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When is The Next Training?

“How clear and concise your teachings are mingled with an authentic feeling of love, compassion and steadfastness from you and all the instructors.” – Marie Glon


“Spirit Coach Training is an intensive in skill building needed to access one’s own innate Wisdom with the intention of establishing a foundation for a genuine life. Practical application of diverse tools honed for self-discovery and personal empowerment are implemented. This in turn enables the participants to take full advantage of the opportunity to discover the choices and actions needed in fulfillment of their heart’s desires. The potential for lasting success is increased through the ongoing support intrinsic in the structure of the program. This process gives back exponentially to students who are willing to honestly invest of themselves and their time and resources. All of this is held in a safe, sacred and encouraging space. Truly, a chance of a life time.” -Suzanne Perot

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