Discover Unity Consciousness + A Meditation For You

In this video, I share with you an experience I have been having with Unity Consciousness, as well as, a meditation to tap into more of your true nature.

Spontaneously and without provocation, I was suddenly as big as the room. I could feel everyone there, without being at effect of what I felt; the level of neutrality was astounding. The body-identified Jenai disappeared, and so did the limited perspective that identity held; I was now a part of the All.  I have experienced this kind of expanded consciousness before when I was meditating or teaching, but never when I was just sitting in a room, fully engaged in life. It was a great lesson in how we can each participate in life at any level we choose.

For me, awakening has never been only for me, but for those I serve. I know that I have the experiences I do so I can better serve others. I share them so everyone can see that this is possible for all of us, not just some of us. I share my experiences not to make myself seem special, but to help you validate your own experiences that have the power to take you out of your current box. This is the beauty of the spiritual path: it is ever-expanding. Every time I reach a new level of consciousness, another one comes along that breaks through my currents perceptions of what is possible.

This is why it is important not to take our experiences of spiritual awakening for granted, however big or small. As we acknowledge our experiences and dwell in their afterglow without becoming attached, we can better integrate them into our day-to-day lives. That said, even the spiritual path can trap us if we are not careful. This is why over the years I have exposed myself to a variety of teachers, methods and modalities. Ultimately, the best teachers and methods will all point us to the truth that can only be found within.

Follow what is true for you, knowing that we all need different things at different times in our spiritual evolution. You know the way: just stop, listen and follow the voice of your spirit. It will lead you home to the Self that you already are, the beautiful divinity that lives within you.

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