Healing at Brigid’s Well in Ireland

It was the middle of the night when the brilliant golden being appeared, sitting on my bed as if she belonged there. She was so radiant she took my breath away. I had waited for this my whole life, but now that it was happening I was terrified. How could it be that an ascended master was in my bedroom? I heard her sweet voice telepathically tell me that she was Brigid, the Irish triple Goddess who is also known as Saint Brigid. She said she had come to help me remember.

This seemingly random encounter changed my life. Since that night over 17 years ago, this beautiful being of light has been with me on my path of awakening, offering guidance and sharing her wisdom, prose and healing light with me and all those I serve.

I’ve just returned from another spiritual pilgrimage to Ireland where this Celtic Goddess comes from, and I want to share with you some of the healing energy that I received from this sacred land.

I arrived in Ireland on the most beautiful spring day I have ever seen. I was greeted at Saint Brigid’s Hermitage by the two sisters who are keepers of Brigid’s sacred flame, which has been kept burning there for centuries. They lovingly welcomed me as one of their own, and together we shared our love for Brigid over tea and candles as I rested in the warm embrace of this place that is so nurturing to my heart and soul.


As I made my way early the next morning to Brigid’s healing well, the sun was bright but my heart was heavy as tears rolled down my face. It had been 10 years literally to the day since I had last been on this sacred land, and I felt a profound sense of coming home. I found myself feeling wistful and a little foolish that I had not returned sooner to this incredibly healing place that my soul so clearly longed for.

When I arrived at the well there was no one else there, and it was glorious to experience the sacredness of that well, alone with Brigid. I felt held by her and began to pray and open myself to all that was available for me there. As I did so I felt a deep heart healing happen, and I received an understanding of why my path had led me back here and how I can use my own heartbreak to let more of God’s light in. With this understanding I saw that this would allow my service to expand exponentially. I saw that this is the pathway of the sacred heart. This is the gift I was given.

Leaving this place was much easier this time because I now carry it deep in my heart, knowing that those I serve may receive this energy too. With that in mind, I made this video of Brigid’s well for you so that you too can allow yourself to receive what you may need at this time in your spiritual journey. Remember that you have so many guides who can help you walk your unique path with God. Know that everything that happens  to you really happens  for you, even the things that make your heart ache. If you let it, your heartbreak will help you embody more of the Divine Love that you are. As a Brigidine sister said to me, “You, too, are the keeper of the flame. I pass this on to you.” Ignite the light of love in your own heart now, and pass it on to those you serve.

Boundless Blessings to  Ignite the Light Within You,

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