A Mother’s Love Heals Everything

The Divine Mother For You

I have been in the midst of a personal rebirth lately. Not to sound grandiose or self-absorbed, but the experiences I have been having over the last year have brought me to a deeper level of communion with the Divine Feminine than I ever knew was possible. Perhaps it is due to the very difficult life changes I have made this past year, changes that have caused my heart to break open, allowing God to enter. This opening has allowed more compassion than I have ever known in this lifetime to land squarely in my heart of hearts. Of course this compassion was always there, but only recently has it awakened to the point where I experience it deeply on a daily basis.

This is what the Divine Mother can do for us. When we allow her grace to enter our hearts, it can wake up the precious resources that lie dormant within each of us. She offers us such a huge reserve of compassion that when we apply it to our spiritual journey here on earth, we become able to evolve at an extraordinary pace while still appreciating the beauty of this magnificent life experience. It is a new level of being in the world, but not of it.

I recently returned from facilitating a  Miracle Healing & the Saints Retreat where the theme was igniting the spark of the Divine Feminine within us. As we sat with relics of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Anna (the grandmother of Jesus), it seemed we were being initiated into a lineage of the Divine Mother. Her qualities of compassion, truth, trust, reverence, humility, and allowing supported us in opening to our own divinity in an undeniable way.  Many of us burst into tears as we entered the room where the relics reside, because a palpable energy of unconditional love called our deepest wounds out of hiding and brought them to the light to heal. We all walked away having regained something priceless that we thought had been lost – an awareness of our divinity.

At times we were overshadowed by the saints as we performed healings on one another. Profound shifts were taking place on all levels of our being that have stayed with me and many of the participants. Miracle healings took place at this retreat and now live in us; several participants have experienced being a conduit of miracles for others since they returned home.

I recently had an experience where I was participating in the healing work at The Celebrating Life Retreat with Padre Paul. At one point when I was working on a gentleman with chronic back pain, the Divine Mother came right through me. I could feel her gentle yet powerful presence, and the grace and beauty of this soft energy brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly words began to come out of my mouth from the Mother herself: “I love you,” she told this man through me. “You are whole. You are so beautiful. You are deeply loved.” Then she began to sing what seemed to be a lullaby, as she poured her love through me into this man. When he stood up, he recognized that a longstanding issue in his back had resolved; there was no longer any pain. He couldn’t quite believe that this had happened, and yet it had. The Mother’s love healed this man’s back pain, and his heart too.

There is so much healing that can happen when we just reach out and ask for it. I am including this picture of the relic of Anna, the grandmother of Jesus, so you may use it to tap into this energy of healing miracles for yourself. Take a moment to connect with it now. Even through a mere photograph, we can harness an energy that has no limits to help us on our journey of growth and healing. Ask the Divine Mother for support, knowing that Her unconditional loving energy will always be here for you. It is just a matter of asking for it, then letting it in.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Boundless Blessings on Your Healing Journey,


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