Natalie Doel
Master Spirit Coach ®

“Natalie held a safe, compassionate, and high-vibrational space, empowering me to confront and shift old fears, behaviors and beliefs without resistance. Our work together led me to create a life that is full of choice, abundance and self-love.” Staci S., client

Natalie Doel is a Master Certified Spirit Coach® who brings warmth, humor and a deep commitment to her own growth in service of her clients’ empowerment. A student at the Foundation for Spiritual Development for over 6 years, she was inspired to train as a Spirit Coach by her experience being coached herself by founder Jenai Lane. She is especially passionate about the potential that knowing our soul’s purpose has to transform our life experience, and she finds deep fulfillment in helping others to access the peace, wisdom and power that abide within.

Natalie’s compassionate, grounded approach is sourced in personal experience of what has worked for her in overcoming her own blocks to creating a fulfilling life. A pragmatist by nature and a scientist by training, she has been amazed at the way the tools offered in the Spirit Coach Methodology can create lasting change when they are sincerely embraced and applied. Her own experience as a client showed her that, more than almost anything else, it is our level of commitment to ourselves that determines the degree of transformation available to us. She also found that there are certain practices (especially those relating to self-love) that can be very effective in taking us to the next level of expansion in a way that feels natural and manageable. As the mother of a son born in 2008, she knows first-hand that it’s possible to leave patterns of overwhelm and self-criticism behind, and that putting our own health and happiness first really is the best thing we can do for those we love. She especially enjoys facilitating parents in creating true happiness and fulfillment, for what better example can we set for our children than being authentically happy ourselves? It has been Natalie’s personal experience that when we commit to trusting ourselves and being the light that we are, all areas of our life benefit. It is her joy to facilitate others on the path to empowerment.

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