There are times in our lives when the truth seems to elude us. For whatever reason, we are confused about the direction to go in, either in our careers or our relationships or our personal growth. And then suddenly, an angel appears. Not necessarily a literal angel, although this too has happened to me, but a person in a body who points us in the right direction. These people are treasures that we must stop and acknowledge, because they are helping us co-create our highest and best life, perhaps without even realizing it. In the story that follows I will share with you one such experience that happened to me many years ago. I am doing so in the hopes that it will inspire you, too, to seek guidance and to pay attention when someone says something that resonates within you. Only you can know your own truth, but others can point you toward it.

It all started in therapy. Having been raised by two therapists, I was no stranger to psychoanalysis; I had had my first session at the age of five and had used it on and off throughout my life. So when I found myself unhappy in my late twenties, I sought counsel in a therapist named Dr. Megan.  I thought I was returning to familiar territory, but unbeknownst to me, she was no ordinary therapist.

I arrived in her office, and began to talk about “my problems” just as I had always done with therapists in the past.  This time however, no more than five minutes had elapsed when Dr. Megan exclaimed, “Why are you here?” The question caught me completely off guard and stopped me mid-sentence. In all my years of therapy, no counselor had ever asked me this question in a way that suggested that therapy would not give me what I was looking for. Dr. Megan, taking my jaw hanging half open as an opportunity to talk, told me point blank, “You don’t need therapy!” Then she began to describe my future. “You are going to be working with people to help them awaken to their Divine potential, to empower them to live extraordinary lives… you are going to be teaching and facilitating groups.” She said this very matter-of-factly, then said “You are here to do very important work.” Then she continued, “You need to develop your gifts. I recommend attending classes to open up your intuitive and healing abilities.” Then she said, “And by the way, do you want to use my office for teaching groups? You can use it for free.”

I was flabbergasted by Dr. Megan’s remarks, and the unwavering certainty with which she delivered them. At the time, I was a business consultant and didn’t have a clue what “awakening Divine potential” meant. Even though my mind had no idea what she was talking about, my spirit resonated with the truth she was telling me. I later learned that I had been in the presence of a psychic psychologist and light worker. I left her office and immediately began moving in the direction that Dr. Megan had pointed me toward.

My life changed forever as a result of my brief meeting with this unusual therapist. She reminded me that if I was disconnected from my spirit, I was certainly not going to live the life I came to live. Take a moment and ask yourself, are you connecting to your spirit’s path? If not, how could you do this? Are there people in your life who are pointing you to your truth, but maybe you aren’t listening? The answers are there within us, if we will just stop and listen.

May your life open more fully to your spirit’s path,

– Jenai

There is so much light pouring in after the 4-day retreat with Padre Paul in San Rafael, where there were too many miracles to count. It reminds me of how powerful it can be when a group of people comes together with a common intention. The field was so strong it even attracted in people who were not signed up for the event, but mysteriously found themselves drawn there anyway.

For example, a family from Australia was visiting California on a healing journey for their baby girl, who had had a stroke in utero and was physically disabled as a result. The mother of this child had been scheduled to stay at another hotel, but then she had an inner knowing that she needed to cancel her reservation and stay at the Four Points Sheraton instead, for reasons her conscious mind did not yet know. She had the courage to trust her intuition, and her husband and older daughter followed along, not knowing why but sensing as well that it was important to listen to this inner nudge.

It was only later the next day that she found out why she was guided to stay at this particular hotel. As she relaxed with her baby by the pool, two women from the retreat began speaking with her. They explained about the healing miracles that come through Padre Paul, and invited mother and baby to receive a healing from him. That evening Paul performed a healing on the infant and the rest of her family, with the help of almost 200 participants in the room. Tears streamed down everyone’s faces as we marveled at the Divine synchronicity of this occurrence, and the grace we had been blessed with to participate in this family’s miracle.

