Devotion Awakens The Spiritual Heart

Learn how to bring more devotion into your spiritual practice and into your life in this short video. The path of devotion, known in the Hindu tradition as the Bhakti path, is rooted in the feminine aspects of the Divine. To devote oneself to something is to be whole-hearted about it—to bring to it one’s entire heart. This requires letting go of the rational mind and surrendering to the deep, unabashed love that the heart is capable of. To direct devotion to something requires surrendering both appearances and perceived inadequacies, for reverence leaves no room for ego. We have to literally allow love to overshadow all of our false identities to create a union, or reunion, with the Divine. This is why devotion fills us up to such a degree, because it allows us to merge into unity with the Divine. This is our natural state of embodiment, in which the heart acts as an anchor to be fully in the here and now.

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