Miracle Consciousness: Journey to John of God

It seems fitting to write about my journey to John of God when I am still in the air, that is, on a plane where my feet have yet to touch the earth. This is how I feel, somehow lifted above reality. Certainly I feel lighter, freer, and less attached to the details of daily life, yet at the very same time more connected to my Self. Perhaps some of us associate being in the air with being transcendent, that connection to the Divine. Transcendence is an apt description of how I feel, even if it doesn’t really capture an often indescribable experience. Nevertheless, I will try to share my journey of miracles with you before reality lands, even though it never will in quite the same way.

Perhaps the best way to tell the story is through the vehicle of others, the ones whom I accompanied on this journey. This year, my husband and I facilitated 28 beautiful people on the 6,000 miles to Brazil to see John of God for a little over two weeks. The quality of this group was pointed out to me by a Casa guide of 51 years. As we were exiting the Casa after our initial tour of the grounds, he stopped us with a look of awe and reverence and said, “What a beautiful group! I can feel the pure hearts, clear minds, and embodied spirits of all of you.” This was an unprecedented and unexpected welcome. We were holding a high bar for our group, as this was a trip of profound spiritual transformation-not just a witnessing of miracles, but a partaking in them. This required a willingness to be vulnerable, to step into the unknown, and to allow the resistance to fall away so our light could enter. And the light did come, but not without tears, anger, grief, and a myriad of unpleasantries that paved the way for fear to transform to love.

One of our group members, we will call her Lisa, had recently lost her mother several months before to cancer. She was hoping to reconnect with her mother in this place where the veils were thin. After meditating for many hours in current (where the energy is channeled for healing), her mother did come to her. When she appeared to Lisa, her mother was much younger, about the same age Lisa was now. Then, her mother began slowly aging, but in reverse; she became younger and younger, until she was an infant. Then, she just turned to light. As Lisa witnessed this, she had an understanding of the cycle of life and death, that one’s spirit is never lost. Comprehending the spirit’s permanence brought strength and comfort to Lisa’s life.

Another touching moment came in the long meditation sessions with John of God. Amy was a grown woman who realized she had never received the love she needed from her father-to be held and loved is something every child needs. Amy had no recollection of this. At the Casa, she had an encounter with her past, but it had been rewritten. She was a little girl again, sitting on her father’s knee, snuggling into his chest. In this experience, her father gave her all the love and affection she needed to thrive and grow. She felt it in the core of her being, and this experience changed who she was now. It brought a wholeness to Amy, replacing the “not good enough” with a visceral knowing of what it was like to be loved.

Ericka woke up with an incision on her knee. There were two marks and a bruise, as if she had had laparoscopic surgery. This was where an invisible surgery took place on a knee that had a torn MCL. Ericka, a yoga teacher, had struggled for two years with serious pain from this injury. When she returned home to teach yoga again, she did so with absolutely no pain.

I was, similarly, awoken with such a discovery; I had an invisible surgery, leaving very visible marks on my body. I had an incision about an inch long, and the skin was raised, forming a very unsightly scar on my upper left thigh. When I looked at it an hour later, it had turned into a perfect, straight, red line. Now it looks like a small nick from a razor. This was the evidence left from a surgery. The entities wanted me to know they had been there so I would take it easy and not push myself physically. At times I was very aware of the entities of light working on me because I could feel brief twinges of pain or sometimes buzzing around my head, while other times it would feel like a light touch of air gently enveloping an area of my body. It is really an extraordinary sensation to allow these loving energies to heal in ways we may not even know we need healing. My body certainly feels different now. I experience more vitality and energy, even a lightness of being. It is as if my body clock is more in synch with my spirit clock. I also notice an extraordinary shift in my perception. It is as if all desire, need, want, and attachment has left, and what remains is a perfect contentment with what is. It feels like complete freedom just to be who I came here to be.

The invisible surgeries may sound fantastical, and they certainly are miraculous, but what I find the most stunning is the radiance you begin to see in each person as they shed the false self and more of their light shines through. One woman in our group commented on this. She said, “Why is everyone glowing here?” This glow is our innate light; perhaps we hide this in the familiar self, but it always seems to come forth in the place where miracles exist. Of course, my lesson over the ten-plus years I have been visiting John of God is that miracles are not relegated to one “special” place, but they exist within us as we let our light take root and this lead us home to our selves. Life is waiting to be miraculous, whether you journey to places like John of God or not. No one is separate from the light that lives within each of us. Connect to it now and find your own miracle.

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