Kate Weigel
Master Spirit Coach ®

“Kate is a powerful, perceptive woman. Her intuition cuts straight through the murk into the heart of what is *really* going on. If you are seeking clarity and guidance in your life or want an inside view into those around you she is the one to contact!  Kate has helped me gain extreme clarity a number of times and I never cease to be amazed at her grounded, skillful energy. She’s the real deal.”  

-Kristin Morrison, Entrepreneur

Kate Weigel

Kate Weigel is a Master Spirit Coach® who creates a grounded and safe space while guiding her clients to connect to information that illuminates their true essence. As a teacher of intuition and awareness development, Kate has been inspired by witnessing her students and clients create breakthroughs in developing their unique gifts of creativity, trust in spiritual guidance, and a deep commitment to their highest path. She helps clients of all ages, including teens, to transform. People who are in creative careers also find Kate’s clarity, experience, and intimate understanding of the challenges and passions of the artist, invaluable.

Kate came to her spiritual practice while seeking a deeper understanding of herself and her place in the world.  She found herself looking to the outside for an authentic reflection, until she was introduced to one of her spiritual teachers who helped her understand the importance of focusing inward.  In her journey, she has drawn wisdom and strength from her world travels, several different spiritual practices, and the inspiring realm of nature.

With a university education in communications and photo journalism, Kate explored several different ways of expressing her service in the world, including teen mentor, professional photographer, museum archivist, and integrative medicine administrator.  In addition, she helped to edit the Spirit Coach® manual and assisted with trainings in the U.S. and Canada alongside founder Jenai Lane.

Call or email to experience Kate’s unique perspective as a dynamic Master Spirit Coach®. During this free session, you may receive a short reading, be taken on a guided meditation, or simply get a feel for what Spirit Coaching is all about. Kate looks forward to meeting you!

“Kate is guided, knowing, connected, strong yet gentle. She leads with no judgement. Her own true connection mixed with the tools of the Spirt Coach® method is a powerful combination. Through this process of self discovery, release work, healing and strengthening my own connection to my spirit, I now feel confident that life is not leading me, but rather I am choosing my life.”

Sue C., client


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