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My Conversations With Jesus | Spirit Coach - Awaken Your Divine Potential. Co-Create Your Best Life
My Conversations With Jesus


I often have conversations with Jesus, not just where I talk to him, but where he talks back. It was a little odd when it first started, since I was raised culturally Jewish and Jesus was not part of my reality growing up. So when he started appearing to me I was taken aback at first, but then I felt his profound presence of Love and recognized that no religion could limit such a Master – that in fact, he belongs to all of us.

Embracing Jesus as a prophet of Love was easy when I experienced his presence and realized that there was nothing any belief system could tell me that his fierce radiant love could not. On one such occasion I was in the Little Chapel in Arizona praying for the miracle healings that would happen during the service the following day. Jesus came to me and like a little child I followed him in great excitement, knowing full well that time with him was time well spent. We ended up on a swing set where he pushed me as if I were a small child. The freedom I felt swinging like this in the essence of pure love was indescribable.

As I swung back and forth, Jesus told me that I had made my spiritual growth much more difficult than it needed to be because I had believed it was supposed to be hard. Then he told me that my path was one of the Divine Feminine, where I would find “delight” in spiritual growth. He made it clear to me that I was here to help others find this delight as well, and assured me that my own growth and that of others would happen at a much faster pace if this energy of lightness, joy, acceptance and compassion were present. These words rang true for me, as I had been schooled in much more masculine approaches to spirituality that left me missing these very important qualities. Since that first meeting with Jesus, I have incorporated delight into everything I do, and it has changed the growth process for me in an incredible way.

I am sharing this teaching I received from Jesus with you in the hopes that you, too, can incorporate more delight into your spiritual life. It has proved to be a most powerful shift for me, so I know it can be for you as well. You could start by simply seeing yourself as you did when you were a young child. Remember how play became a way you learned and grew? Incorporating this playful, joyous, light and curious energy into our spiritual growth opens the heart, and the heart is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.  As we open it, Divine embodiment becomes more possible for us. Take the time to delight in your spiritual growth and you will expand, perhaps beyond what you can even imagine.
Blessings for Delight in Your Spiritual Growth,


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