Mary Magdalene said in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene that forgetfulness is only temporary. Now is the time of remembering!

Mary Magdalene said in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene that forgetfulness is only temporary. Now is the time of remembering!

She has come to shepherd this new era of awakening the Divine feminine that has been dormant in us and in the world. All we have to do is look at the world and look within ourselves to see this imbalance. When we activate the Divine Feminine Code that is already within us, it becomes balanced with the sacred masculine, and wholeness is the result. Our wholeness is the natural extension of remembering who we are as Divine beings having a human journey. Many of us have incarnated to be a part of this time of great awakening on the planet. Join me for a 1-Day Retreat to realize our Divine potential through activations, meditations, laughter and community.

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When I was in France making a spiritual pilgrimage to walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, I was activated, meaning, the Divine Feminine Codes were awakened within me.

I was given the directive to share these with others. These codes are also in you. When we wake them up, we live from truth, wisdom, peace and love, and the world benefits from our light more and more. It is a great act of service to awaken these feminine codes. Together, we will do this with the help of Mary Magdalene, Teresa of Avila, Anna, Mother Mary and many other Ascended Masters who have come to support us in this awakening. If you are called, please join us for this necessary and joyous ignition of our light.

Activating The Divine Feminine Code
Saturday, March 17th, 10am to 4pm
For Women & Men

Space is Limited

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“This is a magical retreat not to be missed.” -Eileen

 The Sedona Retreat

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May 5th-8th, 2018

“Wow, mind blowing retreat! I can hardly contain the energy within. I want to sing out with every fiber of my being, feeling my voice could reach the mountaintops. I feel Rich, Deep and Inspired into a flow of energy that can’t keep me still. I’m connecting so deeply to God’s love that is flowing through all those I know and that love is being powerfully reflected back to me. I AM Alive, Awakened, In Spirit. Thank you for being a powerful vessel of God’s love. It is you that has shown us what is possible and so our LIGHT is ignited!!!”

– Faith

“Wow. Just wow. OK, I can elaborate beyond wow…I am deeply transformed by the experience of this retreat. The divine energy held by Jenai, Amrito, and all, created such a safe and inviting container to dive into Spirit. I was amazed at how vibrant and clear many of my meditations were. This retreat revealed to me who I truly am at a deeper level than I’ve ever witnessed before. It has catalyzed changes in how I perceive reality such that my whole life is going to a higher level, a higher octave of being.”

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