Clear Your Clutter and Regain Your Clarity

Clear Your ClutterIf you can’t see clearly than clear the clutter. Often times we look out at our world and are unclear about certain things. We may just be unclear within. This is when taking out the trash can be handy. Pretending that we do not accumulate a lot of junk in our own space is deluding ourselves. We have just as much negative thought, feelings and emotions as the next person. And if we do not get rid of this energy, it muddies our clarity. Over time this can be subtle but eventually we notice the lack of discernment we are experiencing. The solution is simple: take out the trash. Find ways to release the thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you. Spend time in no thought, like a still pond that becomes very clear. Take the time to be in this stillness, the level of clarity that comes from this will be a welcomed addition in your life. There is never too much going on outside, just too much going on within. Shift the balance by letting go. This you have complete choice over.

If you would like a Spirit Coach Transformational Tool to help you to “take out the trash”, you can use The Let Go and Know List.

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