Faith Star Williams
Master Spirit Coach ®

“Faith is an amazing, brilliant teacher and intuitive beyond anyone I have encountered. The profound wisdom and transformation I have received in the spirit coaching work has brought me to my knees in appreciation. In all the years of therapy coaching, Faith has helped me to make profound changes in my life. The joy and love that I now feel makes me feel excited to continue my life’s journey. I’m listening more deeply to my inner wisdom. I’m loving more freely, laughing more often, and feeling deep profound love for others.” –Cindy Butler


Faith has been a practicing Spirit Coach since 2012. Faith’s passion for spirit coaching is rooted in her willingness and desire to live more fully in truth, authenticity, and purpose. She believes that sustained happiness, peace, and joy are found when one knows who they are and came to be in this life. Her wisdom, compassion and her commitment to her own spiritual growth creates a safe nurturing environment for clients to experience their light and explore their God given gifts and unique life purpose.


Faith has been in the healing and health profession for the last 15 years, and continues her work as massage, craniosacral therapist and nutrition consultant. Her ability to get to the root of clients healing needs quickly and effectively in her body work has carried over into her one on one Spirit Coaching practice. She has since developed a successful integration coaching program utilizing the Spirit Coach method with and integrated body work designed for people who are suffering from chronic illness and disease.


Faith trained from 2008-2016 at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, a non-profit school dedicated to teaching intuitive development and energy healing. She presently participates, trains and assists the on-line Spirit Led Instead course work with Jenai Lane. Faith is also the founder of Living Inspiration dedicated to the growing awareness of living a spirit inspired life where anything that inspires is the souls desire.


For those interested in Spirit Coaching, Faith would like to offer ½ off a spiritual guidance session. A spiritual guidance session is a great way to receive support if you need clarity, direction or guidance on a specific area of your life. This will include a short intuitive reading, guided meditation, learning a spirit led tool, recap and recording of session.


“I am so grateful to Faith for her guidance over the years. I began seeing Faith on a regular basis when I was seriously ill. Her healing massages and her spirit coaching has helped me tremendously in regaining and sustaining my health. Faith showed me through the spirit led method how to be more accepting and loving towards myself. Faith is a treasure and a real blessing for those seeking to improve a healthy mind, body and spirit.” –Ann-Mari


                            “Blossom in the light of your soul,

                               Breaking down, breaking through

                              to the truth of you.” -Faith Star


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