Lisa Kay
Master Spirit Coach ®

“I have so much more trust in my inner guidance; it’s something I can really rely on. I trust the tools are there for me.” Sara S., client

Lisa Kay is a creative, clear facilitator and one of the first certified Master Spirit Coaches® with many years experience coaching people to their true vision and purpose. She uses her clear and innate intuition tempered with lightness and levity to illuminate other’s spiritual growth. Having taught and coached many different people, she finds one of her greatest joys is to support and create a safe container for those that are new to their spiritual path. She has been a senior teacher for over six years and an ongoing student at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, a non-profit school dedicated to teaching intuitive development and energy healing.

Having owned and run a small business in the creative arts, Lisa brings a great deal of inspired insight and awareness to working with others in bringing their visions to fruition. She facilitates this in a very grounded and non-judgmental way, weaving in examples from her own life to demonstrate how the work can be practical and fun for everyone.

For those interested in Spirit Coaching, Lisa would like to offer an opportunity to experience a mini phone session (approx. 1/2 hour), which may include a short reading; information on going beyond your limits, guided meditation, or to answer any questions.

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