It turned out that the healing that took place was not just for this family, but also for many others in the room. A woman named Beth received a profound transformation as she watched the baby receive so much love, and realized that this child represented a part of her that was also in need of healing. Like many of us, Beth had received an unspoken message that there was something wrong with her, and felt she had not been fully embraced in love and acceptance for who she was as a child. As she watched the love pouring into this baby, it also began to pour into the wounded child within her, and this child began to heal. Beth came away with a new sense of Self that is rooted in a feeling of being unconditionally loved.  She had not felt this before in her life, but now knew with the deep resonance of her heart and soul she had been given this gift forever.

Alice, another participant at the event, had her own healing. I took her hand and lined her up at the back of the room in preparation for Padre Paul to come to her. There were blue pieces of tape on the ground to create a line for people to stand on. As I took Alice’s hand and placed her on the line, she said to me, “There is no line.” I looked down and saw that there was no tape where she was standing, because it had been laid down in strips every few feet or so. I wasn’t sure why she was concerned with this, but I assured her that everything was perfect as it was. When Alice received her healing that evening, she had a life-changing experience where she realized that God was no longer outside of her. She felt the presence of God within her, and knew that it was no longer separate from her or “out there” somewhere. In essence, she realized that “There is no line!” For the first time in her life, she saw that the line she had always imagined between her and God had never really been there except in her own mind.  She left the retreat with a profound new sense of connection to the Divine within.

My miracle came in the form of a blessing from Padre Paul. He anointed me as a spiritual healer and simply said, “Get to work” as he pointed me to the line of people waiting to receive a healing from him. As I began to move down the line, a light so strong and so powerful came through me that it made my hands shake and my body heat rise so high my clothes were soaked with sweat. This light was completely in charge, and it simply guided my hands as an energy that could not be contained flowed through me, and the people in line fell backwards from the power of the presence. I felt a profound gratitude to have become a conduit for a Love so great it could heal on so many levels. For me, this was also a healing because I realized that this possibility exists for each one of us, if we can surrender our will and allow the Divine will to take over. If I can be a conduit of such Love, I know others can too.

I am sharing these miracle stories with you in the hope that they will help you receive your own miracle. Take a moment to tap into this energy, and receive what it is you need right now.  Remember, there is no time or space – the energy that creates miracles is available to you at all times.  Like the mother whose family received so much light this weekend because she let her intuition lead her to be in the right place at the right time, you will receive the support you need when you hold a strong intention to do so. It is yours to ask for, right here and right now.

The Divine Mother For You

I have been in the midst of a personal rebirth lately. Not to sound grandiose or self-absorbed, but the experiences I have been having over the last year have brought me to a deeper level of communion with the Divine Feminine than I ever knew was possible. Perhaps it is due to the very difficult life changes I have made this past year, changes that have caused my heart to break open, allowing God to enter. This opening has allowed more compassion than I have ever known in this lifetime to land squarely in my heart of hearts. Of course this compassion was always there, but only recently has it awakened to the point where I experience it deeply on a daily basis.

This is what the Divine Mother can do for us. When we allow her grace to enter our hearts, it can wake up the precious resources that lie dormant within each of us. She offers us such a huge reserve of compassion that when we apply it to our spiritual journey here on earth, we become able to evolve at an extraordinary pace while still appreciating the beauty of this magnificent life experience. It is a new level of being in the world, but not of it.

I recently returned from facilitating a  Miracle Healing & the Saints Retreat where the theme was igniting the spark of the Divine Feminine within us. As we sat with relics of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Anna (the grandmother of Jesus), it seemed we were being initiated into a lineage of the Divine Mother. Her qualities of compassion, truth, trust, reverence, humility, and allowing supported us in opening to our own divinity in an undeniable way.  Many of us burst into tears as we entered the room where the relics reside, because a palpable energy of unconditional love called our deepest wounds out of hiding and brought them to the light to heal. We all walked away having regained something priceless that we thought had been lost – an awareness of our divinity.

At times we were overshadowed by the saints as we performed healings on one another. Profound shifts were taking place on all levels of our being that have stayed with me and many of the participants. Miracle healings took place at this retreat and now live in us; several participants have experienced being a conduit of miracles for others since they returned home.

