Your light is a beacon for others, but more importantly it is a beacon for your Self. There comes a point when one’s motivational alignment changes. Our motivation changes because we suddenly realize that non-alignment is not worth it anymore. Instead, we know with the deep resonance of our soul, that to live outside of the framework of our true self is to live a life that ultimately has no meaning, not to others but to ourselves. We come to value our true selves, more than we value the illusion of who we “think” we should be. This shift in awareness allows us to recognize the places we are incongruent. It isn’t about being perfect; it’s about noticing the truth of who we’re being in different situations. The incongruence is more jarring than any repercussions the universe responds with. Because we are in a loving universe, we get to set the parameters of the rules. When we change the rules (and it is us who changes them), we need to be aware of this so we can honor ourselves more readily. How have the rules changed for you? Where is alignment more important than the illusion? Answer these questions, repeatedly, and you will take off in your growth.

I recently saw spiritual luminaries Robert Thurman and Matthew Fox in conversation. It was absolutely electric! Both elders have made significant contributions in different spiritual traditions.  What is interesting, though, is that they have come to very similar understandings of God, the world, and our place in it. In this conversation Robert Thurman, who follows the Tibetan Buddhist path, and Matthew Fox, a Christian Creation Spiritualist, both pointed to the Divine Feminine as the missing piece that is needed to bring balance back to both our individual lives and the larger world.

What does this mean? To me, it means we have negated the feminine aspects of the Divine for too long, causing us to lose touch with vital qualities like compassion, vulnerability, transparency, humility and creativity to name a few. These dormant aspects of ourselves have always been within us, waiting for us to claim them. When we do, we step into our wholeness no matter what gender we are, and we begin to bring our world back into balance again one person at a time. Both Robert Thurman and Matthew Fox agree that the time to re-awaken the Divine feminine is now, and they are far from alone in this conviction.

As Matthew Fox said, paraphrasing a quote by Hildegard of Bingen, “The only real sin is drying up. You have to go out into the world and find what makes you juicy.” As we ignite the feminine within, our creativity comes alive and we can actualize our soul’s path from a place of love, traversing our challenges with courage and grace, spreading our wings and offering ourselves fully without apology.

The fact is, Spirit has been guiding me to create an online course to do just that for some time now. I humbly offer this course to both men and women who feel called to step into the wholeness of God within.

Come join me and other kindred spirits on the path to wholeness, as we experience together these Divine feminine frequencies that will bring healing to our own lives and the lives of others.

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“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”

This course is different from my other courses because in this one, I want you to focus on receiving. I want you to focus less on doing and more on being, and you will be enveloped in transmissions during the calls and throughout the entire 8 weeks that support you in deepening your Divine embodiment. I want you to open up and allow yourself to marinate in the frequencies until your pores exude these brilliant Divine qualities that activate the wholeness within you.

“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, helping me to see my true light, & helping me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”

Today I am with Sara O’Meara, miracle healer and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, transmitting this healing light to you. I have a large group joining me on a spiritual pilgrimage to Sedona next week so the power of this transmission is magnified. Please take a moment to tap in.

You can close your eyes and simply say, “I receive what is in my highest alignment now.”
This practice of opening ourselves up and allowing in the infinite love and healing that is there for us is so important. Sometimes we forget how loved and supported we actually are. We also often forget that what we need is available to us right now. We just need to open to it.

Take a moment to open now. Just Breathe and allow.

If you would like to come play with me and others in the field of miracle consciousness, you can join any of these upcoming Online Courses and Live Gatherings. Here is the Fall & Winter Schedule:

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THANK YOU for being the light that you are!

Watch this one-minute video transmission of healing energy from El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico, and allow yourself be wrapped in the loving arms of the Divine Mother. This is how I felt as soon as I stepped onto this sacred land, which is known as the Lourdes of America. The sweet energies of Divine compassion and grace literally swept me into the warm embrace of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, and she whispered this message in my ear: “Intercession is easy when people open in prayer and receptivity. Angels and God can enter here.”

My intention is that you, too, will receive an intercession from this short video transmission. So, relax the mind and allow yourself to receive. Open your heart in prayer and welcome her in.

Are you being fed by your spirituality? Spirituality is an act of deep nourishment, not an endless battle to clear what it is you do not like about yourself. When we walk the path of devotion, we bring light to the darkness within us and release what does not serve. Joy is the key here, as this is innate. When we approach the path with joy and self-compassion, our movement into who we already are as a Divine being can be fully actualized. There is really nowhere to get to, what we seek is already here.

I am launching a new online course where together we approach our spiritual walk with joy, grace and self-compassion. This course is different from my other courses because in it, I would like you to focus on receiving, on doing less and being more. You will be enveloped in a field of transmissions both on the calls and throughout the entire 8 weeks of the course. I want you to open up and allow yourself to marinate in the frequencies until your pores exude these brilliant Divine qualities that activate the wholeness within you.

