With Compassion, Judgment Has No Power

I just returned from a four-day retreat with Padre Paul, and my heart is ablaze with compassion. I say this because I realize the power of compassion to transform our lives again and again as we allow in this frequency. I witnessed a mother bring her young son to receive a healing. As the mother and child stood there, I placed my hands on his little head and the light poured through, bringing with it a powerful transformation. Afterward he told his mom that he felt dizzy, fell back and was filled with God’s love. He said, “this feeling makes me never want to be mad at you again.”

This is what compassion does. It allows us to see our judgments and let them go, so the love that we are can expand within us. Just like this little boy, we can discover the power of compassion to take away our anger, sadness and grief when these feelings overwhelm us, or when we recognize that they no longer serve our journey. Every time we invoke compassion, judgment loses its power over us.

Can you imagine taking yourself into your own arms, like Kuan Yin or Mother Mary would, and embracing your pain and suffering completely?


When we meet “what is” with compassion, our hearts open instead of closing, and our lives become filled with our innate joy and love.

It is time to let go of the image of perfection that keeps us small, and instead get messy and allow our pain to be seen and heard by us, so that healing can happen in our lives and in the world.

The world is on fire, and compassion is the water that will put out the flames and allow the Phoenix of Love to rise from the ashes. We all can rise together as we embody this frequency of compassion.


Compassion runs like water. It finds its way in and through,

Easily flowing around the huge boulders in our lives, making nothing wrong or bad.

Bringing its nourishing waters to quench our thirst for God,

Returning the river to the ocean of the Divine that lives in us,

Compassion takes us home.


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