Catapult 2018 Into Higher Levels of Consciousness By Reframing 2017

I especially love the New Year because there is an energetic collective group agreement for new beginnings. We can leave the past behind and step into who we truly came here to be. To support you in this process, I created a 2-minute video from Lake Tahoe with one of my favorite New Year’s rituals. Also, scroll down for how I begin each year on a high note with another New Year’s ritual that will raise your vibration, too.

New Year’s Ritual #1: Blank Slate

May the light of your spirit, 
lead you to deep peace & fulfillment
in 2018 awakening the Divine within!

New Year’s Ritual #2: Catapult 2018 Into Higher Levels of Consciousness By Reframing 2017

Try this journaling exercise called, My Boundless Blessings of 2017:
How have you grown spiritually, what did you learn, who did you serve, who were you kind to, who were you being, how did you stretch your limits, what inspired you… What were the inner transformations that led to the outer manifestations. In other words, look at 2017 from the perspective of the glass half-full and realize this is how you will co-create a more fulfilling and aligned 2018. Make your list and check it twice. You will feel inspired by all you experienced. This will in turn open you up to even more wonderful experiences in 2018. Set the stage by acknowledging yourself and watch your world blossom.

You can also make this exercise an art project, where you include a collage of photos, actual and symbolic, representing your 2017 journey of transformation. Also, feel free to add color, prose, poetry and, even song, to evoke your discoveries of spirit.

You will find no matter what your mind thinks about 2017, your spirit will find the beauty, grace, transformations and blessings that will uplift you to a higher state of consciousness in which to receive the abundant blessings of 2018.

Sending Healing & Love Your Way,


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