Mike McCarthy
Certified Spirit Coach ®

“It seems as though the Universe had decided that 2012 was going to be a constant parade of people and circumstances that would bring up all of my unresolved issues, underscore my wounded places, and challenge all the stories I have told myself for a lifetime… deeply embedded patterns, scripts and cherished beliefs that instead of being helpful, had become obstacles in my personal and professional life. When you’re an entrepreneur, anything you haven’t successfully dealt with shows up rather poignantly. Fortunately, Mike was with me through all of it. I am grateful for his ability to engender clarity, foster awareness and teach me tools that profoundly influenced and expedited my process. His steady, compassionate, non-judgmental, authentic approach has been a blessing to me throughout the year. I highly recommend him to anyone who senses the need for support in rapidly expanding personal insight, power and growth.”

~Dawn R.

Mike has been on a spiritual journey for several years, creating amazing personal and professional transformations. He understands how important it is to seek happiness in life by looking within and discovering personal power and divinity. This allows him to connect with his clients in a way that goes beyond “normal” coaching and into a place where intuition can be used to guide his clients to their highest and best lives. By helping them learn how to consistently access their own internal compass, guided by their Spirit, his clients are able to find their unique gift in life and begin to give that gift to the world.

Mike is a kind-hearted and inspiring coach that will help you to find that part of you that is missing and strengthen the relationships you have with yourself and others. He believes we are personally responsible for creating the life of our dreams, and he knows that this new reality emerges only from within. He understands how to create that which is in alignment for the highest good, even during difficult times, and that it comes through the ability to access a higher awareness. Alone this can be daunting and overwhelming, however, knowing that he himself is on this journey with you, will help you to face your fears and have the courage to rise above it all. It’s like the old saying, “There is only one way to Carnegie Hall, Practice, Practice, Practice;” to achieve the life of your dreams also takes practice and the willingness to dig deeper to find the real YOU. Mike will help you to develop a daily spiritual practice that will help you chip away what’s not you until the real YOU starts to emerge more and more into the world.

Mike is a very successful business leader as the Regional Owner for the Keller Williams Realty, Greater Pennsylvania Region. He has honed the skills to be an intuitive solution finder in a variety of situations. His spiritual vision is a gift that helps him and the people he works with to see the “Big Picture”. He is a leader of leaders, a compassionate seeker and a guide with divine intention. He has climbed great mountains and run demanding races. He has created challenging professional goals and achieved them through a commitment to spiritual growth. He is a compassionate father and a loving husband, devoted to living with passion and inspired by the love of his family and friends. He represents what is possible in life if we choose to travel down the path of spiritual transformation. His goal as your Spirit Coach is to help you to discover your own light within, by supporting you to courageously follow your bliss. This will inevitably lead to amazing transformations in your life and business and lead you on the adventure you came here to experience.

“Mike McCarthy has the wisdom, trust, faith and infinite patience to lead an old dog like me into really facing myself… especially the parts I never wanted to see… so that who I truly am could come shining through. With Mike’s help I’ve discovered that this is the way to slip into the life I am meant to live. His ability to tune into the exact issue we need to address is uncanny. Thank you Mike!”
~Jerry H.
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