Why Be Trained as a Spirit Coach

“Spirit Coach Training offered me a safe container to explore trust in my own knowing. The space was held with clarity and radiance, and I valued every minute of the experience.” -Kalle Cook

The Spirit Coach Methodology provides practical and non-dogmatic tools that anyone can use to improve their lives. These are the tools necessary to help humanity transition from ego to essence.There are many wonderful paths, teachings, methods, etc. and all of them, can be enhanced by The Spirit Coach Training. This method is non-exclusive, it can augment an existing practice or exist on it’s own. It is designed as a modular system so the practitioner discerns what is appropriate for the client. The Spirit Coach Method also will be used and applied by the practitioner which will transform your own life.

“One of the great gifts of doing this training is being coached myself with the Spirit Coach® Method, both during the training and subsequently. Ever since the date of the training was set, my growth has escalated enormously. I love my own empowerment and I adore seeing my clients empowered.” -Amrito Cross

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