I recently had an experience where I was participating in the healing work at The Celebrating Life Retreat with Padre Paul. At one point when I was working on a gentleman with chronic back pain, the Divine Mother came right through me. I could feel her gentle yet powerful presence, and the grace and beauty of this soft energy brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly words began to come out of my mouth from the Mother herself: “I love you,” she told this man through me. “You are whole. You are so beautiful. You are deeply loved.” Then she began to sing what seemed to be a lullaby, as she poured her love through me into this man. When he stood up, he recognized that a longstanding issue in his back had resolved; there was no longer any pain. He couldn’t quite believe that this had happened, and yet it had. The Mother’s love healed this man’s back pain, and his heart too.

There is so much healing that can happen when we just reach out and ask for it. I am including this picture of the relic of Anna, the grandmother of Jesus, so you may use it to tap into this energy of healing miracles for yourself. Take a moment to connect with it now. Even through a mere photograph, we can harness an energy that has no limits to help us on our journey of growth and healing. Ask the Divine Mother for support, knowing that Her unconditional loving energy will always be here for you. It is just a matter of asking for it, then letting it in.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey,


I just returned from an amazing trip to see Sara O’Meara, and this trip was extra special because Padre Paul came with me. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have two such amazing healers under one roof.  As you can imagine, we blew that roof right off!

As you probably have gathered from my newsletters, I have always been called to spend time with miracle healers. I think this is because it reminds me of who we really are-Divine beings capable of anything. It is so inspiring to witness miracles like that of Shana, a woman who was left with a brain injury after a near fatal car accident and couldn’t smell or taste as a result.  Shana went home after Sara O’Meara’s healing service and cooked a hotdog for her daughter, and you guessed it, she smelled it cooking and realized it was the first time she’d smelled anything since the accident. She said when she tasted that hotdog, it was the best thing she had ever tasted in her life! These instantaneous shifts in consciousness, whether they result in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healings, are what I call miracles.

On this trip, I received a healing of my back and hip. Even though I have received many miracle healings from John of God, Padre Paul, Sara O’Meara and other lesser-known healers, it is always mind-blowing and expanding to be a recipient of such grace. When I stood up to claim my healing at Sara’s Little Chapel last weekend, I felt my right hip become liquid light. I could feel it structurally shifting as Sara directed healing energy towards me from across the room, using only her intention. She looked at me and said what she always says to me when I stand up to claim a healing, “Honey, Holy Spirit is ALL over you!” And it was. The heat emanating from my body was so intense I felt like I would spontaneously combust.

One of the results I have had from being a recipient of so much healing light is that I, too, have become a conduit for the light. This was recently acknowledged by a client of mine who received a healing from me without my conscious knowledge while I was in prayer Saturday night at The Little Chapel.

This client, Christine, is a healer herself.  On that night she was preparing for a friend to come over and receive a healing from her, but when her friend didn’t show up, she lay down on her massage table to receive the light instead. She relayed to me that as she did this, I came to her in spirit and gave her a healing that concentrated Holy Spirit throughout her body. It was a very palpable experience for her. Of course, I was in meditation at The Little Chapel praying for the miracle healings to occur the following day, unaware that they were also happening in the now for Christine. For me, this was a miracle, to have an intention to serve others and have it happen without my conscious awareness.

I have also noticed recently that there is an energy I work with now that is so strong and so palpable it makes my hands shake when it comes through me. This is especially noticeable when I am in the presence of Padre Paul. I believe we are all conduits of this Love, and there is nothing special about me. This energy is who we are, and we just need to be reminded of it. This is why I take people on spiritual journeys to witness and receive miracles. Of course,  miracles can happen anywhere and with anyone, because the Divine is everywhere.

Take a moment to open to the possibility of a miracle in your own life. When you do, you can expect a miracle. This is how it has been for me, so I know it can happen for you, too.

Blessings for Miracles in Your Life,


Join me in this one-minute video meditation where you will learn to anchor in your Divine Self. Whether you are going through changes internally or externally, being centered in your true self is the way to navigate life with the most grace and alignment. As you use this simple, yet powerful, centering tool, notice the support, strength and peace you feel. This is who you really are!

