Letting Go & Falling Into Grace

As I was praying in The Little Chapel in Paradise Valley, Arizona recently, I heard a voice that I knew belonged to Master Jesus. It said, “Jenai, you don’t know how to let go.” This surprised me since I’ve released so much in the last two years, including my marriage, yet the voice insisted that I still had much to learn.

I was then given an experience of the “letting go” Jesus was referring to, in which I was cradled in a womb-like environment that felt like a cocoon of the Divine Mother. All the while, I heard Jesus’ voice instructing me to trust that I was indeed being held in love and safety.

In that moment, I understood that I was being shown a new level of letting go with a sense of trust. In that space I realized that when you have trust, you can fully surrender into the Divine within and know that as you relinquish more and more of your small self, you will be held in the folds of timelessness. It is from this place that our full Divinity can be unleashed.

Without trust in the process of letting go, we can only go so far. We must learn to let go with complete trust if we really wish to surrender fully.

My guide once told me that true surrender is letting go of what you didn’t even know you had. This refers to the small self that we “think” we are. What we don’t realize is that when we let go of the small self, the Divine Self that is who we really are is there to catch us. It is in letting go with deep trust that we can land squarely in the middle of Grace. This Grace is already there for of each of us; all that is required to experience it is to be willing to trust the process of letting go.

Blessings To Trust & Let Go,


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