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practionerlogoSpend six months in an immersion course with Jenai, learning what it takes to create a Spirit Led Lifetime. This course will take you deep into your own process, and will also give you the training you need to practice the life-altering tools in Spirit Led Instead with others. For those of you who want to add tools to your tool belt to support the spiritual evolution and well-being of others, you can learn exactly how in this online course. Then you can share the wisdom in this book with your family, friends, clients, students, patients… anyone whom you feel would benefit from them. As you continue your own journey, you can assist others in theirs. There is no greater joy than to serve others in discovering the truth of their being.

Many facilitators (coaches, therapists, doctors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, teachers…) recognize that there is a piece missing from their service offering. You recognize that, without a strong connection to one’s spirit, healing into wholeness is not possible. By giving people simple, non-dogmatic tools to access the truth within, you can help them co-create their highest and best life.

Without this connection, what we seek always eludes us. Yet if we can develop our intuition – the voice of spirit – we can hear the deep truths that will bring us real joy and peace, and will set us on a path of contributing our gifts to the world. Our vision comes from spirit, and it can be fully actualized with ease when we make this connection.

So many people who have achieved “success” in the external world recognize that there is still something missing. This course not only gives you the tools to access the missing pieces in your own life, but sets you up to share and practice these tools with others.

You will learn:

• 18 Tools to create a Spirit Led Lifetime

• How to share each tool with effectiveness and clarity

• What it takes to be a Spirit Led Facilitator

• How to talk about spirit in a non-dogmatic, inclusive & uplifting way

• How to facilitate with integrity, safety & neutrality

• Additional tools that are not in the book that all great facilitators need to know


groupYou will also receive:

• An amazing spirit-led community to support you in your life & process
• A way to practice & learn with others before you share these tools out in the world
• Immersion in a vibration that consistently lifts yours up over time
• A sustainable way to support your own transformation
• A way to grow spiritually that is safe, supportive & answers your questions directly
• A live spiritual mentor
• An online course community that is accessible 24/7
• Live group calls where learning, meditations, healing & transmissions are given

How it Works:
Classroom copy 2

• Upon completion of A Spirit Led Life (8-week) Online Course, you are eligible to join

• This is a 6-month online program, so you can attend from anywhere in the world

• All calls are recorded, and all information for the Course is easily accessible

Dates: May 2018 The Journey Begins

Begins May 16th at 5:30pm PST

May 16th & 30th, June 13th & 27th, July 11th & 25th, August 8th & 22nd, September 5th & 19th, October 3rd & 17th, 2018

Live Calls are every other week, approximately 2 times per month, All calls are recorded, Dates are subject to change


Practitioner Training One Time Investment of $997 (save $191)

Installment Plan $297:

Pay in 4 Monthly Payments of $297
Number of payments 4
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At checkout $297.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3) $297.00 USD
Total $1,188.00 USD
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You must have completed A Spirit-Led Life® Online Course before applying to this Program.

Practitioner Training is a different training than Spirit Coach® Training. Successfully completing Practitioner Training is a prerequisite to applying for Spirit Coach® Training to become a Certified Spirit Coach®. Once you graduate from Practitioner Training, you will have learned to master the 18 Transformational Tools in Spirit Led Instead, which are the foundational tools from the Spirit Coach® Method. You will then be able to share these 18 tools in a one-on-one setting as A Spirit-Led Practitioner. This will give you a solid foundation to help others be more spirit-led and help you to determine if applying for the next level, to become a Certified Spirit Coach® is aligned for you.

Your first step is to enroll in “A Spirit-Led Life” 8-week course.

What Graduates Are Saying:

Belen Carmichael

“A ‘gem’ of a training! It challenged and stretched my Self to help me be aligned with my Spirit.”

-Belen Carmichael

Suzie Tremolada

“It’s a beautiful way to expand your ability to BE of service in the world, not to mention all the personal growth that will happen. The love and compassion was immense.”

-Suzie Tremolada

Stacy Conlon

“If you want to lead a Spirit-Led Life, a life full of presence and happiness, a life where you see the divine in everything (including yourself), if you want to deepen your connection to Spirit and your guides, if you want the support of a group, if you want to learn how to facilitate using practical tools with heart, grace and effectiveness, this training is for you!”

-Stacy Conlon

Claudia Weitkemper

“Awesome course, well designed and you can participate from wherever you are. Powerful healing transmissions and well-tailored program for your own personal growth and to connect with the goddess in you. Hands on toolkit to use for the rest of your life. The training was a beautiful transmission of sacred energy and I often had tears flowing down my face in the meditations. I felt so much release and upgrade.”

-Claudia Weitkemper

Joyce Feeney

“The benefits of the training are so numerous. I appreciate the practical tools and my enhanced ability to facilitate. The primary reason I am drawn to Jenai’s trainings and retreats is that her energy and example opens all of us in ways we don’t completely understand. There is so much going on at so many levels. My awareness and connection to Source continues to grow richer and deeper. This growth is the most fulfilling experience of my life.”