Mary Magdalene walked the path to the Holy Mountain and I followed in her footsteps. I took this video so you can, too. Take a minute to drink in the Divine presence that permeates the mystical land of La Sainte Baume, France. Let it remind you that your light is within you just waiting to be ignited.

Mary Magdalene appeared to me and she showed me a light brighter than I had ever seen. She said, “Jenai you must step into this light.” The fear I felt was immense because I knew something would forever be burned away and yet, there was an intrinsic knowing that I was going home to the light within.

As you watch this one-minute video meditation, visualize merging with the light within you. Notice how your divinity is ignited in new and wonderful ways.

Prayer Channeled through Jenai from Mary Magdalene:
Come, Light of the Divine.
I call to you because I now know,
I am worthy of your love.
Your presence opens me to the greatness of I Am.
Your light enfolds me beyond all time and space.
In you, all seeking melts away and wholeness is now, me.
You and I merge in our sameness.
I serve the light of the I Am.
I know the face of love smiles upon me and you.
I give in to this grace.
And spread your light in my wake,
Leaving a trail of Love and Divine embodiment.
I walk with you.
I talk with you.
I give you thee,
You give me, Me.
Forever in Love,
I heed your footsteps as mine.
My Beloved.

My Self.


May Your Light Be Ignited,

It’s easy to see God in a butterfly or in the beauty of a sunrise or in the eyes of a loved one. However, for me the question has been, can I see God in the things I don’t like, don’t revere and can’t find solace in? I know that to see God in all is to know God; for if we don’t embrace it all we are missing a part of God, and thus, a part of ourselves. My trip to Brazil to see John of God this year was about embracing the light, but also about finding the light in the darkness. More than ever before, I am being asked to see the Divine in places I have been unwilling to look for it until now.

As an example, one day on this trip I was riding my bike down the main street of Abadiania.  I was late for our group meeting, and in my haste I just threw my backpack into the basket of my bike. Pedaling as fast as I could, I didn’t notice a motorcycle pulling up very close to me. Before I realized what was happening, one of the two men on the motorbike pulled my backpack right out of my basket. Then the motorbike screeched away, and my bike fell over as I chased the motorbike on foot as fast as I could.  Running on autopilot, I yelled “Stop. Thief. Stop!” I don’t know what I was thinking chasing them, I must have watched too many episodes of wonder woman as a kid!  I mean, what would I have done if I had caught them?

Needless to say, when I realized the fruitlessness of chasing them I stopped, feeling completely helpless.  All I could think about was how all my most important possessions were in that backpack: my money, ID, credit cards, phone, journal and my favorite book that I had carried around for the past decade, not to mention some jewelry, clothing and my favorite hat. This was clearly an exercise in letting go, but it didn’t happen right away. I kept going over it in my mind, as if replaying what had happened again and again would make my backpack reappear. It didn’t.

A day and half later, I was sitting in current channeling healing energy with John of God when my mind cleared, and the fear and helplessness with it. However, what didn’t leave me were the eyes of that young man who took my bag. I could still see them as clearly as when he had looked right at me as I ran after him. When I really looked deeply, I could also see God in him. This shifted the dynamic between us from one of fear, to one of love. It taught me that there is always an opportunity to find God, even in the most challenging circumstances. Life is here to teach us this truth.

I know now that we can find God in anything if we’re willing to look. This awareness has the power to heal all loss. Loss is a human condition; as spirit however, we cannot lose what is true and real, but we can let go of what is not. Love can enter the places where we feel hurt, betrayed, and fearful, and when it does, we learn that what we believe we have lost can never really be taken from us.

For me, this awareness was the great gift I received on my journey to John of God this year. I hope it encourages you to find what is working and what isn’t working in your own life. Can you forgive those you feel wronged by? Most importantly, can you forgive yourself? I knew better than to carry $700 without tethering it to my person. Forgiveness was required for myself as well as for the young man who stole my backpack. When I gave it freely I could truly let go, and then I could begin to see God in all things.

If you’d like some support in forgiving, watch this video from a Sedona healing vortex.

If you’d like to tap into the healing energy from John of God, watch this one-minute meditation video.

