Healing Energy from The Sanctuary of Chimayo

Watch this one-minute video transmission of healing energy from El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico, and allow yourself be wrapped in the loving arms of the Divine Mother. This is how I felt as soon as I stepped onto this sacred land, which is known as the Lourdes of America. The sweet energies of Divine compassion and grace literally swept me into the warm embrace of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, and she whispered this message in my ear: “Intercession is easy when people open in prayer and receptivity. Angels and God can enter here.”

My intention is that you, too, will receive an intercession from this short video transmission. So, relax the mind and allow yourself to receive. Open your heart in prayer and welcome her in.

Are you being fed by your spirituality? Spirituality is an act of deep nourishment, not an endless battle to clear what it is you do not like about yourself. When we walk the path of devotion, we bring light to the darkness within us and release what does not serve. Joy is the key here, as this is innate. When we approach the path with joy and self-compassion, our movement into who we already are as a Divine being can be fully actualized. There is really nowhere to get to, what we seek is already here.

I am launching a new online course where together we approach our spiritual walk with joy, grace and self-compassion. This course is different from my other courses because in it, I would like you to focus on receiving, on doing less and being more. You will be enveloped in a field of transmissions both on the calls and throughout the entire 8 weeks of the course. I want you to open up and allow yourself to marinate in the frequencies until your pores exude these brilliant Divine qualities that activate the wholeness within you.

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“Jenai, thank you for guiding me, helping me to see my true light, & helping me to reinforce my self-love and self-confidence. You are a Divine teacher.”

Starts 11.1.17
For Women & Men
“I love Jenai’s clear transmissions and her ability to interpret her teachings in a inclusive, loving, joyful and direct manner.”

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