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“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, helping me to see my true light, & helping me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”

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“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”

The greatest gift you give to others is your light.

As you go through your life experiences, you serve others by being a beacon of light, love & truth – the truth of who you are. When you take the time to be authentic, your light shines forth giving others permission to do the same. All beings want the freedom, joy & satisfaction that comes with being authentic. This authenticity leads us to our own particular purpose in life where we share our light with others. This shifts the planet in an immeasurable way. Your job is only to be authentic to stay connected to the light of god and allow this light to shine forth both leading you on your Spirit’s path & effecting change in others. All of this is a great benefit to you, when you know yourself, trust yourself & become aligned with the Self.

Remember you are a Divine being of light; Be the light.


The Divine Feminine Transmissions: 7 Frequencies to Activate Your Wholeness
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Sitting alone in the Sanctuary de Chimayo in New Mexico recently, I hear this prayer echoing loudly in my head against the silent backdrop of the empty church:

Madonna of Grace,
you go by so many names.
May you whisper in my ear,
the breath of God,
so many times,

that I may not forget my true nature.


I feel a piercing pain in my heart, and I know I am in the presence of the Divine Mother. She goes by many names, but in this part of the world, she is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her presence is fierce in this sacred land where healing miracles have occurred since 1816. I sit and pray for my own healing miracle, to embody these healing codes so I may serve others, while others come in wheelchairs and on crutches to receive healing of a more physical nature.

Today I feel soft tears well up in my eyes and a sweet tenderness in my heart, for I know I am received by Her. A downpour of messages and prayers comes flooding forth, too fast for my hands to write. I feel that beautiful current of Love flowing through me as I write this message that she “wants the people to know”:

Bury the hatchets that you swing at yourself, for they bring nothing but self-recrimination. This leads to more judgment. The world is drowning in judgment. Show compassion for yourself and the world will reflect this. First, Love is born in you, and then, out into the world. I hold you in unconditional Love. There is no harm in all that you have done or not done. This is the learning that frees you from the ballast of judgment. Go dear friend, into the heart of grace. Speak kindly to thyself and relinquish all doubt, for I am here. Look no further than your own heart and you will find me.


I enter a tiny room located on the side of the church with a hole in the ground revealing the holy dirt, like a monument to mother earth without any of the fanfare. The sacred Chimayo dirt is so silky smooth you want to roll your entire body in it. Of course, this is not possible, for only a very small pair of feet could fit in the round opening in the earth reminiscent of a pregnant woman’s belly.

The hole to me symbolizes the possibility of birthing into our wholeness by healing our broken places or even just noticing the miracle of Essence is always within us, intact and untouched by life experiences. This part of us knows itself as Love and continues to reside in us until we are ready to claim it. Perhaps the real miracle is to know this truth. Our Lady explains in this prayer:

Come, Mother Divine
Nourish me with your living waters.
A thirst so longs in me to be quenched
by the Divine order of All things.
Blessed Be, Maria
For you partake in the sweet deliverance
Of Love untamed.
Your Love beckons me to a
world of wholeness,
where no hurt has ever entered.
You give me this grace,
and I receive it,
in honor of You.
This grace makes my wholeness
a felt sense that extends
to all the broken places,
and mends that which
was never really broken.
For this I am grateful,
My Beloved, Mother Divine



I leave my experience in Chimayo with a much greater understanding of who we are-that in a way, our wholeness is already within us, and it is our tenderness, kindness and compassion toward ourselves that will direct us to find what we have always possessed. This is “the Divine order of all things.”

May these messages serve as a healing for you. May you embrace the Divine Mother in your own way until she becomes a “felt sense” in your life as well.

Blessings to Know Your Wholeness,



Join us this Thursday, September 7th, as we marinate in the energies of the Divine Mother for our own healing and awakening so we may better serve our world. Chimayo holy dirt will be available for you to experience.

There will always be knots in life. Everything can not be smooth & perfect all the time, otherwise we do not learn what we are meant to. That said, the way we deal with life’s knots can make all the difference between suffering and gliding through a situation easily & effortlessly. It is always our reaction, or lack of, to something distasteful that will create a more aligned experience & thus outcome. Reaction to anything pulls us out of creation. Creation is where we always want to be. If you think about what is frustrating you right now, look at the ways to alleviate the struggle – as it is not what you do but how you do it that makes the difference.

You can only hide from your true self for so long. After awhile, we begin to feel an incongruence pretending to be someone other than we are. We get very good at this – so good we almost fool ourselves. Yet, we have to drop the act and the façade and just let it fall to the waist side. We are here to be who we came to be, and that is authentic. When we are authentic, we care less about how others perceive us. We just know we have to be who we are. How others receive us is not of our concern anymore. This leaves us free to be loving and accepting of ourselves, and this then opens up so much extra energy to pour into what makes our heart sing. We stop worrying, doubting and thinking about pleasing others and start pleasing ourselves. The funny thing is, this makes us a joy to be around because we are in a state of joy. Let yourself let go of who you think you need to be, and be exactly who you are.