If you’d like to really learn how to see the God in you, join me for a retreat in magical, Sedona where we will be focusing on awakening the Divine within, where everything you want is. Click here to learn more about the May 2017 retreat.


I just returned from Brazil where I basked in the light of the Divine sitting with John of God in meditation for many hours each day. The house I was staying in had this beautiful painting of Mary in it. I had actually met the painter many years ago in Brazil. She is no longer with us on the planet but she did tell me that the paintings were completely guided by the beings of light who actually appeared before her, and asked her to paint them. This particular painting was very appropriate for me as I was working on letting more of God’s light into my heart. Mary whispered in my ear, “God is revealed to us every time we are willing to see through the eyes of Love.”

“Seeing through the eyes of Love,” is so important when embarking on the spiritual path. As seekers we can often be so critical and hard on ourselves as we navigate the road to awakening. This is why I want to share with you a story that happened to me many years earlier on one of my visits to John of God.

During the same visit to see John of God, where I received what was the beginning of the Spirit Coach Method, I also received an important lesson about the transformation process itself. As I approached the house I was renting for my stay there, it seemed to be covered with little black bugs that I must say made my skin crawl. When I went inside this small house, I saw hovering in the middle of the kitchen a giant blue butterfly. It seemed to be welcoming me home. In that moment, I realized those little black bugs I had been afraid of were actually caterpillars on their way to becoming extraordinarily beautiful butterflies. This was a metaphor for my own spiritual growth process, one that we all eventually go through. Often, we look at ourselves in the transformation process and we see only what we don’t like instead of realizing we are in the process of transforming into the beautiful beings that we are-the result of which is revealing our unique beauty to the world.

A few days later, I was sitting in the orientation. A woman was seated directly in front of me, and I noticed there was a butterfly on her arm. It was a curious sight, as the orientation lasted about two hours and the butterfly did not leave her arm the entire time. When we were leaving, I asked her about it. She told me this butterfly had landed there a few hours ago and hadn’t moved since. Then she explained the butterfly had landed on the same place where she has cancer. She had come to John of God to heal it. She and I both knew that it was already being healed.

Ever since those experiences, I have seen butterflies as a symbol of God. Whenever I see them, I say, “Hello, God.” It is a reminder for me of the transformation we are all making to spirit, to our Divine selves. When we allow ourselves to make this shift to spirit, despite being uncomfortable and afraid, we emerge gloriously transformed, radiating more of our light into the world.

I recently took a personal retreat in Arizona to prepare for bringing a group to see Sara O’Meara and sit with the relics of the Saints. I always ask to be prepared to hold a sacred container for a group, so that I can be filled up before I act as a conduit. This is a great practice and one I am reminded of every time I hear a stewardess say, “Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” I can hardly wait to get home to share my experience with you as I write this on the plane.

I began my journey by sitting in prayer at The Little Chapel where Sara conducts her miracle healings. This is a time to be in Divine communion and allow the flow of light to be received and given to those in need. This reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving heightens both aspects, allowing Divinity to flow more powerfully. As often happens, I was guided to participate in many journeys where the light beings and often Ascended Master Jesus direct me in various wonderful happenings. I am in no way religious nor was I raised in Christianity so these experiences when they first began happening were very unexpected and have nothing to do with any dogma, but rather, just a profound love.

On this particular night, I was shown something new: a giant white cross of light. I was told to merge with it at its center-to literally dive into the center of white light. At first it was a little intimidating, as I knew it would mean the dissolution of self, but when I immersed myself in this warm liquid light I gained so much more than I could ever have lost. After that, time disappeared, and the next thing I heard was the groundskeeper asking us to leave the chapel. As I was walking out, she said to me, “Do you want to see something?” Before she could even finish I blurted out, “Yes!”

She led me along with a few others across the grounds to the back of the property, where her cottage is. We walked through her home and entered a small closet. Through the beveled glass, we could see a cross of white light as bold as the sun and as real as any three-dimensional object, except we couldn’t touch it.  It was a vision that we could all see and marvel at, but we could not possess it for it was literally made of light. The edges were refracted light like rainbows, and it seemed to move and vibrate. The longer we stared at it, the bigger it grew.

