Post Sedona Retreat Bliss

After the Sedona Retreat, I am so full of gratitude, joy and fulfillment! This is what happens when people come together with a common intention to ignite their light. After witnessing countless miracles, awakenings and the creative expression of the Divine flowing through us, I know anything is possible.

Do you delight in spreading the light? I know I do, and I couldn’t think of a better way to live life. No matter what you “do” for a living, when you acknowledge and consciously ignite the light in others, life takes on meaning, purpose and magic. This magical quality isn’t magic at all, it is the reality of living awake, connected to the light and offering it in service wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

When we are spirit-led, life opens because we become open to life. Opportunities arise that we never imagined possible, relationships blossom in ways that bring more harmony and love into the world, and abundance flows because we are in the flow. This is what happens in Spirit-Led Practitioner® Training, we open up to the light which is our natural birthright and we utilize it to open our lives to the boundless blessings that are here for us right now.

Come join us starting in a few days on Wednesday, May 16th at 5:30pm PST for a 6-month program (bi-monthly live calls) to ignite and amplify your light so you can see the way to actualizing your unique purpose. Don’t let any more time pass you by. The time is now to be spirit led. I want you to know this same joy I feel when I’m connected to my light and I’m serving others. This is something that is accessible to all of us, not just some of us. The world needs you now, not when you are perfect.

Sign Up Now. Payment plans are available and affordable.

This unique Training is done in a compassionate, inspiring spiritual community.

This course will take you deep into your own process, and will also give you the training you need to practice the life-altering tools in Spirit Led Instead with others. For those of you who want to add tools to your tool belt to support the spiritual evolution and well-being of others, you can learn exactly how in this online course. Then you can share the wisdom in this book with your family, friends, clients, students, patients… anyone whom you feel would benefit from them. In this structured curriculum, you will become a practitioner of A Spirit-Led Life. As you continue your own journey, you can assist others in theirs. There is no greater joy than to serve others in discovering the truth of their being.

This course not only helps you integrate the tools to access the missing pieces in your own life, but sets you up to share and practice these tools one-on-one with others.

You will receive:

·      An amazing spirit-led community to support you in your life & process
·      A way to practice & learn with others before you share these tools out in the world
·      Immersion in a vibration that consistently lifts yours up over time
·      A sustainable way to support your own transformation
·      A way to grow spiritually that is safe, supportive & answers your questions directly
·      A live spiritual mentor
·      A dedicated practice partner
·      An online course community that is accessible 24/7
·      Live group calls where learning, meditations, healing & transmissions are given

How it works:

·      This is an online program, so you can attend from anywhere in the world
·      All calls are recorded, and all information for the Course is easily accessible 24/7
·      Live calls are 2 times per month on Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Don’t wait to do this. The time to act is now. The worlds needs you now, not when you’re perfect.

You must complete Spirit Led Practitioner® Training to be eligible for Spirit Coach® Training beginning this Fall (only offered every 3 years).

To register go here.

“I am so excited about this work. It has changed my relationship with the divine. My light is so much brighter and I have direct access to more of the ascended masters and light-workers. The transmissions are so supportive—a soft, sweet energy of strength, love, and compassion!” -Staci

Channeling Corner

Standing tall is a question of knowing your worth despite any feedback you are getting. Whether it is criticism, betrayal or rejection, we have a choice about who we believe ourselves to be. No one can make us feel small or less than, unless we let them. We have to realize that to stand in our truth will at times make others uncomfortable because they can not stand in theirs. And for whatever reason, they may judge us as a result of their own inability to confront themselves. You can look at your own life experience and recognize there were times when you did the same thing. So compassion is the answer, both for one’s self and for others. There is no one wrong or right when we stand in our truth. It just is. We have to ground firmly into our Source connection and be okay with the repercussions, whether we perceive them to be good or bad. When we have the courage to stand tall in who we know we need to be, we will also help others do the same. This is the path.

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