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So often we feel scattered, overwhelmed and out of balance. In this video, I will share a quick centering technique to move back into balance bringing one hundred percent of your energy into this now moment. This is where your peace, power and presence can be found. Then you can meet the world from a […]

Are you feeling the need to ignite your light and share it with the world? Join me for a free webinar, “Calling All Light Workers to Ignite Your Light.” It is this Wednesday, May 2nd at 5:30pm Pacific. On this call, I will support you in further igniting your light and stepping into your next level of […]

I recently saw spiritual luminaries Robert Thurman and Matthew Fox in conversation. It was absolutely electric! Both elders have made significant contributions in different spiritual traditions.  What is interesting, though, is that they have come to very similar understandings of God, the world, and our place in it. In this conversation Robert Thurman, who follows […]

Sitting alone in the Sanctuary de Chimayo in New Mexico recently, I hear this prayer echoing loudly in my head against the silent backdrop of the empty church: Madonna of Grace, you go by so many names. May you whisper in my ear, the breath of God, so many times, that I may not forget […]

“I have a conviction in a world where you are only love.” This is what Marianne Williamson said last weekend at her talk on forgiveness in San Rafael, California. The words resonated deep within me. Knowing that, as a facilitator of spirit, if I look deeply into another, this is what I see – love. […]

Mary Magdalene I have come to understand spiritual pilgrimage as a journey in which we travel outside the familiar in order to ultimately come home to our Self. I have been taking spiritual pilgrimages since I was nineteen years old as a way to see myself outside of the constraints of my daily reality. There […]

Reverence is the word that comes to mind when I think of entering the room with 70 Relics of The Holy Women Saints in Arizona. As we walked into The Shrine of Holy Wisdom where I held the Relic Retreat, tears flowed immediately as there was a deep recognition of the power, presence and grace […]

I just returned from an amazing trip to see Sara O’Meara, and this trip was extra special because Padre Paul came with me. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have two such amazing healers under one roof. As you can imagine, we blew that roof right off! As you probably have gathered […]

Watch Jenai Lane and Grace Dammann, MD share their wisdom as they answer some life-changing questions that may benefit you in living your highest and best life.

I wanted to thank my community on Linkedin for making Spirit Coaching the top 1% most endorsed in the Unites States for Coaching. When I started coaching many years ago, I did not know that the method that I was developing would be so powerful in helping people transform themselves and their lives. I feel […]

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