As we recovered from the shock and awe of this Divine vision, we all began to merge with it in our own way.  One person began to tone and another began to chant. I began to say these words that came to me as a prayer or blessing: “Essence of God, full of grace. Merge into my heart of hearts and create Divine embodiment.” This was the same sense of merging that I had been shown earlier in the evening during the prayer meditation. Everyone could feel the power of this vision-a miracle coming through from a higher dimension to show us the healing presence of the Christ Light.

This vision was an unexplainable occurrence, much like what happened to a man named Max. Max had had an eight-pound tumor, and his doctors had told him to go home to die. But Sara O’Meara called Max in the hospital and prayed with him for a healing miracle. Twenty-four hours later, Max developed a black dot on his tumor that appeared to be eating away at it.  A CAT scan showed that it had shrunk by a third, and the doctors could only say that a miracle had taken place.

Needless to say, it doesn’t surprise me that a sacred place like The Little Chapel would have other unexplainable occurrences on its property. I also know that this healing energy travels and can be directed where it is needed. This is why I wish to share this story and energetic transmission with you. Please take a moment to tap into the energy of healing, through this photo I took of the vision of the cross of light. Please know that you too are light, and you can merge with this healing energy.

And you know me, I can’t have an experience like this and not share it with others, so I will be bringing people on retreat to Sedona in May, 2017. We will spend time in Paradise Valley to receive miracle healing from Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Sara O’Meara on the sacred holy grounds of The Little Chapel as well as explore the powerful healing energies in the glorious beauty and one of the highest vibrations on the planet, Sedona.
If you feel called, you can learn more here.
Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey,


I have so much to be grateful for. I have been immersed in healing and transformation beyond my wildest imagination. One of my most recent journeys began with Sara O’Meara, as I took 23 people to both receive and support the miracle healings that took place with her. And there were too many to count, not just among my group, but among the many people who attended.

You may have heard me talk about Sara’s miracle healings before, as she has had a huge influence in my life over the last few years. I have learned by watching her what is possible when we get out of the way and allow the Divine to enter. What many of you may not know is that Sara has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the eighth time, along with her friend and organizational co-founder Yvonne Fedderson.

In the 1950’s Sara and Yvonne were Hollywood actresses best known for their roles on the television show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. In 1959 they were sent to Japan to entertain American troops. While there they discovered a group of orphans who were hungry, so they began to feed them. Over time, this act of love led to the creation of one of the largest non-profits in the world for abused children, Childhelp. This organization was built from the ground up by Sara and Yvonne, and it continues to help millions of children across the world today.

Sedona was the next stop on the healing journey. My group and myself, already opened by the healing energy from Sara, stepped into the psychic vortex of Sedona and claimed our Divine Essence. (We will be returning to Arizona May of 2017. You can learn more about the upcoming retreat here.) Spiritual growth work in Sedona is so easy because the vibration is so high – it was calibrated by Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Versus Force, as one of the highest on the planet. Together we went to new heights of love, understanding and service, and I am in awe of the immense light each person claimed and is now radiating into the world.

Next, I joined Padre Paul in Arizona for a healing retreat where many people swam in the energy of Holy Spirit. The joy of the heart-opening that I saw reflected back to me among many of the participants was invaluable.

Finally I spent a day with my spiritual mentor and her husband, who reside in Sedona. They are both awakened, meaning that they no longer live in ego consciousness. To be in their presence for this extended period of time was illuminating. When you are around people like this it changes you because you begin to match their state of consciousness, which is ultimately our natural state. Most of us have forgotten what it is like to live in this expanded awareness, but when we spend enough time with others who hold this state, we begin to remember. I also learned that even when we are no longer identified with our ego, we still have a personality that we use to engage with the world. The difference is that we no longer believe that this is who we are, and this is true freedom. Since I’ve returned from my journey, I have found it much easier to reside in this state of expanded awareness myself. This has made a huge difference in my life and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I would like to end by encouraging you to move in the direction your spirit is guiding you toward. Your spirit knows where you need to go in order to open more to your Divine nature. This divinity is not in some of us, but in all of us.

Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey,



Have you ever followed an inner nudge that led you to open up a door that you never want to close again? On a trip to Arizona over the holidays, I was led by Spirit to visit the home of a priest named Father Jorge. In his humble abode I had an experience of sitting in the presence of the saints that was so profound I felt I simply must share it with you.

From the outside, Father Jorge’s house looked like every other home on the block. When I walked through its doors however, it was like entering the gates of Heaven. Every wall was covered in sacred images of the Divine, beautiful representations that made my heart swell with love. As I made my way through the gardens, I was told that there was a very special room in the home that contained relics of Saints like Saint Francis, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux and Mary Magdalene.  I knew then that I had come to have an experience of communion with these saints through their sacred artifacts.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a relic is an actual bone from a saint, or sometimes a piece of clothing they once wore. I knew about relics in the context of the Buddhist tradition, which reveres relics of enlightened masters. It is said that in the presence of relics a door is opened to a higher plane, allowing profound wisdom, healing and support to be received.

When I entered the room that contained over 230 of these sacred objects, I had no idea what to expect.  What happened was this: almost as soon as I crossed the threshold, I spontaneously burst into tears and dropped to my knees, stunned by a feeling of awe and reverence that literally knocked me off my feet. For some time I couldn’t stand; I could only cry and bow in the presence of such grace. The energy was so palpable I had no control at all over my composure, and I didn’t care. This powerful grace swirled all around me, embracing in unconditional love every part of me that I could not yet embrace myself.

Eventually I picked myself up off the floor and sat in a chair to meditate. Right away I heard many spirit voices speaking to me at once, so I asked if they could please talk one at a time. First a female saint who called herself Teresa came forward. I asked her if she was Teresa of Avila, and when she said “no,” I asked if she was Teresa of Lisieux. To this she replied, “No, I am a lesser-known Teresa.” She motioned to my heart, and I felt energy entering it. She then explained that the heartbreak I had been experiencing was part of the process of creating a sacred heart. She assured me that it was all part of my spiritual evolution, and that all would be well. This was very comforting to me, and I had a visceral understanding of how my life experience had led me to this pivotal point in my spiritual evolution.

I also had a visitation from Saint Ignatius in which he seemed to give me a type of psychic surgery that made my brain feel like it was being stretched from the inside out. It was a very strange feeling, but I’m always grateful to receive any mental adjustments I can get, since I know that my mind can interfere with my ability to be my true self. At one point I even felt like I was levitating and couldn’t feel the floor under my feet at all.

I am not sure in what order all this happened, but at one point Jesus took my hand and we walked down a path together that was lined with Saints on either side. They were blessing me, and as we walked Jesus asked me, “Jenai, how much blessing can you have?” Without saying it directly, he was showing me just how infinite the blessings we can receive are. I soon felt almost overwhelmed by the Saints’ profound love, and this showed me the ways in which I currently limit my ability to receive the love that is always available to all of us.

Before I realized it, a half hour had elapsed and the Saints informed me that I had had enough for now. I didn’t ever want to leave, but I knew that I took something special with me as I reluctantly exited the room. An inner door had been opened to the Saints and to my heart that could never be closed again, and I was profoundly grateful for it.

When I could speak again some time later, I asked Father Jorge if there was a saint named Teresa who was not well known, and did he have her relic in his collection. He said, “Yes, I do,” and proceeded to show me who she was on his list of Saints. This helped me trust what had transpired, and to know that this experience will forever be with me….

I will be bringing people on another retreat to Arizona, May 20th – 23rd of 2017.
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Join us for this mystical journey of healing and expansion into our Divine Selves.

Healing Vortexes, Miracle Healing with Sara O’Meara & Awakening with Special Guest, Gina Lake. This retreat will be held in a luxury boutique hotel in the magical town of Sedona, Arizona where we all can gather together to share in spiritual community to awaken the Divine within.

Sedona is a special place for me. The energy here is like a portal of creativity, clarity and Divine inspiration. Sedona is where I met my first spirit guide and channeled my book. I would like to share with you this same opportunity to receive exactly what you need at this time in your own spiritual evolution.

Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey,


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