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Do you need some spiritual strength right now? Here is a Free Resource Guide to reduce the fear and increase the love. Free Virtual Healing Hour: Saturday, April 4that 12pm PST Free Online Course: Out of Your Mind Into Your Spirit, Tools To Transform Fear To Love + videos, meditations and more: Youtube Meditations & Talks: Stay […]

Join me in this video where I share a simple short practice to take you out of your problems, so you can get a respite from the high stress you may be experiencing. Use this inquiry to stop the spinning, grasping mind so you can relax and restore your nervous system, dropping into the deep […]

Please join me in this video to find your courage as a lightworker and learn the question I use to take myself out of overwhelm.  Together, we will activate your courage so you can meet these challenges from a whole-hearted LOVE. We are strong in this light, sharing a practice to both calm our nervous […]

This is a message of love at a time of great fear. If you are a lightworker, you came here to be the light at just this time when fear is so rampant.  This requires all of us to stay connected to our own light so we can act from love and not fear. How […]

Sedona is a special place for me. The energy here is like a portal of creativity, clarity and Divine inspiration. Sedona is where I met my first spirit guide and channeled my book, and experienced satoris. I would like to share with you this same opportunity to receive exactly what you need at this time […]

Happy New Year! I often turn to reading and writing poetry to ask the beautiful, meaningful questions that give rise to the beautiful, wise answers in return. In the New Year, there is a collective group agreement to begin again, a rebirth of sorts that if beckoned forward calls out the most glorious, magnificent part of […]

How do I discover my purpose? This is one of the most asked questions that I have received over the years as a Spirit Coach®. In this video, I describe what purpose really is and what it isn’t; giving you some tools to access this truth within you, that can only really be revealed by […]

What if you put down your wounding and love could flow through you freely? This was the feeling state we all left the Santa Fe Retreat with. As we walked with the Holy Mother on pilgrimage to Chimayo, we discovered that healing is not only possible; it can be instantaneous when we open to our innate […]

For years the Ascended Masters have been appearing to me and teaching me directly, often through transmission. When I asked them “What is a transmission?” they replied, “A transmission is God waking up to herself.” This made perfect sense to me, as I have found many times when sitting with God-realized beings that I, too, recognize […]

Have you experienced the spiritual bypass where you transcended trauma but did not transmute it? I know I did. I would like to share with you what I discovered about transmuting trauma which has been life-changing, personally, and affects my work with individuals and groups. If you are longing to take your next step in […]

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