Two Steps to a New Vision

Laying the groundwork for a New Year is much like cleaning a window. As you wipe away the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the year, you can clearly see a new vision of what is possible for your life. This process really requires only two steps. The first is letting go of the old; in essence, cleaning up any messes in your life. This may include cleaning out the office or apologizing to a friend. These are the things that drain your energy. You don’t want to bring these “drains” into the New Year. Take some time to clean them up. Now you have room for your new vision. This is your second step – to sit down and quiet the mind, and allow the possibilities to emerge about what you woul

d like to create in 2012. Let your spirit lead you there. What you find may surprise you. This is a good thing, as you know it not mind-based. Recognize that by taking the time to do this you will be creating something new, different and more aligned with your authentic self. This will feed you on a heart and soul level. Someone once said, “You can live 99 years or you can live 1 year 99 times.” Break out of the old patterns and really live as if it is a NEW year.

Step One: Clean Up Energy Drains

Make a list of anything that is currently draining your energy. One-by-one you can check off each item on the list as you complete them. If you find you need to release anger, resentment, frustration, sadness… write it down on a piece of paper. Then, ask Creator to transform this negative energy to love as you burn the paper. Let yourself be free of anything that will drain you as you embark on your NEW Year.

Step Two: Create Your New Vision

Let yourself get Centered, Clear & Connected. You can use the free 5-minutes guided meditation at Then, let your spirit lead you to your vision for 2012. Create a list of what you receive. This may include symbols, words, ideas and qualities – write them all down. Make sure you include all areas of your life: spiritual, relationship, play, business, health, financial, service…the whole enchilada! You will be amazed when you look back on your year, and realize how much has come true. Writing down your vision is one of the keys to achieving it.

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