Why Meditation May Not Be Working For You

If you are having a hard time meditating successfully, you may be practicing the wrong kind of meditation. If you are anything like me, you have monkey-mind, that is, your mind just doesn’t quiet down even when you are meditating. Active meditations changed my life because they are different than passive meditations as they use visualization to give the mind something constructive to do so it stops getting in the way. If you find yourself off center or perhaps stuck in thinking about the past or future, this is a wonderful meditation to use to bring you back into present time. This is where everything you want actually is.

Transformational Tool:
Centering: Your Grounding Cord
1. Imagine what the center of the earth looks like to you. It could look like a bright ball of healing energy, a crystal, or anything that you imagine to be a strong connection for you.

2. Next, visualize and/or feel a strong, sturdy tree trunk with a beam of white light in the center. Let this beautiful tree trunk encompass your entire rib cage, front-to-back and side-to-side expanding much larger than your physical body.

3. See this tree going all the way down through your physical body, through the floor, and through all the layers of the earth.

4. Let the roots of the tree wrap around the center of the earth, what you imagine to be your anchor, several times, connecting you to the healing energy of the planet.

5. Continue visualizing and/or feeling this tree connecting you, rooting you, and grounding you until you have the sensation of being grounded and rooted in present-time.

Many Blessing for an Inspired (in+spirit) Meditation Practice,


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