-Joyce Feeney

Mike McCarthy

“If you are interested in discovering your deepest passion and discovering your real purpose for being here, then this course is a must. It will lead you through the greatest adventure, the one to discover your divine infinite potential.”

-Mike McCarthy

Dawn Brown

“From this Training, I experienced a greater awareness and clarity about what is Divine will and what is not. I feel more trusting of myself as a connected, clear and centered Divine being, and more trusting of myself in service. I have practices and tools that support my own growth, and I feel an ease in sharing tools and listening to what to say and which tools are aligned for others. I am more quick and easy to forgive myself and others, and much more open to seeing from a larger perspective. I feel more clear in who I am and who I came here to be, and I have tremendous gratitude for all that I received.”

-Dawn Brown

Juliette Tanzi

“I am so grateful for this training. I have grown so much I am more peaceful and my abilities as a healer have truly amazed me. It is because I am a clearer conduit so Spirit is able to use me in many ways. I feel truly blessed to have taken this course.”

-Juliette Tanzi

Alissa Blackman

“This is a course that allows you to take practical Spirit Led™ tools you already know from the 8 week course, bring them deep into your whole self, develop greater ease, flow, and integration, and take them to a whole other level. By teaming up and practicing with another person, you get closer emotional, spiritual and practical support and direct feedback. At the same time, spending 6 month with a group at many different levels allows for a more personal “knowing” of others and their processes, as well as witnessing the larger “arc” of the work. Plus, it’s an opportunity to be held in the light, in community, so profoundly. It is a welcome radical shift from the “go it alone” approach that is all too prevalent in our culture.”

-Alissa Blackman

Lindsay McCarthy

“The benefit I received was an increase in commitment. It’s been said that the best way to master something is to teach it, so in preparing to do that I feel like I’ve gained a new level in my own practice and for that I am truly grateful.”

-Lindsay McCarthy

Beth George

“Jenai’s ability to hold the space, work with individuals who are at every level of the spectrum at the same time and create a safe and loving space for all of us was so healing.”

-Beth George

Angela Neumann

“I loved being connected to this fabulous community of like-minded individuals and the morphic field and taking my learning to new heights. I felt so supported and uplifted by that. I loved working with my wonderful partner, Lindsay, and the deep connection and friendship we have formed over the months. I found that experimenting with the tools in a safe environment and receiving feedback about her experience when I took her through the exercises has prepared me really well to practice with others now.”

-Angela Neumann

Cindy Barry

“Jenai is a gifted facilitator and I feel so lucky to have been part of this group. Each class I was in absolute wonder of how high the collective vibe was held between us and for us. If I missed the class and listened to the play back, I was immersed instantly in such a high frequency, a true testament to the collection of souls. My favorite part of this class was the sharing of personal stories and the tools are a saving grace. I highly recommend this class and all of the Spirit Coach teachings.”

-Cindy Barry

Gary Wilson

“I liked most being in a community with others and sharing this experience with them. Each class is like little mini spiritual vacation!”

-Gary Wilson

Madeline Rogers

“I loved the multi-faceted approach to teaching us, from the online forum, to the calls, to the partner practice sessions and meditations. Each process just added to the richness of the experience and allowed me to expand and integrate the teachings more easily. The benefit I received was to truly honor my spirit and this allowed more love, light, compassion and peace to fill my space. I gained access to a community of like minded people who are committed to growing on their spiritual path.”

-Madeline Rogers


“I loved everything about it. I loved the guided meditations. Jenai, I loved that you shared yourself with raw honesty. I would say, ‘Just do it, you will love it!’”


Why Alumni Repeat The Courses:

Karyn Holland

“As Jenai evolves in her own spiritual journey the Spirit Led Programs continue to elevate. Each time I feel the expansion and power of the Masters and the Divine Entities working with us more fully. This is why I keep returning ~ it is always evolving and I receive more of what I need in that moment.”

-Karyn Holland

Linda Wolok

“This training has been my best so far. Each time I get deeper and more able to tap into spiritual wisdom. I felt a valuable part of the group.”

-Linda Wolok

Kathleen Walsh

“I benefitted greatly from being held in the Spirit Coach® morphic field and have a much deeper appreciation for it now. Though I have been using these tools for many years, it was not until I took this course that I integrated the tools enough to truly feel like I am being successful as a Co-creator. My life is much more magical and joyful as a result.”

-Kathleen Walsh

Judith Stern

“It is incremental, it’s layers and it only gets better, richer, more fulfilling as we go deeper. The thought came to me this morning that I have added at least 10 years to my lifespan because I am not beating myself up any longer, in fact, I am so relaxed while being more alive than ever before. I love myself and really feel loved, instead of pushing people away, I feel a connection with the Divine which is palpable in every cell in my body, I know that I can serve by helping others to heal, let go of trauma, attain freedom, joy and compassion for themselves and others, and to be a Light in the Universe, too.”

-Judith Stern

Practitioner Training Alumni Discount
One Time Payment $497 (50% Discount)

Alumni Installment

Pay in 4 Monthly Payments of $137
Number of payments 4
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout $137.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 3) $137.00 USD
Total $548.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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