Activating The Divine Feminine Code 1-Day Retreat

For women and men who want to move into the wholeness of the Divine within.

Imagine you allowed in more compassion, self-love and the deep nurturing embrace of the Divine Feminine. How would your life be different if the Divine Feminine blossomed in you? There is a fierce grace that emerges when we embrace the feminine principles of the Divine. For our spiritual lives become imbued with so much more compassion for our walk here on the earth plane.

Without embracing the Divine feminine we are in a constant process of trying to ascend without knowing how to embody the Divine in form.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the direct transmission of the Divine Feminine Masters activating within us our own wholeness.

There is a deep nurturing presence that we all long for. Receive what it is that you need at this point in your spiritual journey. Divine Feminine Transmissions will be given.

Some of What You May Receive & More:
• Anchor in Your Divinity
• Ignite the Sacred Heart
• Open Up Connections To The Female Mystics
• Open to Allowing, Compassion & Surrender
• Deepen Your Capacity to Love & Be Loved
• Discover Divine Embodiment Techniques
• Connect in Spiritual Community
• Balance Your Feminine & Masculine energies
• Allow the Group Energy to Amplify Your intentions
• Nourish Your Spirit, Mind & Body on a Deep Level
• Live From Your True Self in Your Natural State of Joy independent of any external circumstances


First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael
1510 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, CA
The Little Chapel
Street parking

Date & Time:
Saturday, March 17th, 2018
10am to 4pm

Prepayment Discount: $225
Day of: $250 (If space is still available)
Space is Limited

* Limited Enrollment *

What people are saying about Jenai’s teachings:


“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, to help me to see my true light, to help me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”



“Thank you so much for helping me to claim my divinity. Thank you for helping me to Love more deeply so that I can have more Truth.”



“Thank you does not do justice to the gratitude I feel for your teaching, but it’s the only words I know. Thank you.”



“I feel grateful to have a beautifully and wonderfully unfolding relationship with my own knowing, my own divinity and my own sacred heart, such that I trust its wisdom, and get to witness the gifts of grace that come from it.”



“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”



Poem Channeled to Jenai from Mary Magdalene:

Your love is like a beacon
Calling me home to myself.
Endless days of struggle
come to an end
when one lets go of trying.
That sweet surrender that is not knowing
allows the virgin to rise in all of us.
The untouched part that bears no pain or shame
and beckons us to a place
where we were always God.
Faith is with you in this letting go
and then, a falling away of the self
you reside in the sweet calling of the soul’s longing
to be home again.

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