Truth Comes In Many Forms: My Encounter with a Psychic Psychologist

There are times in our lives when the truth seems to elude us. For whatever reason, we are confused about the direction to go in, either in our careers or our relationships or our personal growth. And then suddenly, an angel appears. Not necessarily a literal angel, although this too has happened to me, but a person in a body who points us in the right direction. These people are treasures that we must stop and acknowledge, because they are helping us co-create our highest and best life, perhaps without even realizing it. In the story that follows I will share with you one such experience that happened to me many years ago. I am doing so in the hopes that it will inspire you, too, to seek guidance and to pay attention when someone says something that resonates within you. Only you can know your own truth, but others can point you toward it.

It all started in therapy. Having been raised by two therapists, I was no stranger to psychoanalysis; I had had my first session at the age of five and had used it on and off throughout my life. So when I found myself unhappy in my late twenties, I sought counsel in a therapist named Dr. Megan.  I thought I was returning to familiar territory, but unbeknownst to me, she was no ordinary therapist.

I arrived in her office, and began to talk about “my problems” just as I had always done with therapists in the past.  This time however, no more than five minutes had elapsed when Dr. Megan exclaimed, “Why are you here?” The question caught me completely off guard and stopped me mid-sentence. In all my years of therapy, no counselor had ever asked me this question in a way that suggested that therapy would not give me what I was looking for. Dr. Megan, taking my jaw hanging half open as an opportunity to talk, told me point blank, “You don’t need therapy!” Then she began to describe my future. “You are going to be working with people to help them awaken to their Divine potential, to empower them to live extraordinary lives… you are going to be teaching and facilitating groups.” She said this very matter-of-factly, then said “You are here to do very important work.” Then she continued, “You need to develop your gifts. I recommend attending classes to open up your intuitive and healing abilities.” Then she said, “And by the way, do you want to use my office for teaching groups? You can use it for free.”

I was flabbergasted by Dr. Megan’s remarks, and the unwavering certainty with which she delivered them. At the time, I was a business consultant and didn’t have a clue what “awakening Divine potential” meant. Even though my mind had no idea what she was talking about, my spirit resonated with the truth she was telling me. I later learned that I had been in the presence of a psychic psychologist and light worker. I left her office and immediately began moving in the direction that Dr. Megan had pointed me toward.

My life changed forever as a result of my brief meeting with this unusual therapist. She reminded me that if I was disconnected from my spirit, I was certainly not going to live the life I came to live. Take a moment and ask yourself, are you connecting to your spirit’s path? If not, how could you do this? Are there people in your life who are pointing you to your truth, but maybe you aren’t listening? The answers are there within us, if we will just stop and listen.

May your life open more fully to your spirit’s path,

– Jenai

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