Miracles in San Rafael & Miracles For You on Mother’s Day

There is so much light pouring in after the 4-day retreat with Padre Paul in San Rafael, where there were too many miracles to count. It reminds me of how powerful it can be when a group of people comes together with a common intention. The field was so strong it even attracted in people who were not signed up for the event, but mysteriously found themselves drawn there anyway.

For example, a family from Australia was visiting California on a healing journey for their baby girl, who had had a stroke in utero and was physically disabled as a result. The mother of this child had been scheduled to stay at another hotel, but then she had an inner knowing that she needed to cancel her reservation and stay at the Four Points Sheraton instead, for reasons her conscious mind did not yet know. She had the courage to trust her intuition, and her husband and older daughter followed along, not knowing why but sensing as well that it was important to listen to this inner nudge.

It was only later the next day that she found out why she was guided to stay at this particular hotel. As she relaxed with her baby by the pool, two women from the retreat began speaking with her. They explained about the healing miracles that come through Padre Paul, and invited mother and baby to receive a healing from him. That evening Paul performed a healing on the infant and the rest of her family, with the help of almost 200 participants in the room. Tears streamed down everyone’s faces as we marveled at the Divine synchronicity of this occurrence, and the grace we had been blessed with to participate in this family’s miracle.

It turned out that the healing that took place was not just for this family, but also for many others in the room. A woman named Beth received a profound transformation as she watched the baby receive so much love, and realized that this child represented a part of her that was also in need of healing. Like many of us, Beth had received an unspoken message that there was something wrong with her, and felt she had not been fully embraced in love and acceptance for who she was as a child. As she watched the love pouring into this baby, it also began to pour into the wounded child within her, and this child began to heal. Beth came away with a new sense of Self that is rooted in a feeling of being unconditionally loved.  She had not felt this before in her life, but now knew with the deep resonance of her heart and soul she had been given this gift forever.

Alice, another participant at the event, had her own healing. I took her hand and lined her up at the back of the room in preparation for Padre Paul to come to her. There were blue pieces of tape on the ground to create a line for people to stand on. As I took Alice’s hand and placed her on the line, she said to me, “There is no line.” I looked down and saw that there was no tape where she was standing, because it had been laid down in strips every few feet or so. I wasn’t sure why she was concerned with this, but I assured her that everything was perfect as it was. When Alice received her healing that evening, she had a life-changing experience where she realized that God was no longer outside of her. She felt the presence of God within her, and knew that it was no longer separate from her or “out there” somewhere. In essence, she realized that “There is no line!” For the first time in her life, she saw that the line she had always imagined between her and God had never really been there except in her own mind.  She left the retreat with a profound new sense of connection to the Divine within.

My miracle came in the form of a blessing from Padre Paul. He anointed me as a spiritual healer and simply said, “Get to work” as he pointed me to the line of people waiting to receive a healing from him. As I began to move down the line, a light so strong and so powerful came through me that it made my hands shake and my body heat rise so high my clothes were soaked with sweat. This light was completely in charge, and it simply guided my hands as an energy that could not be contained flowed through me, and the people in line fell backwards from the power of the presence. I felt a profound gratitude to have become a conduit for a Love so great it could heal on so many levels. For me, this was also a healing because I realized that this possibility exists for each one of us, if we can surrender our will and allow the Divine will to take over. If I can be a conduit of such Love, I know others can too.

I am sharing these miracle stories with you in the hope that they will help you receive your own miracle. Take a moment to tap into this energy, and receive what it is you need right now.  Remember, there is no time or space – the energy that creates miracles is available to you at all times.  Like the mother whose family received so much light this weekend because she let her intuition lead her to be in the right place at the right time, you will receive the support you need when you hold a strong intention to do so. It is yours to ask for, right here and right now.

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