Joshuah Ciafardone
Master Spirit Coach®

“Josh has the most amazing ability to bring out and reflect key components to elevating one’s own awareness. He greets his sessions with caring compassion and loving wit. You will feel better. You will feel empowered.” Emily F.

Joshuah Ciafardone is a Master Spirit Coach®, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Yoga Instructor. The world is his playground and he finds great joy in engaging life as fully as possible. He loves facilitating others in the remembrance of their beingness as Spirits and living from that beingness.

Josh seamlessly integrates his training in Chinese medicine and Yoga into his coaching; weaving medicine, inspired poetry, and Spirit-knowingness into a cohesive experience that allows his clients to find empowerment, alignment, and transformation in their lives.

Josh was coached in the Spirit Coach® Methodology for nearly four years before stepping into the role of Coach himself. His familiarity with the material and the process of being coached during an extremely transformative period of his life allows him to greater support and serve his clients.

Holding the highest vision of alignment for his clients and seeing them live their best, most aligned lives is Josh’s highest priority. He is here to facilitate your growth and will hold the boundaries for that firmly yet gently. He excels at seeing the potential and expansiveness of others and holding that vision for them to step in to.
Josh currently lives in the Bay Area, which he considers to be one of the most magical places anywhere, ever. He practices acupuncture at several locations and loves spending time with friends, family, and his spiritual and yoga communities. He frequently works with youth educating them about Chinese medicine, LGBT rights, and how they can align to their best selves.

Working with others brings Josh the greatest joy and he looks forward to working with you. Please contact him for more information on Spirit Coaching ® and a 30 minute introductory trial call at no charge. Visit his website, at, for more information.
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