3 Ways to Quickly Release Your Fear

Release Your FearsGot fear? You probably do; after all, it is part of the human experience. What is important is not that you have fear, but rather, what you do with it. Below are some simple practices you can follow to let go of fear so it doesn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest.

1. When you notice you are constricted, breathing shallow, tight … you are probably afraid. Take a moment to acknowledge the fear. By recognizing it, the fear automatically begins to diminish.

2. Breathe deeply into the fear. You can take in a deep breath and then hold it for as long as you can. Then, exhale, as if you are releasing all the fear out of your energy field through your breath.

3. See the fear as energy; you can visualize it as the color red. Close your eyes and notice where the red energy is in your body and energy field. Then, imagine vacuuming it out.

Using the above techniques, you will begin to realize you are not your fear. Because you are not your fear, you can choose to move it out of your spirit, mind, and body. When you let go of your fear, you can really live the life you came here to live. Now, go ahead, fly…

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