Is It Friday, Yet? Make Everyday Your Favorite Day of The Week

Make Everyday Your Favorite Day of The WeekIf you can’t have it now, when will you have it? So often in life we wait until this or that happens before we can relax and enjoy. Is it Friday afternoon, yet? The feeling state we experience on Friday afternoons is something that we choose to experience. We believe it is because it is the end of the work week and we can relax, but actually, we are the ones choosing how we feel. We can feel this way, whenever we choose to. We don’t actually have to wait for external situations to present themselves for us to feel good. We can feel good because we choose to. Let go of looking outside of yourself for permission to feel good and instead, feel good now. Not only will you feel better but you will live better and what ever you create, will be better.

Make Everyday Your Favorite Day of The Week

Close your eyes and imagine it is your favorite day of the week. Now really feel what it feels like. Do you feel peaceful, free, relaxed? Once you do, see what color comes to you that represents this feeling state. Then, visualize wrapping this color around you like a blanket. This is the energy or vibration state that makes you feel good. Use this on any day of the week to consciously choose how you want to feel.

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