I Want To Talk About The God That Dwells In Me & You

I want to talk about God. No, not about religion or dogma or even semantics, but that feeling you get when you’re watching the sunset and the colors are so brilliant you could cry because it’s as if God is touching you. I want to talk about that feeling you get when you look deep into another’s eyes and know them as the Divine in you. I may sound woo-woo, but that is because Love dwells in me. This Love is God-the very essence of me (and you). It’s fascinating when you realize this, and suddenly everything looks different. The thoughts you used to have seem so insignificant compared to the presence that dwells in this very moment. When we become hyper-aware of the God within, it is not intellectual but experiential. No thought could ever be better than what you are experiencing now.

Today, I sat in the Little Chapel in Paradise Valley, Arizona to receive Divine grace in a deeper way than I have before. This is a very special place of miracles, and they come in all sizes, big and small. I found my miracle came as a heart opening to allow the remnants of pain to fall away and God to enter. If you were to say this was the cause for my feelings of deep love and gratitude, you would be right, especially as I watched a veteran stand up and declare that he could hear for the first time since he was wounded in an explosion in Iraq. You could feel the excitement in his voice as he shouted the news. This happened spontaneously just by being in the presence of God’s healing energy through the medium of healing conduit, Sara O’Meara. I talked to this man later that day and he shared with me that he was going back to not only tell his doctor what had happened, but to bring him to the Little Chapel to see for himself.

Like this man demonstrated, faith is having the courage to believe anything is possible, even when your mind tells you otherwise. There was one woman in the audience who couldn’t fathom at first that she was now standing on a leg that hadn’t worked in fifty years, since she had lost the use of it to polio at age six. Her mind was playing catch up with what she was experiencing in the moment. Her mouth kept saying, “I can’t stand on my leg.” All the while, she was standing on it anyway. Believing was a process that was happening outside of her mind, and the mind was catching up to the truth of her experience.

Life is like that. The mind thinks all sorts of things that often leave us devoid of faith, and with this, we leave God behind. When we bring the Divine into the forefront of our hearts, Love can enter and dwell within us. It can start with a prayer (no magic words necessary) or a song or a simple breath of fresh air. It is in the asking that we begin to receive. Life is too short not to notice the God within and without. We don’t need to wait until we die or get close to death to realize that Divine grace gives us what we need now. It’s not about hoping or wishing, but rather experiencing the ineffable now. It is here. Reach out and grab it.

I saw this on a bumper sticker yesterday: “You don’t have to die to go toward the light.” It made me laugh, and appreciate the fact that Divine guidance comes in many forms.

For more information about Sara O’Meara, go to http://ourlittlechapel.blogspot.com.

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