How We Make Our Spiritual Experiences Sustainable

Sedona Retreat 2016

I’m on cloud nine as I’m returning from our annual retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Maybe it’s because I’m writing this in the air, but I think the real reason is that for me, there is nothing better than watching others step into their divinity. Everyone who joined the trip this year took huge steps in igniting their light, and we will all be transformed forever as a result.

This year we were blessed with wonderful guidance that perfectly aligned events to give people what they needed. Whether we were receiving a transmission at The Little Chapel or walking around the 36-foot-high Amitabha (Buddha of Light) Stupa, we couldn’t help but be ignited in our own light.

We also had a special guest, my spiritual mentor and friend Gina Lake. She is the author of 21 books, channels Jesus and has been awakened for over 16 years. Her state of consciousness provided a transmission for the group and gave rise to many illuminations. At times we were completely out of our minds, which of course is where we want to be because this is where our divinity is. We also communed with the relics of Anna (the grandmother of Jesus) and Mary Magdalene, both of whom bestowed many initiations. These spiritual experiences helped us remember who we really are as Divine beings having a human experience, and gave rise to so much compassion and grace for our journeys.

Naturally, these experiences left many participants wondering how to make their transformations sustainable.  Below are four simple steps that have worked well for me and those I facilitate on the journey of spiritual growth:
1. Start by claiming your healing. This is what allowed one woman’s visibly debilitating arthritis to dissolve right before her eyes in the Little Chapel. Miracle healer Sara O’Meara wasn’t even there, but Holy Spirit worked through us anyway to facilitate many miracle healings like this.
2. The second step is to acknowledge the shifts in consciousness that you are receiving. As one woman listened to Gina’s talk, she realized that she wasn’t her thoughts and began to question their validity. Becoming “the noticer” gave her the power to choose whether to believe her thoughts or not. This resulted in a much quieter mind and a level of peace that she had not experienced before.
3. The third step is to use the tools you are given to deepen the integration process. For example, you can visualize a blanket of compassion wrapped around you as you re-enter the world following a spiritual retreat. This allows you to have more compassion for yourself and since ego fears all change, even positive change, it also helps others not react to the changes in you.
4. Last but not least, write down all the shifts in consciousness you have experienced in your Evidence Journal. Your mind needs evidence that you are no longer who you believed yourself to be in the past. When you write this down and read it on occasion, you allow your experiences to land in your mind and body. When we bring our shifts in consciousness through all parts of ourselves, we are changed in a sustainable way.
These steps hold true for all spiritual growth. To make your transformation last, claim it, acknowledge it, practice it and write it down. This allows your spiritual experiences to be integrated into your daily consciousness, which changes your day-to-day reality. After all, the point of spiritual experiences is to awaken us to our True Selves as Spirit.

When we make this shift in identification, the way we see ourselves and the world changes. We begin to see everything through the eyes of Love, because now we know that Love is who we are. When you make this shift in a sustainable way, the world will notice. The owners of the Sunset Chateau in Sedona couldn’t stop talking about how kind, radiant and loving our group was. Of course, this is who we all become when we ignite the Divine light within.  And it is in all of us.   So as you walk your path, remember to claim, acknowledge, practice, and write down your transformations.  When you do, you will change the world just by being the Love that you are.

Boundless Blessings to  Ignite the Light Within You,


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