Are You Eligible To Become A Spirit Coach?

“Spirit Coach Training Certification is an amazingly powerful process. Not only do you learn about the coaching tools and materials, but it also facilitates a huge amount of personal spiritual growth which will support you in being more fully your true self and thus, an even better coach.”
-Maya Paul


Thank you for your interest in Spirit Coach® Training to become a Certified Spirit Coach®. The time is right on the planet where many people are making the transition to a spirit-led life, and facilitators are needed to assist with this process. The Spirit Coach® methodology gives you access to tools that allow you to access your Divine inner knowing and gifts—as you know, there is nothing more valuable than this.

The process to become a Spirit Coach requires several prerequisites before you can apply to the Training Program. However, you will receive valuable training along the way that will both propel you in your own spiritual growth and help you determine if this is the aligned path for you to pursue. There are many coaching programs out there, and this particular program requires a high level of integrity and commitment, resulting in tremendous personal growth. We know a sprit-directed coach can only take a client as far as they are willing to go themselves. This is why we ask that you participate in the following prerequisites before you even consider applying to the program to become a Certified Spirit Coach®. If you love spirit, you will love this journey, as it is an experience of deepening your relationship to your true Self.

Step 1: Read the book, Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book for Limitless Transformation. This gives you some of the foundational tools you will learn in the Spirit Coach® method. The book introduces you to 18 transformational tools that specifically help you to access the spirit in you—the highest, wisest, real you that knows why you are here. You can purchase the book in paperback or Kindle and download your free chapter here.

Step 2: Enroll in “A Spirit-Led Life” Online Course. Begins Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. Last Chance to meet prerequisite for Spirit Led Practitioner® Training in late Spring.
This gives you a chance to really dive into the 18 transformational tools offered in the book for your own personal use. You will be coached in a group setting with the founder of Spirit Coach Training to deepen your own connection to spirit. This is a way to both take steps in your own growth and see if the energy of this material resonates for you. There is a morphic field held for this particular content and you will be introduced to it via live teleseminars, guided meditation, and group interactions. This is all done in an online format so you can be anywhere in the world. All teleseminars are recorded in case you can’t make them. You can ask questions and share your own personal transformations via the online forum, gaining valuable support from a group of people committed to living a spirit-led life. For more information go to here.

Step 3: Enroll in “A Spirit Led Life” Practitioner Training. Begins Spring 2018.
After completing “A Spirit Led Life” Online Course, you can enroll in “A Spirit Led Life” Practitioner Training. This is your first step at being a facilitator of “A Spirit-Led Life,” which covers the foundational tools from the book, Spirit Led Instead. In this program, you will be taught 18 transformational tools from the perspective of a facilitator. Once you complete this course training, you will have the ability to teach these tools to others. Upon completion, you will be a licensed Spirit-Led Life Practitioner, using the tools in the book, Spirit Led Instead, to help others connect to their spirit—where everything they want lives. You can learn more here.

Step 4: Work with a Certified Spirit Coach® for one-on-one coaching. Please note, this step can happen at any point. All of our Master Spirit Coaches are trained intuitives, so they can guide you in a very clear and direct way, helping you to strengthen the voice of your spirit, leading you to your highest and best life experience. Even if you are already a seasoned professional facilitator, it is a prerequisite that you receive this coaching to be eligible for the Spirit Coach® Training Certification Program. Of course, being coached does not guarantee your entrance into the program.

Step 5: Apply to Spirit Coach® Training. Begins Fall 2018.
When you and your coach determine you are ready, you will apply to the Coach Training Program. We hold a high bar for our Coaches. The process is in stages, and when you become certified, you will understand the incredible transformation you have undergone to be a professional facilitator of this work. Those who are called to this path do so because their spirit is guiding them to it. This is not an ego-led decision, and you will know with the deep resonance of your spirit whether this is the aligned path for you.

Thank you for tuning into your spirit and listening to your inner guidance as to what your next step is. We know you will receive tremendous value from each step listed above if you are guided there.

There is an application process to be considered for Spirit Coach Training. The reason for this is to maintain a high level of quality among Spirit Coach Practitioners. The training and tools are powerful and we want to make sure they are used ethically always serving the highest good of the client. Download The Application

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