine Mother. This is how I felt as soon as I stepped onto this sacred land, which is known as the Lourdes of America. The sweet energies of Divine compassion and grace literally swept me into the warm embrace of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, and she whispered this message in my ear: “Intercession is easy when people open in prayer and receptivity. Angels and God can enter here.”

My intention is that you, too, will receive an intercession from this short video transmission. So, relax the mind and allow yourself to receive. Open your heart in prayer and welcome her in.

Are you being fed by your spirituality? Spirituality is an act of deep nourishment, not an endless battle to clear what it is you do not like about yourself. When we walk the path of devotion, we bring light to the darkness within us and release what does not serve. Joy is the key here, as this is innate. When we approach the path with joy and self-compassion, our movement into who we already are as a Divine being can be fully actualized. There is really nowhere to get to, what we seek is already here.

I am launching a new online course where together we approach our spiritual walk with joy, grace and self-compassion. This course is different from my other courses because in it, I would like you to focus on receiving, on doing less and being more. You will be enveloped in a field of transmissions both on the calls and throughout the entire 8 weeks of the course. I want you to open up and allow yourself to marinate in the frequencies until your pores exude these brilliant Divine qualities that activate the wholeness within you.

Enroll by October 11th and save $50

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“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, helping me to see my true light, & helping me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”

Starts 11.1.17
For Women & Men
“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”

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