Gwen Williams
Master Spirit Coach ®
“Gwen is an incredible Spirit coach. She coaches with a gentle strength and intuition that helped me through some obstacles that I could not have cleared with out her support. She uses her wisdom and experiences to hold a safe and optimal environment for profound change. Coaching with Gwen is invaluable” Christi L., client

Gwen’s passion for Spirit Coaching is rooted in her own desire to live more fully in truth, authenticity, and purpose. She believes that sustained happiness, peace, and joy are found when one knows who they are and came to be in this life.

Her wisdom, compassion and her commitment to her own spiritual growth creates a safe nurturing environment for clients to experience their light and explore their unique life purpose.

Gwen has been in the healing and health profession for the last 10 years, and continues her work as a massage/craniosacral therapist and nutrition consultant. Her ability to get to the root of a client’s needs comes quickly and effectively as her body work has carried over into her one-on-one Spirit Coaching practice.

She has been a student since 2003 at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, a non-profit school dedicated to teaching intuitive development and energy healing.

For those interested in Spirit Coaching, Gwen would like to offer an opportunity to experience a ½ hour phone session, which may include a short intuitive reading; information on going beyond your limits, guided meditation, and to answer any questions you may have.

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