For years the Ascended Masters have been appearing to me and teaching me directly, one of the ways being through transmission.
When I asked them, “What is a transmission?” They replied, “A transmission is God waking up to herself.” This made perfect sense to me as I have experienced this many times sitting with God-realized beings that I, too, recognize the God in me through the energy they are transmitting.Transmissions are caught not taught. It is in this way, that qualities that remain dormant within us, can be awakened when someone is transmitting them. It is one thing to understand and even “think” a quality but to experience it and radiate it, is a completely different thing-one is conceptual and the other is embodied. This transforms us all the way down to a cellular level.

It is important to understand that a transmission is not an imparting of something by someone else, for no one can give you what you already have. It is merely waking up what may yet be unclaimed by you.

In my work as a Spirit Coach® and teacher, I have noticed that these transmissions have been coming through me and I have found that they are much more impactful on others than what I am actually teaching. I have found this is happening organically on a mass scale like never before. That said, it is important to put ourselves in situations that can open us more to these transmissions. I have found when people come together with the common intention of awakening and activating our Divinity that this actually happens. It may happen in incremental stages or it may happen in giant leaps. I have experienced both. This is why I continue to offer retreats that create a sacred container where the Divine can enter. Of course, the Divine is already here but it is our recognition and then experience of the Divine within, that changes our experience of life.

When we decide we do not just want to understand spirituality or our spirit’s nature but live it, we begin to allow the experiences of life to awaken us to our true nature. Follow your inner guidance and move toward the light in you. Simply acknowledging God is already in you, as you, and then it is just a matter of waking up to this truth.

Blessings to Know Your Divinity,


Are you in need of a satori? The word satori comes from the Japanese Zen tradition, and means a sudden awakening. A satori is a window into a new level of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination. It can happen when you come together with a group of spirit-led people who are all holding an intention of awakening, and it is powerful!

After returning from a Sedona Retreat where the energy was high times ten, we ignited a light within all of us that will not dim. So often we have peak spiritual experiences where a window opens to spirit, but then it closes and we are back where we were before. This happens because when the window opens, we don’t step through it. We saw the opening as an experience that was happening to us, not as the glimpse of our true selves that it really was.

When we recognize and claim our transformation however, it re-wires our brain so we don’t go back to the old patterns that tell us we are anything less than Divine beings. It allows us to step through the window and remain on the other side, where our true self lives. This happens much more easily when we are surrounded by people who acknowledge our light and reflect it back to us, until we can hold it for ourselves.

There were so many satori moments during the Sedona Retreat, and I am sharing a few here in participants’ own words. I am sharing these because I know that you can reignite your own light just by witnessing another’s light being ignited. Yes, this can really happen to anyone, including you, when you believe it is possible:

“Being guided by the Divine Mother into the Living Waters was simply beautiful and I’ll never forget the electricity that flowed through me as I merged with Divine Consciousness. I felt alive, nurtured and held. Now that I’m immersed in that vibration, I find that I’m able to access it quite easily and call it in as needed. It even shows up for me when I’m not expecting it. Sometimes I sense that it’s actually radiating from me. Deeply grateful to be reconnected with this divine energy — it’s great to be home.”

“One transformation is how my soul communicates, through my body-mind. Writing and communication has always stopped me from moving forward in my expansion. What I received was my divine self loves to speak through beauty, color, symbols and tone.  It’s no wonder I have kept myself in this box of not allowing myself to shine. Now, I see a beautiful rainbow diamond light.”

 I saw the Divine Mother of compassion and love put a white shawl on all the projections of self that I made from the wounded child self. The Divine Mother honored and welcomed each projection as a teacher with a role and a purpose. After honoring them with a white shawl in gratitude, we welcomed them inside me. There was integration within me of all these parts.”

My satori moment came when we were doing the Sacred Heart activation. Everyone in the room had been activated and was sitting in meditation radiating the essence of unconditional love. As tears welled up in my eyes, I almost dropped to my knees in reverence because it felt no different than when I had been in the room with saints from India who were enlightened and surrounded by hundreds of devotees. I was in awe at the power of each individual claiming and radiating out the light of God, incarnate in form. This experience left me forever transformed, as I now know that this is possible for all of us, right now.

Afterwards, I spent three days with Gina and Nirmala, married spiritual teachers who have written 30 books between them. They live their daily lives in an enlightened statedoing the laundry, walking the dog, and paying the bills without leaving their space of Presence. It was so beautiful to behold, and we can all live this way. It starts with acknowledging who you really are.

Jenai and Spiritual Teacher and Author, Gina Lake


Let go of the stories you tell yourself about why you are not enough, and instead embrace the truth of your light. Then, surround yourself with those who see your light and reflect it back to you. This is a sure way to help it grow. As it does, you will find that who you are not falls away effortlessly, and who you are emerges because it is already within you.Blessings for satoris in your life,


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