How To Simplify Your Life and Create More Alignment

Simplify Your LifeRemember when you choose to be clear and calm, you are. Simplicity is found when you create alignment in your life. This requires saying no many times so you have room for the real yeses. Life can be complicated or it can be simple, we get to choose. Creating your own simplicity principles to live by creates a life aligned with your Spirit where all your visions and dreams can easily manifest in Divine timing. Investigate what are those simple principles that you can adhere to, that will create the life you seek.

The Simplicity Principles

For example:

1. I believe it is possible to have my Vision (I think only thoughts of worthiness).

2. Be Patient – I let go of my timing and subscribe to Divine timing.

3. I will be authentic in all situations (especially with men).

Now, create your own simplicity principles. Start with three. Put these principles into practice and watch your life transform. It really is that simple.

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